Final Fantasy 7 Review

Episode #111

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Rodney 0:06
Hello, everybody welcome to another episode of the video games now podcast. It’s Rodney joined by a plethora of dudes. One name Cole. hello, one name Bradley. Hey guys, and another unknown type name Will Hi. He lost his personality and then in the 10 episodes he hasn’t been here. Anyways

Bradley 0:29
Im back to Robot.

Rodney 0:30
your back to robot Yeah, you got it you got to keep up those skills for those podcasting skills you’re going to lose them. Alright, today we’re gonna talk about Final Fantasy 7. Will’s completed it and Bradley’s nearly completed it. So it’s he’s basically done. Yeah. And we’re going to talk about Microsoft’s releasing a new Xbox bundle based off cyberpunk. We’ll talk about that and some other cool stuff. That’s all coming up. Right now. Right now right now.

Rodney 1:12
Everybody welcome to the show and today’s give me Word of the Week is brought to you by Wilhelm

Will 1:13
and video game Word of the Week is Gimp.

Cole 1:17
Oh no.

Will 1:20
Cole, You’re such a effing Gimp

Cole 1:24
That’s the definition that’s literally what it is referred to cole. Well playing games.

Rodney 1:24

Cole 1:25
go ahead, Rodney.

Rodney 1:36
Oh, I was gonna already know what it is. I have the definition right here.

Cole 1:40
Do you know what it is?

Will 1:42
Yeah. Oh, I think it comes from the word actually comes from way before but it was like for video games. I think it’s World of Warcraft. Still means the same thing though.

Cole 1:54
Is it when you get like baited? because I think Gimp in Super Smash Brothers is like where you kill some What did you kill somebody like way outside of the map and still managed to make it back and they can’t do anything about it you just kind of watch them try to get back and fail, think that’s what it is for Smash

Rodney 2:18
Bradley, What do you think?

Bradley 2:21
I honestly don’t know never heard this term

Rodney 2:23
Well it’s an RPG term gimping is a term used usually revolves around the RPG world with characters slash users that are at a high level but remain with low-level gear or gimping one set of abilities in favor of building up on another

Will 2:37
yeah so cole being sufficiently underpowered

Cole 2:41
and all games Yeah, I do suck it Call of Duty so

Rodney 2:46
you’re not that bad. You’re not that bad.

Cole 2:48
I’m pretty bad, I can manage

Rodney 2:50
My brother’s pretty bad. And I can say that openly because he’s not gonna listen to this podcast. Yeah, he’s he’s pretty bad. Literally Cody gets off at like 10:30 and we always get a win like two games later.

Cole 3:07
Oh yeah, we won yesterday.

Rodney 3:08
Yeah, we won 2 days in a row now.

Cole 3:11
I wasn’t there when you won the day before.

Rodney 3:13
Oh, right. We were in a gross spot though. Yeah, so I will skip ahead here on the schedule. But yeah, what do you guys been playing here? I guess I’ve been playing lots of modern warfare. I’ve been actually taking a slight break from video games and plan watching lots of anime

Will 3:31
I’m about the same thing. Trying to split my time between Final Fantasy and anime.

Cole 3:39
It’s funny because I’ve also been watching anime.

Bradley 3:46
Now I feel like the odd man out because I haven’t been watching anime. Okay, but I’ve been playing Apex still and final fantasy.

Rodney 3:56
Would you consider yourself a top tier Apex player now?

Bradley 4:00
Ah, no cuz those guys are crazy, but I am. Solid master.

Rodney 4:06
Well, it seems like every day you’re posting on your gamer tempo page and you’re saying that Oh, we got 10 wins and over 100 kills.

Bradley 4:13
we got we had 20 wins. Not yesterday but Friday. It’s Friday we ended up getting 20 wins on the day.

Rodney 4:20
How many games did you play though? uh

Bradley 4:24
uh probably. I think we had a 23% win rate. So whatever that is, like 90 games. Hundred games ish.

Rodney 4:32
Hundred games ish. yeah. Wow. You put 100 games on Friday. That’s one day. Yeah,

Bradley 4:37
we played a lot. We played for like eight hours.

Cole 4:39
Okay, Apex is it’s a three-man team, right? Yeah.

Bradley 4:44
There is duo’s now, as of last Tuesday, so you can do two-man teams.

Rodney 4:51
How’s that?

Bradley 4:52
Uh, it’s sweaty.

Rodney 4:54
I bet is sweaty.

Bradley 4:56
And you thought three-man third parties were bad two-man’s are so much worse. They also bought back Kings Canyon. So now actually the map does a rotating so if you’re playing a regular game mode it’ll go for like an hour and a half of worlds Ed and then like an hour of Kings Canyon and it just flips

Rodney 5:15
it’s kind of nice.

Bradley 5:16
Yeah, it’s kind of refreshing.

Rodney 5:20
Yeah, monitor warfare Warzone added four-man teams into war zone. And yeah, that’s kind of different to be honest.

Cole 5:31
It’s amazing how many people are shaking up their games now because I don’t know I don’t know if it’s because of the way Modern Warfare is doing it. But like, you know, being able to buy people back and switching from like, three to two players like it’s crazy how many people are getting influenced by all the other Battle Royale games?

Rodney 5:50
Well, Apex one then got fucking Game of the Year Award for in my eyes when they had the ping system. And then everyone’s like, oh, wow, why didn’t nobody fucking think of that ever? and then everyone Copied it.

Bradley 6:01
Ping systems awesome in apex.

Cole 6:03
Yeah, I’m trying to ping everything in every other game now because you can ping in Gears of War and I’ve been playing Gears of War lately so I’m just like got a ping everything and you can’t in modern warfare multiplayer or in a what’s the other thing I’ve been playing something else. bring us ping for everything.

Will 6:21
Apparently Infinity Ward’s taking a lot of flack though because there’s so many cheaters right now for PC.

Cole 6:26
Oh my god it is. It’s unbelievable.

Bradley 6:29
Yeah. 65,000 bands went out last week,

Will 6:33
I think.

Cole 6:34
Yeah, but there’s 50 million people playing the game.

Bradley 6:37
That’s still like 65,000 bands, and they know

Cole 6:40
it was 70 it was 70,000 bands, Yeah, I think they was up to 70,000.

Will 6:46
I ran into a cheater a couple weeks ago and that kind of turned me off the game I think

Cole 6:50
Oh, dude, it’s all the time like you’ll just be you. It shows you the killcam on Warzone and you’re just like, Huh, I don’t know.

