Borderlands 3 Characters Trailer All In One Place

Borderlands 3 will be coming out soon, now is a good time to bush up on the characters you will get to play with. Check out each Borderlands 3 characters trailer below. Just ignore ClapTrap.

First up: Zane

Who needs friends when you have a friend like Zane?

Second up: Moze and her Bestie Friend

Every girls has to have someone they can count on, right?

Next to the plate: Amara

With great power, comes an unstoppable force!

Last on he list: FL4K (Flack)

Your bio-mechanical beast master.

There you have it. The break down of things to come and characters you will get to choose from. Is Borderlands 3 on your list of must haves? Leave us a comment and let us know which Borderlands 3 character will you be using. Can’t wait to get your hand on the game check out the borderlands 3 release times. For more reviews, gameplay, trailer and more check out our Video Games Now YouTube channel.


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