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Driving can be considered an extremely essential skill, especially for today’s very busy times. It’s practical to know how to drive a car – and not just for trips. You can travel anywhere, go to school and work efficiently, avoid the hassle of the daily commute, and even perform high-speed chases. Okay, so maybe not the last part. Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to drive yet, going to driving school can really help. They teach you the fundamentals you’ll need in order to become a good beginner driver without much difficulty. And if you’re nervous about your driving school experience, you might want to rely on your car games experience. That’s right – your knowledge on racing games may be able to help you pass the driving school. Awesome, right? Here’s how it can help:

Driving School

Get basic concepts out of the way

Despite how “simple” a joystick might seem to racing gamers, the fact that car games use the same real-life principles to work means they’re a good vantage point for learning basic concepts on how to drive. Racing games have both automatic and manual transmission modes, just as real cars do. And similar to real cars, AT and MT in games make cars easier and harder to handle, respectively. To top it all off, being able to play in real racing game booths in the arcade is an added bonus to learning real driving mechanics.

    • Racing games allow us to be familiar with concepts such as acceleration, deceleration, the breaks, and even shifting gears. Despite the different control scheme, the basic idea and premise of driving cars is there. As such, while it’s not really extremely “realistic” driving, the familiarity with terms can greatly help speed up the learning process in real life.
    • Aside from the technical terms, racing games also help us become more familiarized with concepts surrounding cars themselves. These include parts such as tires, the chassis, the engine, the spoiler, the hood, and other external parts thanks to in-game customization. Being familiar with external car areas can help us easily follow instructors as they teach.

Driving School

Know how certain complicated maneuvers work

 Some driving schools introduce difficult maneuvers such as parallel parking and reverse movement in order to expand the flexibility of drivers, and that can be pretty scary. Thankfully, those familiar with racing games may not need to worry about handling these moves as racing games make it a point to ensure these movements become second nature to gamers. Granted, there’s no parallel parking challenge in games. However, players will be made familiar with maneuvers such as drifting, hard turns, and even moving in reverse to ensure they can navigate a race well. When translated in real life, this can make for a good way to be introduced to complicated movement as well.

    • Aside from basic concepts, it also helps to be familiar with how complicated maneuvers work and look like in real life. This goes for concepts such as drifting and parallel parking that can be tricky to do in real life. When you see your car do it, especially from the first-person perspective in games, you’ll get a semblance as to how it may appear in real life.
    • You can also experience the difficulty and intensity of being “in a race” with racing booths in arcades. As most of these racing booths let you do manual transmission, you’ll be able to at least get a basic idea how driving in MT works, even if it’s computer-assisted.

Driving School

Familiarize yourself with popular manufacturers and car brands

 It’s very unlikely for driving school to force you to memorize which brands are part of which manufacturers. However, it does help to be familiar with cars that exist out there in order to have a general idea how certain cars “work” and “drive.” Some games also differentiate cars according to generic “descriptions,” which give particular “advantages” and “disadvantages” in races. These might bot be necessarily accurate. However, just being able to familiarize yourself with popular brands can help you make informed decisions as to what cars to consider buying or using as a training vehicle.

    • If you’re going to buy a car soon, being familiar with models really helps as it will be much easier for you to pick a choice. Cars in games might not be accurate with their real-life counterparts in terms of speed and performance. However, the fact that you can identify cars can at least make it easy for you to identify them.
    • Being able to identify cars can help you navigate traffic much easier. This also helps especially if you get to see accidents, as you can easily identify what kinds of cars were involved in the situation. 

Driving School

Patience and presence of mind remain very integral components for drivers

 Aside from the actual technicalities, racing games also teach soon-to-be drivers about the values and traits they need to have as actual members of traffic. Granted, there’s barely any game that will force you to follow traffic rules. However, the fact that racing games force you to pay attention to all elements in the track, as well as following strict instructions, are good fundamentals to learn in order to become good drivers in the real world. Granted, you won’t be doing intense stunts and brutal races in real life – but you at least have the presence of mind to pay attention to traffic.

    • Car games need a ton of patience on your end, especially as you progress through the races. This is far from dealing with traffic, but the fact that car games train you to be patient and slowly improve by slowly increasing the difficulty of races can be a great personal lesson.
    • In races in gaming games, your patience will also be tested especially when other cars overtake you, or when you start with a weaker vehicle. It’s going to be a challenge on your end to find a way to consistently increase speed, improve your maneuvering, and catch up to your opponents whenever you find yourself in a pinch. And finding the time to think about your strategies while racing needs a ton of patience.


Driving School and Car Games: Get Your Drift On


Getting into driving school may be a dream come true for a lot of racing game fans. After all, it’s much easier imagining racing in awesome tracks once they become full-fledged drivers, right? Granted, these racing games aren’t close to being accurate representations of races and cars in real life. However, knowing your way around cars might make it easier for you to understand how racing games work. And getting into driving school may be a great way to help racing game fans appreciate the need to be careful drivers, and to understand that different vehicles need certain levels of care in order to drive properly.


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