Will 6:59
Yeah. I was playing solo and the guy. I was like, okay, he killed me. I was like, that’s pretty interesting though. He’s shot like he literally knew when I was coming through the door. He’s already starting to fire. So I just kept watching after he killed me.

Cole 7:13
Oh, and you can see how he

Will 7:15
Yeah, and he won the game and it was just nasty. Like, he shot a guy off a roof. Like the longest shot ever and like a three-shot headshot. Geez, with an assault rifle. And I’m like, Yeah, what the hell?

Rodney 7:32
I saved one in the warm-up. Why? I think it was yesterday or the day before. Some guy had a crossbow. I was 200 meters away. He hip fired me with a crossbow headshot and killed me and I’m like, and he like shot and then immediately turned around didn’t even confirm that he got me. I’m like,

Will 7:47
cuz he knew we’re dead.

Rodney 7:49
Like, fuck right off.

Cole 7:50
Yeah. The other thing too is um, it takes away from the people who are actually good. So you know, you’re playing into people and you’re just like, you can’t tell whether you’re like, wow, that guy. Got some skill or Wow That guy is is cheating

Bradley 8:02
yeah got some codes

Cole 8:04
yeah sucks because you know there’s people out there who are actually really good and it takes away from how good they are.

Bradley 8:11
I did see some streamers fighting back against cheaters and they’re actually apparently there’s like once your dead you can watch people but like go that’s what I did Yeah sure. And so this guy was chat featuring out to everyone else telling them where the cheater was hmm so it was like he is over headed towards boneyards he’s on a ATV driving through boneyards now watch out and like they were like purposely like leading everyone away from him and then the cheater ended up getting killed because he just got overwhelmed.

Will 8:46
I love watching some of the streamers freak out though on cheaters like Doctor disrespect and Tim the tap man when they rage is just awesome.

Cole 8:54
Didn’t doctor disrespect tell Activision that they could just sit on his stream and he would pay them money to just sit on They’re streaming just banned.

Will 9:01
Yeah. Yeah.

Rodney 9:04
Well, yeah, go ahead. Activision has got to get their shit together and a bunch of departments on this game one of them being the fucking matchmaking is still broken. Oh, yeah, matchmaking. Oh, that works. Yeah, yeah, for sure. But not only that but like, the party system like I’ll if I’m party leader, I’ll pull everybody out of the game and take the party with me and then it’ll just fucking randomly kick everybody out to the title screen. Oh, yeah. And then but it still shows all you guys in my party. So then I’m like, Oh, you guys are all there and I’m trying to talk to you. And obviously you guys see the same thing but it’s kicked us all individually, but it’s lying to us saying that we’re all in a party. So

Will 9:47
yeah, I want them to implement some sort of private chat feature. Because when I play with like my friends I’m like, Mark and Nick. We’re all on PlayStation. So we’re in a party chat but if I jump in with like someone on Xbox or PC Though we have to be in the just the normal game lobby.

Cole 10:02
You just go to your settings and you set mute all except for party and then you get muted and everybody who is not in your party also gets muted automatically so it’s just in settings and they do have that for anybody yet so you just go to settings you go down all the way to the bottom of audio, and it says social settings or group settings and you just turn off mute all other except for group and then you guys have your own private party.

Will 10:28
But does that mean they can still hear?

Rodney 10:30
I think they could still hear you.

Cole 10:32
I don’t think so. No, they cannot still hear you if you mute them.

Cole 10:33
Okay, yeah. If you mute everybody except for yours, why would none of them like why would you not be able to hear everybody and we’d have to test it.

Rodney 10:45
Yeah, but I do like using Discord. Like I’m I have the convenience of having my computer literally right beside my Xbox, so I can be on discord and put and then run the game audio into my computer. Then just go through that way but yeah, no, I agree the game chat is kind of gross as well. It’s gross in most games, honestly.

Cole 11:08
Yeah. Um, should we put something at the beginning of the video in the title be like skip here to here. Final Fantasy news?

Rodney 11:16
No, man. No man. gonna save the best thing for last which is like all we have left now.

Cole 11:23
We got some other stuff we got we got an Xbox to talk about.

Rodney 11:27
Okay, all right. It’s like one paragraph.

Will 11:30
I guess it thinks I can bring in.

Cole 11:33
We’re professionals here writing we’ve only been doing this for 110 episodes.

Rodney 11:36
Yeah. Well, I have, none of you fuckers.

Cole 11:40
No, I want to see how many episodes I’ve done.

Rodney 11:43
I bet you you’re almost close to as many as wills done.

Cole 11:47
I don’t think so. Will will was a first like 90 episodes. I’ve only done like 20 or 30.

Will 11:52
Well, you’re probably above, but um,

Rodney 11:56
I’d say wills like 75 There you go.

Cole 12:00
gladiatorial fights to see if he’s done more. Yeah. Me at the flake bullet three.

Rodney 12:04
So if you guys want to hear us lashing Will you can join our Patreon, which will be on our website videogamesnow.ca and become a Patreon and get access to episodes one day earlier than everybody else and exclusive stories and content like lashing of Will.

Cole 12:20
Yeah, we did a little will bashing it at the beginning of this episode so.

Rodney 12:23
it’s good stuff. Look forward to that. Yeah. All right, so why don’t we talk about Xbox then. So cyberpunk 2077 is going to be featured on an Xbox bundle here. So Microsoft has created a limited-edition Xbox One X console that styled in the theme of cyberpunk 2077 the console includes deckels that glow in the dark laser etchings and blue LED light in the front and custom panels. Microsoft has also created a custom Xbox One controller for the bundle that will be available in June. It’s one of the more elaborate Xbox One X custom designs that we’ve seen so far. It’s come just months after Microsoft created a Jordan themed Xbox for a promotion. You’ll actually be able to purchase the cyberpunk 2077 Xbox a June three months ahead of the game is released. But it says in this article that it doesn’t mention anything of it including the game later, which is kind of a slap in the face.

Will 13:18
It’s just the console but it’s stupid to because they’re launching it in June. And they’re launching a brand new Xbox three months later.

Rodney 13:27
Well, this is why they’re launching in June because no one’s gonna buy in fucking October.

Will 13:32
Then they should just do a cyberpunk version of the new Xbox.,

Bradley 13:37
They probably Well,

Rodney 13:39

Bradley 13:40
that’s purely a money grab.

Cole 13:42
That just drives me crazy is like so even if there wasn’t a new Xbox coming out. later on this year, you’d still have to buy a new Xbox, so somebody’s gonna be like, Oh, I’m gonna get into video games right now for the first time and I’m gonna get into it with cyberpunk Xbox. It’s like how many extra boxes can you get, It’s $500 collectibles.

