Fallout 1st – A Fallout Premium Subscription

 Bethesda just released a Fallout premium subscription service known as Fallout 1st. This will cost Fallout 76 players $12.99 a month or $99.99 for the whole year. 

What do you get for your money? The service will give you access to private servers, 1,650 Atoms a month (which is about $15), and some unique cosmetics. There is also the inclusion of bottomless Scrapbox for storing your crafting components and a second portable fast travel point, which will be called the Survival Tent. These are a few features the community has been asking for, for a while. 

Of all the things that you get for your money, the private servers are what stand out above the rest. This is not an uncommon thing in the gaming world. Paying to have your own private server in PC games has been around for some time, so Bethesda using the same concept isn’t the worst idea. The private server turns Fallout 76 into something of a single-player RPG. Giving you the option to build your world without having to worry about all those other pesky players in the world. As a server host, you will be able to invite up to seven friends into your server. Once you have a Fallout 1st subscription you will be able to create your very own world in the waste land. Bethesda has confirmed that “should the owner of the private world leave, the world will still stay active as long as one other player in the world is a Fallout 1st member.” The studio also said that mod support will come to Fallout 76 private servers “in the future.” 

Fallout premium subscription

The Survival Tent mentioned above will feature, a Stash, sleeping bag, Scrapbox, cooking station and some sort of “instrument” to help you relax after a day of exploring Appalachia. Whatever that mean? The Survival Test is pretty much a camp you can’t customize, but is easier to move around easier then your main base. 

Your Scrapbox and Survival Tent can be used in both public and private servers, this should give a slight advantage over those without a subscription. Bethesda has said that “if you cancel your membership or it expires, you’ll still be able to access any Atoms received as well as the resources stored in your Scrapbox.” Anything you have you can remove, but can not add back to it. 

One thing that will get some players upset about this pay wall of sorts, is going to be the access to emotes and armor. One notable piece of armor being the Ranger kit from Fallout: New Vegas. Many players have been asking to have this added to the game and I am sure it is going to get a few folks triggered when they find out on those with Fallout premium subscription can access it. 

There you have it, Fallout 76 goes paid, What are your thoughts? Will this get you back to Fallout, knowing you and your friends can live a carefree life in the world of Appalachia? Or is this just Bethesda’s last ditch effort to make some money off a game that didn’t go over so well? Let us know! 

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