Fortnite Goes Dark

“The End” of Fortnite has happened, or has it? Fortnite goes dark on their latest live event. The world of Fortnite plays has gone crazy. Epic Games has also gone dark, removing just about any and all things from their website or other social media.


Fortnite goes darkFortnite goes darkFortnite goes dark


This obviously has the rumors spinning. When will it come back? Will it come back? What will it be what it comes back?

There have been some unverified stories that there will be a new game all together. A complete revamp with whole new characters, gameplay and map.  There is no real way to know what will happen with the global phenom that was or is Fortnite. There is one thing for sure. They have the gaming world on the edge of their seats waiting for the future of the most popular free to play game.

Now, we at VGN must know, what do you think of this epic end? Will it return? What do you want to see if it does?

Did you know there is this other amazing free to play game called APEX: Legends? Yeah, you should try it!

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