Bradley 14:04
People that love the stuff right like I don’t know, I don’t mind them doing stuff like this.

Cole 14:14
Me neither but like I have a Gears 4 Xbox One and I waited that long because I was like I’m not gonna get an Xbox until they make the or I’m not gonna get an Xbox One until they make the Gears 4 one and I waited and now they have a Gears 5 so I’m like am I supposed to like get rid of my yeah not even upgrade it’s exactly the same there’s nothing different except for it just has the Gears 5, it actually looks dopey gears five.

Bradley 14:39
I think it has a bigger hard drive too though, doesn’t it? Your gears five has the 500 and the Gears 5 is the 1 terabyte.

Cole 14:49
I mean buying additional space is easy though. Oh yeah, external hard drive.

Yeah, but it’s just I don’t know. That’s like the flaw for me in these because you have to wait to get the one that you want or you just have to have a ton of money to buy as many as you want. Hit us up on Patreon so we can buy all the new Xboxes.

Bradley 15:10
Every Xbox will buy we will review it for you on our YouTube channel.

Rodney 15:13

Cole 15:14
yep, that’s a good giveaway.

Rodney 15:17
Hey, who’s buying it then?

Will 15:19
I don’t know because right now if we don’t go back to work, we’re just living off of benefits.

Rodney 15:23
We’re just living off our Patreons. No, it’s getting but alright, so yeah, this one has a one terabyte hard drive as well. It’s a limited edition bundle. So I’m sure they’ll make like 500 or some bullshit, and then sell like, 2

Will 15:39
They make more than that. It’s usually around like, each store will usually get around like five.

Rodney 15:46
Sorry, yeah.

Will 15:48
So I think about probably a million.

Rodney 15:52
A million. That seems like it seems like a lot.

Cole 15:55
Ya know, all laced with COVID No, it’ll

Will 16:00
Probably be around maybe 200,000 I think worldwide Okay, sorry I don’t have the product kvt right now if they’re still trying to bring on a new Xbox I was trying to shut down

Cole 16:14
see a million with Yeah, I don’t know.

Will 16:17
Sony already came out and right now it looks like they are going to be way under their numbers that they were hoping for PS5.

Cole 16:26
Yeah, there is remember when Wii came out and you could not get ahold of a Wii?

Cole 16:31
yeah, this is it this with everything right now.

Bradley 16:34
Oh, that was also like the switch. The switch was really hard to get when it came out.

Cole 16:38
I got the switch a little bit later on. So I was Oh, I got a Super Smash for the Switch.

Will 16:41
I got mine at launch and I think I bought Rodney Yeah,

Rodney 16:45
He like fucking camp the store for mine.

Will 16:48
No, I just made friends with the manager. He’s like I’ve got one coming in like an hour. I’m like, I’m there.

Cole 16:55
Will was like alright, get down on his knees.

Rodney 16:58
But it also helped that she was coming hot.

Cole 17:01
does it help? It helps that Will kind of hot too. Yeah. Because she was like ooh damn.

Rodney 17:08
alright, so I misread this article it actually says that the bundle does appear to include a copy of the game that launches in September.

Will 17:15
Now so you’re gonna get like a digital edition.

Rodney 17:17
Yeah, it’s probably going to be on there already. It just won’t launch until the date.

Cole 17:22
Yeah, most that’s it. That’s the thing to what if you’re like a huge fan and you want to get like the the, you know, they hope that they always have the super bundles, like not with the Xbox but just with the game and the art book and

Will 17:22
yeah, the Collector’s Edition.

Cole 17:23
What do you want to get the Xbox and the Collector’s Edition?

Will 17:23
People will.

Cole 17:24
They also need to make a bundle like that where you get the Collector’s Edition and the limited Xbox,

Will 17:47
You really want to spend like $1,000?

Cole 17:49
I mean, I don’t but there’s people out there who do I’m just trying to think of a way to make

Will 17:52
the Collector’s Edition was already like $340, Xbox is gonna be like 5 maybe spending like a 5 your gonna be spending like $800.

Rodney 18:00
So I’m just gonna be remain here for a second. So say I buy the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X and then the game sucks How do you feel?

Will 18:12
Ah, I don’t think the game is gonna suck, I really like CD Projekt RED and they’re really good with their games

Cole 18:17
You’re seeing hypothetically though Yes. Yeah, I think the Xbox is still cool like I like the design like the rustic design and the controllers they’re really cool I think even if the game sucks it’s still a dope looking Xbox so

Bradley 18:31
Slap on a Fallout sticker and then you convert it to something else your good?

Rodney 18:37
Oh, he’s right. Yep

Cole 18:38
Yeah. Got that. Yeah, that post-apocalypticy city look, technology

Rodney 18:44
Well, I’m going to be making a video probably this week sometime on why I’m buying a PS five over the Xbox.

Will 18:53
I’m hoping to still buy both but like I got to start putting money away.

Cole 18:59
Start putting money away.

Rodney 19:01
know for me it’s pretty silly. I’m only getting a PS5 just because I’m just sick quite a few things from Microsoft. Let me just pull up my notes here and I’ll fucking rant on it boys.

Cole 19:12
And you said we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Will 19:15
There’s a couple good leaks this week to their apparently Spider-Man 2 for PS5.

Cole 19:20
No. This is why we need Will on the podcast. Yeah.

Will 19:26
They there was some images that were teased in a Microsoft conference that apparently are from the new Fable. Yes, that’s kind of playground games. There’s rumor that might be a launch title alongside Halo.

Bradley 19:41
Is Halo launch title I didn’t think Halo was a launch title.

Rodney 19:42
I know it is. It is.

Cole 19:47
It’s got to be what else do they have?

Bradley 19:49
They I thought they already came out and said Xbox is now is launching without any launch titles.

Will 19:41
Nope, they still have a halo and they haven’t announced their launch titles, yet. They’re supposed to be some sort of thought in the news was yesterday or something they’re supposed to be a conference or something they’re gonna be talking about it shortly.

Rodney 20:08
Well, while you look that up I’m gonna tell you why i’m not buying an Xbox fuckin series x. Well, first off, because I hate the fucking name. I think it’s dumb. It should have just stuck with the code name.

Cole 20:09
Dont judge an Xbox by its name, Rodney.

