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Halo Reach for many, is an all-time favourite in terms of multiplayer. That on top of a challenging and engaging campaign, it raked up a long of hours of playtime on my Xbox 360. Since its release, PC gamers have been asking for a Port of halo reach for PC to truly experience the game in the same light as console players. Finally, with the help of Master Chief Collection, Halo Reach has made its way to PC and it is a Nostalgia boner. In today’s Video Games NOW Video, we’ll give you an honest review of Halo Reach for PC. That’s All coming up right NOW!


Halo Reach for PC

 New Rank Progression

Just to clear up any confusion on this video. This is not a review of Halo Reach in general. This is a review of the experience on PC. So mostly I’ll be talking about the multiplayer. However, I did play the campaign and it was visually updated! But it was the same campaign overall from the original.

The Multi-player has been overhauled in terms of the matchmaking UI experience and the rank progression. Let’s start with the rank progression. Say good-bye to the original ranks where you were a warrant officer for what seemed like a year. You have all the standard ranks from Private to General. However, once you hit general and level up again. You reset to Private and the background behind your rank levels up. There are 11 tiers for your background so it is always giving you a reason to come back and work on your rank. You gain experience from each match based on match completion, performance and teamwork. There is a cap for each category which was raised in a recent update after everyone was complaining about how low it was. Currently it a max of 3200 for match completion, 16000 for performance and 5000 for teamwork. The higher you rank on the scoreboard the better your performance and the more medals such as assassinations, avenger, lifesaver and assists will net you’re the max teamwork XP. So with the most XP, you can earn in a match being 24,200. That means you’ll be playing a lot of Halo before you’ll reach max rank. Just like the previous game, reaching the reclaimer rank isn’t completely unreasonable.  But you need to choose games like grif ball, SWAT or firefight to level up quickly

Halo Reach for PC

The Changes to Halo Reach

There are a few changes that honestly, kinda pissed me off. Some of the things that made reach a good game were just flat out removed. First, commendations are nowhere to be found. These added a little extra thing to do and max out each commendation to onyx rank. They should have added these back in and reward players with extra XP for completing each rank of commendation. The next piss off is there are no daily or weekly challenges that reward additional XP like the original Reach. So the only way to level up is to just complete matches.


Last but certainly least is the armour customization. Although it was not completely removed from the game, it’s been redone in a way that sucks. Now there are “season rewards” implying we are getting multiple seasons of rewards but this season it’s the same armour as the original game so not sure what they are planning. The other ridiculous thing is how items are unlocked. Every time you level up, you get “a cube.” Which you use to unlock the next tier of rewards. Every tier unlocks with 1 cube. And my question is if you get 1 cube per level and each tier is worth 1 cube. Why do these cubes even exist? Just unlock the rewards and show them to me each time I level up. Why do I need to open a separate menu and manually unlock everything? The Original Halo Reach pioneered the armour cosmetics and now they 343 has completely poo’d all over it.

Are all the Maps Back?

All right, let’s talk about the game itself, First I have to say, I haven’t played MCC in a while but last time I played the matchmaking sucked ass. It took forever to find a game. However, now it is lightning fast. You don’t have enough time to look at the previous game’s stats before you’re in a game

All the classic maps are back, as well as the DLC maps from the map packs. I never purchased the map packs so I am experiencing them for the first time. The original 6 are perfect maps but here is my quick review of the DLC maps:

Anchor 9: Shit map, so open that you can’t even stay alive for more than a few seconds.

Condemned: also shit, the constant changes in gravity are annoying and there are areas for people to camp so hard that they are impossible to kill

Breakpoint: The map is fine, I only played it twice

High Noon: absolute trash map, I’ve never played a worse map than this, So massively open and rigged for 1 team. Spawn killing map. It’s shit, don’t play it

Penance: This is a good one, really fun on all game modes

Battle Canyon: hit or miss but mostly a miss for me

Solitary: sometimes is bullshit depending on the game mode but this is a fun map as well, it’s from the original halo

Here is another annoying thing that was removed for Halo Reach PC. Map voting. If I had the chance to veto High noon every game I would. It’s an absolute dog shit map. But map voting is being screamed for in the forums.

Halo Reach for PC

How does the Halo Reach for PC Feel?

Ok now finally into the actual game. The overall game feels the same. I noticed some changes from the original Halo Reach. For instance, some weapons were nerfed hard such as the pistol’s accuracy is garbage. The shotgun has no range influenced power meaning it does the same damage up close and far away and the damage is shit. You can get killed by an assault rifle in a 1v1 against a shotgun. Spawns are broken. It is so common to spawn in front of or in the eye line of the enemy and get killed right away.

The original medals are back and it feels so good to get an extermination in SWAT and hear him say “extermination”

Alright, there isn’t a spoiler zone in this video since It’s all about the multiplayer. But let’s look at the positives

The classic maps are back, matchmaking is great, the overall game feels authentic. The visuals are amazing and fully checks all the PC boxes. And the revamped rank system

The negatives

No Map voting, the broken armour tier unlocking bullshit, the lack of commendations and challenges, the tampering with an already balanced gun damage and range.


The Verdict

Halo Reach for PC is going to get a 7/10. I have a lot more fun playing Halo than CoD and I honestly forgot that until I played this game again. I play with a controller because I’ve been playing with a controller since 2001 and it feels so right.


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