Need For Speed HEAT (Game play trailer breakdown)

The Heat goes up, when the sun goes down.

The next installment in the Need For Speed franchise is bringing the “heat”. In a new Need For Speed Heat game play trailer, we get to see a glimpse into what we can expect from EA‘s next version of the popular game series.  It’s been a while since NFS really gave us something to get excited for, so lets take to the streets of Palm City.

Need For Speed Heat

At first it looks like every other NFS game. It’s bright, shinny and has tons a detail. Flashy cars with crazy mods and some of the most enthusiastic spectators. Then you realize, EA might have actually put some work into the game.

With essentially two different modes of play, the day and the night. You have the choice to when and how to play the game. Playing in the day puts you in sanctioned races. Doing well gets you money and that money is what you use to buy and build your car. In between races you can spend some time picking up side missions and hunt down collectibles, which we are still not sure what rewards these will bring, but it is always a nice change of pace while in the game.

Need For Speed Heat

Then you switch over to the night, and that is where the fun begins. Taking all that power and flair out into the streets to race in illegal street races. The better you do the more heat you gain. Which means the you become a target. The higher you can get you heat rating, the more the police do to take you down. Much like GTA but with cars. From the looks of it, the cops get pretty intense as you go and the more you push the more you risk. And this go around the cars take full damage, so you can lose everything you have worked for in the car, if you get caught.

Need For Speed Heat

Speaking of cops. Need For Speed Heat has two types. During the day, the police patrol the streets like normal. And they work to stop you in practical ways and then giving you fines. When you switch to the night, the cops don’t care. They are going to take you down. The more heat you have the more aggressive they become. They will send bigger and badder vehicles to stop you and they have no regard for if your car makes it to the safe house or not.

Need For Speed Heat

Right your safe house, where you can tune and customize your car. The trailer says pretty much every car can be modified in some way to fit your style. That includes being able to adjust the exhaust note, so your car can hum just the way you like. The other obvious mods are there, wheels, tires, wide body kits, the list goes on. There is one thing they didn’t talk about though. There is a little button called effects. Which from the glance would house the under car lights and tires smoke options?

The garage is also where you and your friends can join together in a crew and show off your cars before going out onto the streets and creating all sorts of chaos. There are challenges for the crew to compete against one another, just to have all those bragging rights.

Overall, the game looks like an improvement over the last few Need For Speed game. The trailer gives me a Burnout meets NFS vibe, which I like. The game will be all based on how they decide to go with the handling model. If it feels anything like Payback, it will be a waist of a perfectly good opportunity.

Need For Speed Heat comes out November 8th. Will you feel the Need For Speed?

Check out the trailer below

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