Pikmin 4, It’s Time to Pull This Out of the Ground Nintendo

Why is Pikmin 4 Not a thing?

There are a ton of squeals that Nintendo fans are asking for, but we’re getting nothing but radio silence. Games like Super Mario Strikers: Charged, Pokemon Snap and Donkey Kong 64 have fans suffering from sequealitis. We have 12 Mario Parties, A Mario tennis game for each past console, and too many Sonic games that people just flat out don’t play. But no game quite has a demand for a sequel as Pikmin does, Originally released on the Nintendo Gamecube, Pikmin expanded what was possible on a Nintendo console but having multiple individuals AI characters on screen doing different tasks. Having a bunch of workers at your disposal to do various tasks made this game appealing for folks wanting to work on their micro-managing skills.

Pikmin 4

Why do we need Pikmin 4?

Pikmin 3 was a lot of fun, it had a play at your own pace story, collectables and a great UI design in tandem with the Wii U gamepad. The problem with this game was that it was on the Wii U itself. We don’t need to go into details about how the Wii U was poorly marketed or lack of games blah blah blah.  We all know that, but if you were fortunate to own one, then you are a true Nintendo fanboy/girl. On top of the main story of Pikmin 3, there were also challenges to clear additionally stages with certain Pikmin and within a certain time. Best of all it could be played with another human.  I’m not one to by DLC that often, But if a game has already pulled me in enough to spend a ton of hours playing it, then god damn right I’m buying the DLC.

Pikmin 4

What Does Pikmin 4 Need?

Stage Builder Mode

One super awesome addition would be a stage builder mode. These have been popular with recent games for fans to create their own levels within their favourite games. Players could build a small level with obstacles, enemies and fruit before releasing it and challenging other players to complete their levels.

Pikmin 4


One thing I did like about Pikmin 3 is it had replay value. You could challenge yourself on completing the game in a fewer amount of days or 100% completing the game. With the addition of achievements, it gives plays one more reason to continue playing the game. Some achievements could include, finding all the food, defeat all the bosses, clear levels in a certain time etc.

Pikmin 4

Online Co-op

Couch co-op was a lot of fun in Pikmin 3, expanding the playing experience online would take it one step further. Nintendo seems to finally have a firm footing in the online world, of course, it’s no Xbox or Playstation level. You could find a friend to play the main story, complete custom player-made levels, or compete against each other for the best score!

Pikmin 4

There are 101 reasons why Nintendo should strap up their big boy overalls and start developing Pikmin 4. The demand is there, but at the very least, Pikmin 3 should be ported over to the switch.

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Let us know whether you are hoping for a Pikmin sequel or any other sequel for that matter

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