Game Disappointments For 2019 (So Far)

When looking back on 2019 there was some game disappointments, there were far more low lights then high. E3 2018 had such promise when it came to games for 2019. There were far off lands, amazing abilities, detailed graphics galore. Yet, in the end, very few of them actually lived up to the hype. Here are a few game disappointments that were meant to be something spectacular but ended up being a failure at launch for the developers.

Rage 2

Game Disappointments

When the Rage 2 trailer came out, it was amazing. The mix of ridiculous weapons with over the top action. Spread across a waste land of vile, enemies and friendlies alike. A twisted sense of humor mixed with enough gore that players of Wolfenstien would be proud.

In the end the game never really popped, like the heads in the gameplay trailers. The game was missing something. With combat not feeling connected to anything. The action would finally start to build up and the fight would end just as quickly. Then you were back to traveling to the next mission without any real sense of accomplishment.

Yeah, let’s talk about the travel. Vehicles handled like they were floating on air and never really connected to the inputs you gave it. Which meant driving through the bland post-apocalyptic setting that has been done many times over.

The game has strong points. The gun play is really good. The moment of the characters was smooth, and the humor was on point without being annoying. But when you are constantly looking for something with no real direction to where to look. Making fights cut short of getting to that sense of victory. And having bizarre spikes in enemy difficulty which create unwanted frustrations.

Rage 2 was a squeal that could have been something special to the fans of the series. In reality, your better with just playing the first game again.

Crackdown 3

Game Disappointments

Although the game was wanted by many. They were not asking for the same Crackdown with a pretty skin and a famous voice over. The fans were looking for something new and got more of the same.

Playing on nostalgia with a new spin on a fan favorite in the 360 days is a great call. It is obvious now that the games developer had better things to do and this was made to shut up the few asking for it.

The worst parts of the game surround the co-op aspect of the game. Where you could join a friend in destruction, only to find out your saved game had been reset to wherever your lower level friend was.  Which meant losing your current SP progression. Who thought this was a good idea?!

Then the simple physics of the game. The guns have little to no feedback, they never felt connected. Shooting at an enemy was almost laughably easy. Climbing walls was like someone built all the buildings with rice paper and covered it with cooking oil. Nothing was solid like a building should be.

The only positive is the game is on Game Pass. So, at least you can avoid spending your coin on this wreck and buy a decent game in the fall.


Game Disappointments

You knew this was coming.

Consider this horse beaten. There is little more that can be said about how bad this game ended up being. Here at VGN we have had more than enough conversation about how much Anthem was a failure.

An open-world experience that could not have felt more closet in. When a game has a SP story that can’t be played alone. Story missions that you have no clue why you are even doing them. Countless reasons why going into Fort Tarter sauce was a waste of time and effort. Load times that are longer than a common bathroom break. Character interaction that has no merit on the future game-play. The list can and will go on.

It’s not all bad, the actual game-play was great, and the movement and fighting were fantastic. None of that matters if you have no reason to play the game.

Bioware made something amazing but failed to make something worth playing. Which I think is the whole point, isn’t it?


The list could go on, but you get the idea. This doesn’t say there have not been quality games. We were given games like Apex: Legends, Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Super Mario Maker 2. When it comes to games in 2019, we just have yet to really find that one great game.  The final quarter of 2019 might change the tide. But that is yet to be seen.



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