Rodney 20:10
Well, don’t worry, I’m judging it by someone else to. Well, just notice that not necessarily the Xbox itself more of like the company Microsoft is just kind of fucking rubbed me the wrong way. There’s just kind of a lack of support for all of their fucking infrastructure like the Xbox app for PC has been broken since the fucking Xbox app was launched and they just haven’t fixed it. And I have no interest in fixing it.

Cole 20:48
Did you, I’ll let you finish now.

Rodney 20:51
Oh, I’m gonna go on for quite a while so you chime in.

Cole 20:53
I was going to say did you see that video that Snoop Dogg posted where he was like Bill Gates fix the NBA certain He’s like, quit trying to solve COVID, and just make the Xbox work. You see that video?

Rodney 20:54

Cole 20:54
Okay, I’ll try to find it here and I’ll post it, but Snoop Dogg feels the same way you do.

Rodney 21:13
Well, yeah, the other thing is like, I tried to play Halo one with my brother the other day on PC, Co-Op, and every time we would try to get into a game it would kill the server would like fucking timeout or crash or fucking something. So you could play it single player, no problem, but you couldn’t play a co-op, it just wouldn’t work. And that really pissed me off because like Master Chief Collection, like that’s your fucking flagship series for the Xbox. And the fucking game still broken and it was released in 2014. You know, so that fuck that kind of shit pisses me off the lack of exclusives on the Xbox like, Sea of Thieves is like the biggest or the newest IP that they have and that came about 2 years ago. And they just kind of recycle old IPS and kind of fucked up like Halo five I don’t know how…

Will 22:05
They have to go back to they’re basic so it’s like if they brought back fable and oh what is that Perfect Dark yeah like they gotta go back to what made…

Bradley 22:18
Perfect dark yeah it’s Rare but they need to work with Rare a lot more often to let Rare just run free yeah cuz before Microsoft had Rare, Rare was like an icon in gaming.

Will 22:33
They still own Rare, they’re the ones that did Sea of Thieves.

Bradley 22:37
I know they still own Rare, I’m saying before like I’m talking about like Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark on 64 like they had so many good games back to back to back to back.

Bradley 22:48
And they have to Sea Of Thieves right now under Microsoft control. What else have they made that was actually good?

Will 22:50
Well, they’re a smaller studio than they used to be once Microsoft bought them when they didn’t deliver what Microsoft thought they could they almost shuttered the studio.

Bradley 23:04
Yeah, that’s where I’m saying they need to. I think they need to free, rare to do more.

Cole 23:05
Bring us back a new jetpack, you ever play jetpack from Rare?

Will 23:05
I remember.

Cole 23:17
That was a good game. Whoa was Start Fox Adventure a Rare game.

Rodney 23:19

Cole 19:41
Im just looked at rare games and Star Fox came up.

Rodney 23:26
No, I don’t know who did that one but it was on the Cube so it was after…

Cole 23:30
oh my god yeah, that was an amazing game.

Bradley 23:32
Rare studio game, oh that’s just Rare games let me go to replay it’ll have a bunch.

Rodney 23:40
The other thing that I this is the last thing I’ll mention. But yeah, so extra Xbox ditch the Kinect, like they advertise the Xbox One as being basically fucking awesome if you had a Kinect, and then they just totally trashed the Kinect and didn’t fucking do anything with the Kinect. It’s all fucking dead now. And now that PlayStation VR is like, taken off. Yeah. Well, yeah. Could you imagine if they converted like the Kinect into some sort of VR thing? That’d be fucking badass.

Cole 24:14
Live the day in Bill Gates life in VR.

Rodney 24:17
I actually think Bill Gates gives literally no fucks about the Xbox. No.

Will 24:22
He stepped down from Xbox now.

Will 24:25
Yeah, yeah, he’s gone.

Rodney 24:29
Anyways, anyways, let’s move on to what we’re going to talk about, Will, you’re gonna move on to something else.

Will 24:36
Well, I was going to bring up with those rumors I was talking about earlier. There’s another thing here this comes from 4chan. So it says to take it with a grain of salt but the leaker has been known to get things accurate, more than once. There’s supposed to be some sort of event in May being called the proper console reveal which will be for Microsoft. It’s gonna be packed full of games. Apparently Fable 4 will be revealed with the leaker calling it the fancy monster game that we’ve all been waiting for. The game is said to be handcrafted world mixed with procedural generation that will allow the developers to make the game much larger scale than otherwise. Fable 4 will be joined by a new IP coming from a new unnamed Japanese studio along with the reveal of another brand new obsidian game and a new Forza Motorsport game. Of course, Halo infinite will really be the star of the show, with Microsoft said to be highlighting the game’s huge open-world that will contain linear story missions mixed with optional exploration. The leaker says that Halo infinite campaign is much more ambitious and not the typical 6 to 9 hours of players have expected from Halo story modes. The leaker also says that the developers are doing one very bold move when it comes to Halo infamous multiplayer but doesn’t provide specific details.

Will 25:56
Huh, that Halo as an open-world game,

Cole 26:01
I hope it isn’t just happened to be like, know what’s that other

Rodney 26:06

Cole 26:09
Yeah destiny or, wasn’t Rage opening open-world game

Will 26:17
not the first Rage The second one, was yeah I have that I’ve never played it though.

Cole 26:22
or like Borderlands you know like I really hope it does something new but yeah in a Halo universe that would be dope

Rodney 26:30
feels awkward for me

Will 26:31
with a lot of pain though that’s

Cole 26:35
maybe not like we people throw around open-world all the time like everybody’s like this is open-world this is open-world you know there can be like you guys ever played Darksiders Yep. Did you do better? No. Rodney you guys never played it? That’s an open-world game but like linear yes very linear, but you kind of have your own ability to go around and explore. So if they do something like that, it could be really, really cool.

Bradley 27:08
Kind of like, more like not I guess modern but more of a style like a spiderman game. Um, because Spiderman had a very linear story but a lot of freedom to go do things.

Bradley 27:22
Yeah, a lot of freedom do other stuff. But you were, if you wanted to play the story, you played a very linear story.

Will 27:29
That might work. I remember even in Halo one like God, the second mission I used to explore the map there when I was like my first time I’m playing and go find the waterfall and stuff like that. So we’ll explore if they see something like if they Halo gives us like a big open world, but they still like that, you know, good story that we always have, but give you the option that you can explore.

Rodney 27:53
Honestly, I’m kind of lukewarm on the idea. I kind of hope it’s similar to how Doom eternal was

Cole 28:00
Another good example.

Rodney 28:01
Yeah, cuz it was a very linear the levels were very linear. However it did give you options to explore like secrets find secrets and shit like that outside the main map essentially.

