Guess That Game! You Could Win a $50 Gift Card

Play Guess That Game

It’s been a while since Video Games NOW hosts Rodney, Will, and Cole have cooked up a fresh batch of contests. Finally, we are doing a monthly giveaway of various prizes that you could win. This month we are giving away a $50 gift card to a digital game store of your choice.

How to Play

Listen to the Video Games NOW podcast every week to hear Cole’s vague description of a game. You must enter the name of the game into the entry form on our website https://www.videogamesnow.ca/guess-that-game/. Once a month we will draw for the prize. You can get up to 4 entries into the draw by tuning in every week! Winners will be notified by email. Please note, that only the correct answer will be accepted by the form. So if you get a “This is not a valid answer” the answer is not correct. answer will be in all lowercase letters.

Video Games NOW Patreons

Video Games NOW Patreons will be happy to hear that they will be automatically entered in the draw for all 4 weeks. You can still play normally as well for extra entries. If you’d like to become a patreon, visit the Video Games NOW Patreon Page

Good Luck everyone!

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