Luigi’s Mansion 3 – New Floors and Game Modes

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is almost here, set to release on October 31st. During the Nintendo Direct we were treated to some new floors of the hotel. As well as some new game modes the can be played locally or online. Some of the new floors included an ancient pyramid, a pirate themed restaurant and even a dance floor with light up disco dance floor.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Also, a new multiplayer mode called Scream Park was introduced. Putting a team of Luigi’s up against a team of Gooigi’s. With a wide variety of mini games to play with your friends on the couch or online. Game modes have you catching more ghosts then the other team, collecting more objects or breaking more things. You can have up to 8 people locally and online. This game is shaping up to be a fantastic experience.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Pictures Credit: Nintendo

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