Cole 28:15
So but at the same time like it not that Doom is very simplistic, but it’s like, I don’t know, I feel like that’s the second do more there than the sixth Halo, so they’re gonna have to do something bigger and better than just your average game similar to it, you know, like, hopefully, in like 10 years we’ll be looking back and saying like, oh, hopefully the game will be like Halo 6.

Rodney 28:39
Yeah, well, one thing’s for sure. I don’t want to play as a fucking Spartan Locke. He could fuck off him and his whole Spartan team of fucking hooligans. They can fuck right off.

Will 29:04
I think he’s been written out.

Cole 29:04
Who’s Spartan Locke?

Rodney 29:05
Well Halo five he played as 80% of the game. The campaign is fucking the Spartan lock, and you’re like, I don’t give a fuck about Spartan Lock. I want to play as Master Chief and blue team like for fucksakes

Will 29:04
I ruined the game for me.

Rodney 29:05
Yeah. It’s super annoying. I do want to play through Halo five just to kind of reiterate or get wrapped my head around the story again.

Will 29:13
I might replay 1234 and 5 all the way down till 6 comes out.

Rodney 29:19
I’m going to do that with you. And we’re playing Halo two on fucking heroic.

Rodney 29:25
Un oh, yeah. Okay. Like, please don’t say legendary, fuck my life.

Will 29:31
We still haven’t mastered the speed run for that one.

Rodney 29:34
I don’t think we are like only 29 people in the world have gotten that achievement.

Will 29:39
We did it for the first one.

Rodney 29:40
Yeah, the first one was fun,

Will 29:41
and we got it a great time. Yeah, the second one is some bullshit. Yeah.

Rodney 29:49
Well, I played Halo one with Brittany on Legendary, and she actually had a fun time playing it and then we played the first mission of two and fuck we both rage quit she’s like fuck this game I’m like yeah it’s a controller thrower totally it’s a fucking pull you game out of the cartridge.

Will 30:10
brutal I can’t remember the name of the mission but remember the one that you and I you have to jump down the tunnels and then when you get lower and lower the flutter there

Rodney 30:18
yo yo

Will 30:21
yeah like walked around the corner and you just got your brains blown out by a shotgun You didn’t even see the flood

Rodney 30:26
they fucking buffed the floods so hard in Halo 2 and it’s such bullshit because they what was fun about doing the flood missions in Halo one was there was so many of them but they were all really easy to kill so, Yeah, too. There’s a lot of them and they can fucking kill you within two seconds. Right? Yeah.

Will 30:48
Oh, I love Halo. And I think didn’t Halo 2 just launched on PC today?

Rodney 30:54
Uhh yeah, I think so. Hopefully that fucking works.

Will 31:00
Lol, Hopefully, that fucking works.

Rodney 31:03
Yeah. Okay, so well when you’re down to do that, let me know. I’m down to do that.

Cole 31:07

Cole 29:04
Stream it.

Rodney 31:09
Yea we’ll stream it fucking will stream each one what we’ll do How about this? Well we’ll play Halo one on Monday. Yeah When speedrun one again and probably fuck it up but yeah on like a Monday we’ll play Halo 1 and Tuesday we’ll do 2 we’ll just stream it all the way to the end.

Will 31:27
I’m down.

Rodney 31:28
Cool. That sounds fun. Okay, so let’s move on to Final Fantasy 7, fuck Yeah. So I have not played any Final Fantasies that’s actually that’s a lie. I played 3, but it was my girlfriend in high school she like was like, Oh, you need to play Final Fantasy. I’m like Alright, so I played it but I couldn’t get into it.

Will 31:55
So right off the bat it as much as they call it a remake, It’s kind of a redo. Yeah, so they’ve turned mid guard which was like 4 hours of the original game into a 36-hour game.

Rodney 32:11
Oh, wow.

Will 32:12
Yeah, so this is like maybe 5% of what was the original game because originally in the first game you just met up with avalanche blew up the reactors in Mid-Gar got destroyed and you left not so much this way. They expanded everything.

Cole 32:36
be expanded everything like you have you you’ve beaten the game entirely.

Will 32:42
Yes, I have and I’m halfway through on hard mode, hard mode is some bullshit because you can’t use items.

Bradley 32:43
Are you kidding that Wow.

Will 32:43
It’s not too bad if you figure out how to use your mat, like don’t use MP till you get to bosses and then just be careful

Cole 33:01
Is the mid guard the only place the expanded honors are other places that they expanded the game.

Will 33:01
The game ends after you beat mid guard.

Cole 33:02
So a lot of people were upset with the way the original Final Fantasy ended Final Fantasy seven. Is that true or is that like

Will 33:20
Okay, so the original seven, some people were upset with how it ended, but it did have a good ending and then they kind of expanded on it with Advent Children which was a anime movie they released I think in 2006 Yeah, I think and then adding on to the Final Fantasy 7 universe series did like couple other games too. There’s like Dirge of Cerberus with Vincent Valentine.

Will 33:53
So the final fantasy 7 game universe is bigger than any other Final Fantasy game,

Rodney 34:01
Well, i fucking hope so there’s 15 of them.

Cole 34:07
So this has been like they ended differently or is it just a part of the story? Like, are you just playing it?

Cole 34:08
Like I said, this is only in the original game, what we play here used to only be four hours. They took four hours of the original game and turned it into like 35 hours.

Cole 34:23
And so you change it to 35 hours, and then you continue to rest of the game afterwards or does it?

Bradley 34:30
There’s another game coming.

Will 34:30
Yeah, no plan. I hope it’s like within the next year, because if they wait like every two, three years for that, so I’m going to lose interest.

Cole 34:40
But it looks like they’re gonna remake the entire game, but they’re just expanding on each part of it, too.

Will 34:46
So I don’t know if Bradley played the original game. I’m sure he did. But it had a lot of disks.

Bradley 34:55
Yeah, the original game.

Will 34:56
12, was it?

Bradley 34:55
I think like I remember the original game. It’s a three desk bet because everyone’s Like just wanted us to wear like massive really long took forever to play just three had the really big cutscene in it. So it seemed like it was a lot.

Bradley 35:11
Yeah but it was a lot to it there’s a lot of the story and and like will said this is only a small chunk of it. And they’ve added so many extra things to expand on each character like each character in the game has their own little moments so you interact with them more or you play as them running around and doing things so you can get more of a feel for them. Where the original game with a very traditional turn base with a big story that you’re playing out.

