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Episode 88: Luigi's Mansion 3 Review and Bring On the Scarlett!

Rodney and Will talk about Luigi’s Mansion 3 and all the gooie goodness with that! X019 is right around the corner, can we expect big news from Microsoft?


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Join Rodney and Will on the Video Games NOW Podcast

Rough gaming skills but smooth voices on the Video Games NOW Podcast. Join Rodney and Will and a barrage of guests as we discuss current news in the world of gaming. We’ll review games and breakdown the good, bad and unwanted mechanics, gameplay elements and Story for you to make the call on if it’s good or tradeable. 

What sets us apart from the rest? We are an uncensored podcast that shows the true frustration, excitement and disappointment that the average consumer feels on everyday gaming sessions.  We would like to build a community around what really brings us together which is ultimately video games!

Remembering the days where you would share the experience on a friends couch or talking about hidden secrets in the games you are playing with your peers. The gaming world of old was the in our eyes the pinnacle experience. These days, people are a little more introverted with an age of online gaming and we aren’t getting the same feeling that we use to.

Video Games NOW is bring back that feeling with a kick ass podcast that you can listen in your car, at work or on the bus. We want you to feel like you are apart of the discussion and have that true gamer experience!

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