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Thanks so much for checking us out ! We at Video Games NOW want to bring you fun and laughs to your everyday video game experience. We produce videos on a wide variety of topics and a weekly video game podcast which features all the latest news, reviews and speculations.

Best friends Rodney and Will have a big passion for video games. Everyone is always hard at work, or life in general. It is nice to sit back and enjoy a game that allows you to take a break from real life! We wanted to start Video Games NOW to bring back what we feel is missing from the gaming industry, Social Interaction. You know like the old days where you would invite over some friends and play some couch co-op  Super Smash Bros. or Halo. Over the past year, We have met a ton of amazing people through networking and just our fans of the show!

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So Why support VGN? Rodney and Will work in the film and television industry in Vancouver BC. “Wow! It must be so cool”!? Well, yes it definitely is unique, we get to see different places, meet famous actors, and see things explode every once and a while. What the industry doesn’t give us, is time for your personal life. Will and Rodney can work anywhere from a 12 hour to a brutal 20-hour work day. So as you can imagine, this doesn’t even leave enough time to see your family let alone have any hobbies.

Despite the hours, Rodney and Will still push to release regular content and play games so that the fans can get a great Podcast or Video! With your Support, You can help increase the amount of content we push out! More Videos, More Streams, More Interactive Content! We love what we do and we would like to dedicate our resources fully on our fans and Video Game Content.

"We at Video Games NOW want to bring you fun and laughs to your everyday Video Game Experience."

We value your feed back on our content and want to make it for you! Please leave your feedback on any of our content below

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