Will 35:38
Yeah, I really like how they done the mechanics in this I as much as I did like the turn-based style I really like being able to pause the game with like the what is button called the tactical menu and kind of figure out what my next moves gonna be. But I can still like Go back into the game and instead of being tactical where you’re stuck in one spot I can dodge and block and it’s a lot more fluid generation

Cole 36:10
Yeah, yeah. Is there a way you can give like a really short premise for Final Fantasy like all the final fantasy is like what’s the full overarching story

Bradley 36:21
Each final fantasy story is a different story has nothing to do with each other.

Bradley 36:25
Final Fantasy eight is its own story and Final Fantasy seven its own story

Cole 36:28
And it just takes place in the same universe.

Will 36:30
No, they’re all different universes.

Bradley 36:33
Yeah. different universes different worlds different concepts different each game actually has different mechanics so like how magic works is different in each game. Same with summoning

Will 36:44
Same with summoning, and everything. Yeah, I think story’s changed a lot too. I can’t remember which one it was. I think it’s either and I think it’s nine I found nine to be like all about politics.

Bradley 36:55
No, yeah, nine Well, yeah, nine was all about politics. It was very cartoony feel to it. Yeah, but it was all about a queen and a princess and you’re saving a princess. Yeah trying to stop a guy from destroying the world

Will 37:10
10 was amazing

Bradley 37:12
and time had like an alternate universe feel to it.

Will 37:20
But Bradley’s gonna have to help me a little bit with the story but to summarize without spoiling anything Cole you play a guy named clown.

Rodney 37:27

Will 37:28 
Is a mercenary but the memories he has right now are partially his and someone else’s

Cole 37:39
Interesting, I played Final Fantasy like the original for like a hot minute because I didn’t know how to PlayStation. Yeah, so But I mean, I know I know a little bit about the characters are so much.

Cole 37:52
It’s so influential to the community that like no matter where you go, you there’s like memes or there’s references to it so you kind of have to know enough about it. Get some references.

Will 37:52
That’s the biggest issue because everyone thought as this game being a remake, right? They wanted to be so close to the original. But you can’t take four hours of the original game and make it 35 without changing anything.

Cole 38:15
Oh, yeah, of course.

Bradley 38:17
They do change a lot. When Bradley beats the game, we’ll talk about a bit more about what could happen in the future.

Bradley 38:34
My plan is to beat it after we get off this call. I’m halfway through chapter 17 right now on stream so I’m gonna turn that up and play it.

Will 38:42
Whereabouts are you in chapter 17

Bradley 38:47
I’m in the dome and trying to work my way out of it. So hoe, joe.

Will 38:47
That’s too big part.

Bradley 38:47
Yeah, I’m working way through that right now.

Will 38:58
The game is going to ramp up it’s difficulty

Bradley 39:03
Oh i’ve noticed

Will 39:04
Yeah it gets bad like really fast

Bradley 39:08
The chapter 16 boss slaughtered me the first time around because the mechanics of it changed so dramatically compared to the rest.

Will 39:14
That’s the thing and you might want to give it a try but like I found later on as like the game got harder I got a lot more fluid with my controls and figuring out what spells to use especially like manna wall that’ll save your ass anytime. I don’t know do you use barrier a lot?

Bradley 39:32
I don’t I actually don’t use barrier a lot.

Will 39:37
That might be one you want to get because a variable half physical damage manna barrier half’s magic damage a manna wall will have physical and magic.

Bradley 39:51
That’s actually pretty good.

Will 39:52
Yeah. And if you put that with magnify, then it’ll give barrier to your whole team or if you put magnify with kear, then you’ll heal your whole team while you’re trying to heal one person.

Bradley 39:54
Right now I’ve kind of mastered flipping among all the people to fight with.

Will 40:04
That’s the biggest thing is and Marquita is playing as well and I think he’s in the shinner building he just entered but his problem is he sticks with one character too long, and that takes agro way too much. So I usually will try to get everyone there an ATB so I’ll switch to aero get a couple taxing, switch to tippa get a couple taxing in go back cloud.

Bradley 40:49
So watching this is the game’s not really it’s a little bit turn-based again like it looks like it’s kind of a little bit more free-roaming in the Combat.

Will 40:51
It is that’s what I like about it but then when you wanna use abilities and stuff like that it popped it slows down the game giving you a second to think and especially in hard-mode that like what you need because you can kind of take a get an idea for your next guy’s going to get attack should use in an attack spell or defense.

Bradley 40:52
And there’s their abilities thank the AP gate will determine how many times they can do stuff so you have a basic attack we could just literally button smash for me on PlayStation it’s ahh I guess it is PlayStation only for me it’s square, you can button smash square and just swing your sword rapidly but it builds up AP Gauge with what you do your ability so if you wanna heal it’ll eat up when you’re one of your AP Gauges but if you don’t if you use up all of the AP Gauges and you take a shit ton of damage you have nothing to heal you have to use an item to heal and even items take AP gated so you’re kind of like running around trying to bait very defensive if you don’t time it right or play it right.

Cole 40:53
Yeah because I mean you can play cloud super smash brothers need to that were you the more you tack the more you build up your meter and then you can do.

Will 40:55
what’s this is the limit break which they still having in this game when you use AP or you do a lot of damage you’ll build up your AP gauge and that’ll allow you to do your limit break which is like your ultimate attack.

Cole 40:56
That and summons save my life save my ass so many times.

Will 40:58
Summons as much as people hate on them I really like carbuncle with aero, that’s just another heel is so all their his abilities they’re basically one of them is barrier anyways a couple of them are heal stop his third one even increases the rate you gain ATB and then when he Despawn he heals the whole team.

Bradley 41:01
I used Barrett a lot to I use them for is the key of the really good abilities to suppress your opponent so it’s easy to point you attack especially many enter the estate your gauge to where you can hurt them and then if you get them staggered you can do extra damage done and they’re kind of stunned giving you ability to at like overpower them but they’ll have an ability to suppress so if you attack somebody and with like Barrett he just uses canon’s electron arm and he’ll just spray somebody down well they can’t really do much Wilder suppressed and gives my other guys the ability to like flank into attacks that I need them to do that which is really handy. The fighting style I did verses what Will did are very different.

Will 42:56
I follow pretty much what you do until like I got to like end of the game so you might see yourself switching things up in the next coming battles but then for hard mode, I actually had to look up tips and stuff like that so I knew what I was getting into especially out I don’t know if you’ve gotten both of them yet there if you followed thing but you’re both elementals?

Bradley 43:00
No, I don’t think so.

Will 43:00
So you just have the one?

Bradley 43:01
Yeah, I think so.

