Nintendo Switch: First Look At Whats New

Exciting things are coming to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has always been one to think outside of the box when it comes to interacting with your gaming. With the Wii, we had motion controllers and a balance board. Not to mention racing wheels and other accessories that match the gear you are using in-game. From tennis rackets to fishing poles. Then we were introduced to cardboard VR kits for the Switch. Now, Nintendo brings a hint of something new.

The trailer shows groups of people playing a game with an interactive ring. One Switch joy-con is in the ring while the other is strapped to a player’s leg. There was no actual gameplay shown. However, there was plenty of physical activity taking place. With people on the floor, doing sit-ups and crunches. What looked like yoga. The new peripheral looks to be a tension band that can be used for exercise and entertainment alike.

Nintendo will be showing us more on Sept. 12th. Keep it here at VGN for the more, until then, here is the trailer. Enjoy!


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Nintendo Switch

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