Ghost Recon Breakpoint -14 New Missions Daily

Ubisoft’s next open-world shooter, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, is already primed to be a massive game, but the studio plans to keep adding new content to it throughout its lifespan. This doesn’t just mean new episodic content post-launch, either, as Breakpoint will be getting 14 new faction missions every day after it launches, keeping players occupied pretty much indefinitely.

Game Rant spoke with two of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint‘s developers, Eric Couzain and Nouredine Abboud, about the missions, and just how long players can expect the game to be supported. According to them, the new content can “go on forever” thanks to how it’s organized. Throughout the course of the game, different factions will be introduced, and more could potentially be added through post-launch updates, so there’s sure to be plenty to do for each faction. Faction Missions aren’t the most in-depth endeavors, but it’s still a ton of new content for players to keep themselves occupied with between the bigger chunks of DLC.

Ubisoft has already announced that the Terminator will be in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which means that the live content updates are sure to keep players busy, but also manage to be entertaining as well. A beta is scheduled to run from September 5th-8th for players that want to get a feel for the beta themselves, which may help determine whether they want to purchase the game. Those that do want to check it out should be sure to register on the game’s website.

ghost recon breakpoint swamp screenshot

Game Rant got hands-on with the game and walked away with some fairly positive Ghost Recon: Breakpoint PvE impressions. Fans will still have to wait until Breakpoint actually releases to see how the full game shakes out, but it does look to be a pretty massive improvement over the original game. Only time will tell, but at least fans can rest assured knowing that there will be plenty of digital enemies for them to take down with friends well after the game launches. Until then, players will just have to keep exploring Bolivia in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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