Will 43:01
Okay, so you get the first one in chapter six we have to explore that stupid place before you get to that second macro reactor where all those platforms in those big lights are.

Bradley 43:02
Yeah yeah I got okay I got one in there.

Will 43:05
Okay and then if you did all the side quests for chapter fourteen before you go over the wall if you turn around there’s a little note on the ground.

Bradley 43:06
I didn’t get that one.

Will 43:06
Mark didn’t either.

Bradley 43:07
I did all the side quests.

Will 43:08
Now if you Max out elemental and so you put on armor with fire if you’re fighting a fire boss every time he does fire damage to you you’re going to heal.

Bradley 43:10
That’s Handy.

Will 43:10
Oh yeah.

Rodney 43:11
Wills are got all their P. G. knowledge

Will 43:12
The games great like I said I’m doing it on hard mode because I want to get all the achievements I have four left. The hardest one I find I took two hours it took me two hours to get the stupid Dart achievement, I’m sure Bradley I play darts yeah %HESITATION I had to beat fricking wedges score of 8 and I beat him with 6 so I basically middle finger at the screen after.

Group 43:14

Will 43:16
And then in chapter nine, you got to this stupid squat minigame that one sucks the normal or like the easy mode is fine the amateur was kind of hard pro is pure bullshit because if you screw up once it takes a while for you to get back into like the rhythm so the pro person I think it’s Jules show always do between like forty-one and like forty-six so I beater her with like fifty-three now is pretty good and then now I have to go back into pull-ups which is even harder.

Bradley 43:18
God,  I did the pull up one too that was annoying.

Will 43:20
Did you beat her on pro?

Bradley 43:21
No, I didn’t do those too much like I did all the side quests once I got to like that level it’s like I don’t need to champion belts screw that.

Cole 43:22
Sounds like you’re just working out in the game.

Will 43:24
Pretty much, you’re literally doing pull-ups but they changed the pattern every round so you can’t get comfortable like on squats it was always triangle, circle, X, square acts square triangle and you know just kept going around in circles you can get figure it out and just fingers move around right in a circle but in pull-ups, it’s like it’ll go triangle, circle, square, X, triangles, circle, square, X so you’re kind of going like this across. so if you go too fast and you press the wrong button you fall off the bar and then you have to get back on it it takes you a while to gain rhythm.

Rodney 45:56
It’s like the Clefairy minigame from Pokemon stadium on steroids.

Will 45:56
Yes, yes it is that’s the perfect…

Cole 45:56
Guy comes in and hits you in the head with a hammer every time you get it wrong.

Rodney 47:32
So you guys obviously enjoy the game quite a bit?

Will 47:33
Like I said this is the only one of the only games I wanna get a platinum trophy for so.

Bradley 47:35
One of the cool things in it though because I’ve been playing it actually streamer friend of mine bought it for me so I could play because of this Covid that I wasn’t planning on buying it and he actually got different cut scenes at different speeds it’s a story because of how he played it versus how I played it what was interesting.

Will 48:05
Yeah you’ll get the different side quests in chapter fourteen depending on the choices you make.

Bradley 48:07
And there are different cut scenes depending on what’s going on in different looks. I won’t spoil spot but there’s a spot where cloud gets dressed up and there’s a different dress up for how you played out which is kind of kool.

Rodney 48:15
Marks wearing in a bonnet isn’t he?

Bradley 48:25
Im not saying anything.

Rodney 48:15
Okay well so Final Fantasy 7 sounds great let’s move on to the poll of the week, last week was “what was your favorite console?” and I had a couple of people answer on our discord which you guys should join at www.videogamesnow.ca and then click on the Discord logo to join our discord lots of fun little chatter on there I’m on there all the time Bradley’s on there quite a bit and we have lots of people chime in and chat up everybody in the group there so and it will post questions for the Podcast in the Discord as well you know it’s gonna chime in will read off on the air just like right nooow. Okay so do rules says “Xbox three sixty has been probably his favorite since it’s the one that I can you can really connect on to help play with friends he really loves the GameCube as well” so. You can’t, you gotta choose one do rules.

Bradley 49:18
Are you looking this up on discord I’m trying to find where you’re seeing this at?

Rodney 49:18
It’s on Discord, questions for the podcast.

Bradley 49:22
I’m looking at weekly poll.

Will 49:23
I do have to admit though the Xbox 360 revolutionized online gaming.

Rodney 49:41
100% I agree, the cube like Nintendo was like everyone will buy the Cube because everyone bought a 64, the Gamecube was good but I don’t know, it was missing something.

Bradley 49:43
You think the Gamecube was missing something?

Rodney 49:41
I think the Gamecube was missing something.

Bradley 49:55
I mean it didn’t happen online player or anything but as like a just at play yourself console i thought it was just “kiss” so good.

Will 49:43
You think the GameCube was missing something?

Rodney 49:45
I think the game he was missing something

Bradley 49:54
I mean it didn't have online play or anything but like as like a just play yourself console I thought it was like “kiss” (mwah), so good!

Rodney 49:57

Will 50:01
It's sad but I used to play the shit out of Donkey Konga.

Rodney 50:01
Oh, Yeah?

Rodney 50:02
Was that the one where you have to hit the drums?

Will 50:05

Rodney 50:08
Oh, did you fuckin slap that silly?

Will 50:11 
Oh, I slapped those drums silly every day. (Laughter)

Rodney 50:23
Nice!  We have Trigger on discord, says “ Game Cube was the best, Mario Party Four, Metal Arms, Smash Melee, Four Swords,  Star Fox, Super Monkey Ball, Animal Crossing and the Wind Waker!

Bradley 50:24
I agree with you.

Will 50:25

Bradley 50:26
Oh, Yeah!

Rodney 50:28
Mario Party Four though?

Will 50:28

Rodney 50:33
Dude, Mario Party Two was like torture!

Bradley 50:34 

Rodney 50:34

Cole 50:37
That was a family ender.

Rodney 50:42
They're all family enders, that's like the Nintendo version of monopoly, Fuck!

Bradley 50:42
You just gotta wait till the end and steal the star at the very end, So that was my strategy. You gotta steal the star.

Rodney 51:14
What pisses me off about Mario Party is the fuckin R and G for the computers is like on ten and it's like on one or two or three for you so it's like I need to, you know I need to roll the six on this one and you will never get a six you'll get a fucking two are one and the computers like “ Oh I’ll just fuckin double Lap ya” on this fucking map with my double sixes and shit!  Fuck!... Yeah, it's annoying.

Will 51:15
That was a bad game.

