Is Sea of Thieves Worth It A Year Later?

Does Sea of Thieves Now Have Enough to keep you Interested A Year Later?

Is Sea of Thieves worth it a Year Later? As with most new games released in this day and age. Sea of Thieves promised us a grand ‘ole adventure on the high seas with bountiful amounts of content. But, What we got at launch was a lifeless, eventless, world where you the player are responsible for creating the fun for themselves. Sea of Thieves was fun, but there was only so much treasure finding, skeleton destroying, and Merchant running that I could do before feeling like something was missing, Story! There was no catalyst guiding me through some grand adventure in the game. Rare, however, did say that they have weekly updates and 3 big DLC packs to add to the game at a later date. These updates were The Hungering deep, Forsaken Shores and The Cursed Sails. But waiting 3 months for the first DLC was not going to keep me entertained. That was last April 2018. So Now, a year later, is sea of thieves worth the $69 price tag or the Purchase of the game pass? Let’s find out, all this coming up right NOW!

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