Disintegration Technical Beta, Info and Trailer

Disintegration is an upcoming IP from, Private Division, directed by one of the creators of Halo. They have released a new trailer for the upcoming Disintegration closed technical beta. During the beta – which runs for four days from January 28 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One – you’ll be able to try out two of the multiplayer modes coming to the first-person shooter. 

The trailer below shows off some of the action  while you ride a Gravcycle, which is a hoverbike you pilot above the battlefield. The beta will give you the chance to “choose from seven unique crews, command your ground units, and compete on two dynamic modes and maps.” You can see all of the details for the upcoming beta and how you can sign up below. 

If you join in on the Disintegration Technical Beta, let us know you thought! Happy Hunting!

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