Hell Let Loose – Early Access Trailer

Hell Let Loose is a 50v50 World War 2, strategic FPS game. Featuring infantry, artillery, tanks and all other resources to fuel the front lines and dominate your opponent.

We do a deep dive into the game on the most recent PodCast. Over viewing the way the game plays, which troops you can play as and the different vehicles currently in the game. Although this is still in an early access game. Don’t be fooled. The game has rich and deep game play. No two battles will be the same. You will have to use communication, strategy and cunning to come out on top. This is no run and gun military shooter. Hell Let Loose is a deeply immersive WW2 sim that looks to continue to get better. For only $29.99 (US) on steam it is a barging to get this amount of satisfaction in a war game. The developers Black Matter with Team17 are working to improve the game with additions and improvement.

If you are a hard core war game person, want to challenge yourself in a game that is just a unforgiving as the terrain you have to play it in. Tired of all the Battlefield and Call of Duty nonsense that is not a true to life war game. Well, Hell Let Loose has your name all over it. I will say again. This isn’t for the faint of heart, the learning curve is steep, but that just make the reward that much sweeter.

Give us your thoughts on a ultra sim WW2 game, do you wish there were more of them? Is this something you would like to see on a next gen console? Comment below!


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