Rodney 51:21
Yeah, well, and some of the mini-games were just poorly designed. I actually didn't mind the newest one: Super Mario Party, it was okay.

Will 51:26
It was fun. It wasn't as competitive I found.

Rodney 51:26

Cole 51:31
Which one was it?  Was it ten?

Rodney 51:37
No, it's the one that came out for the switch.

Rodney 51:35
Which is still eighty dollars, by the way, I looked.

Bradley 51:38
Yeah, that's why we looked that up, yeah.

Rodney 51:49
It's fucking bullshit!... Okay so,  poll out this week will be the best Final Fantasy game. So I’ll put all those up on our website and I've already started a little chat here on our discord and on our Facebook page.

Will 51: 53
That one gonna get heated.

Rodney 51:22
Ignored on discord says “Played Final Fantasy seven first” when he was twelve and it got him into RPGs but it's by far the best in his opinion, second is four and then he's never played six intensively, but it makes a lot a lot of lists. So... Bradley said he loved eight. Partagas, I guess, who is this the first time he's participated in any questions for the podcast usually just stays on video game chat and just says like the most random shit. Like yeah, I think I said this before on the podcast, he said one thing one time on I think it was on the video chat, He's like “Hey guys I broke my back and I can't feel my legs” and he said that on discord and no one on our fucking discord went on discord for like a week, like no one wanted to be the next person that wrote a comment and like ignored that comment (Laughter). But I think I broke the silence I said something... I said “Oh that's not good!” and then just continued on talking about what the fuck I can or whatever. Ignore says “Love Final Fantasy eight and played it like crazy!” Oh, and you mentioned the card game is great in that one, Bradley.

Bradley 53:24
Yeah, the Final Fantasy card game was very good, very raging. Well, I’m pretty sure they actually made,  they made it for. PC.,  like you, can play it now on P.C. like there’s some mods or something for it. Because people really like the eight card game. I'm pretty sure the eight card game is more iconic than the actual final fantasy eight-game itself. (Laughter).

Rodney 53:56
That's funny...We Own The Night says, “Final Fantasy ten will be forever at their favorite.”  And then yes, so you never beat ten Bradley? What the fuck!

Bradley 54:00
Ahh, Ten and Ten Two were amazing.

Rodney 54:26
I'm actually just looking for that same question, oh okay here it is... Mr. Mellon says “Seven without a doubt is his favorite.” and Thomas Knowsworthy our latest patron says Final Fantasy X.

Cole 54:30
I feel like if we keep this up we're not gonna have anything to talk about for the next week's question of the week. 

Will 54:36
You know Final Fantasy X is Ten right?

Rodney 55:19
Yeah, I was making sure everyone's,  you know try to switch it up here. Okay so that's what everyone has to say but we’ll put a poll on our website: Which Final Fantasy is your favorite? Let us know, go to videogamesnow.ca I almost said dot com! When the fuck has it ever been dot com, Rodney.  Fuck sakes!... All right so this week's top ten is Final Fantasy games so we'll see where these all rank from number ten. Okay, so number ten is final fantasy five… Nothing to say about that I guess?

Cole 55:16
Wait!  What are you doing right now?

Rodney 55:35
Top ten Final Fantasy games. What about Final Fantasy five?  Looks very “SNESy”. Was Final Fantasy on the SNES or NES  and all that? Or?

Bradley 55:42
Yes,  four five and six were just very confusing because of Japan releases versus US releases.

Rodney 55:46
Oh, Okay, got it!  Number nine is Final Fantasy seven remake.

Bradely 55:50
But I'm surprised! Well, I guess it's not many people played yet. I could see that climbing out. 

Will 55:53
Yes, a lot of people are gonna be mad with the ending. That's what I said I'll just wait, yeah.

Bradley 56:03
Well, you said it is more parts coming out right? What? Is it not the actual ending? Is it gonna…

Will 56:06
They're changing things that's all.

Rodney 56:13
Interesting!... Number eight is a final fantasy fourteen.

Cole 56:16
A Realm Reborn?  The graphics look good for that.

Bradley 56:32
That's the online one, isn’t it?

Will 56:33
Yeah, the MMO. I played it on PS three I never got it again for PS four. It was pretty good and then it just got stale, but I heard that they've added so much to the game right now it's one of the best out there.

Rodney 56:34
Uhh, The next one, number seven: Final Fantasy seven.

Cole 56:35
The way the old graphics look on that.

Rodney 56:45
I was just... I was just gonna comment on that,  It looks like a really shitty plasticine doll that some fucking grade three year made. 

Will 56:47
What? On Final Fantasy Seven? Yeah.

Bradley 56:50
Yeah, I love the legs. Just how jacked look at those...uhh... thighs.  (Laughter)

Will 57:00
I just bought the original off of the PlayStation store so I can play through that again.

Rodney 57:03
Nice! Well, it's only gonna take you...

Cole 57:05
You can tell us which ones better.

Rodney 57:05

Will 57:07
I got it on the switch too. I was planning on doing that.

Rodney 57:14
I triple dog d dare you to get Mark to try to play Final Fantasy Seven on the PS One.

Will 57:16
He was the one that forced me to buy it.

Rodney 57:18
Oh, Really!?

Will 57:23
Yeah,  He's like... He's like let's play through the original. And I’m like...Ahh fuck.

Rodney 57:28
Every time Mark bitches about the graphics he loses a protein shake for the day. (laughter)

Cole 57:31
Aww man,  He's gonna be withered down to nothing after that.

Will 57:34
Well, he’s not going to the gym anymore...so..

Rodney 57:42
Yeah, I know I made him... when I moved I brought him out and he fuckin worked hard. I worked him and I worked him to death and he goes “Aww bro I got to leave at noon...” I'm like oh okay... 

Will 57:51
Then he said he had to build... His other friend bought this huge playground for their backyard so he had to help build that. 

Rodney 57:53

Cole 57:54
I want a playground in my backyard.

Rodney 57:59
I have a swing set in my backyard and it’s pretty dope...it’s dope-u-lar. Ahh...number six Final Fantasy Four for SNESy,  I guess.

Cole 58:14
I like how the image they use here. That's the image used here like that’s the image to capture Final Fantasy Four it’s like a town with two blue guys and two red guys and some pots. 

Rodney 58:25
Uhh, yes. Number five is Final Fantasy Nine. That's huge, that's a huge graphical improvement from seven. Jeez was that out on PS 2?

Cole 58:42
Yes and the PS 2 looks like it's going back to the old school,  like Final Fantasy Two and Three with that the dark knight or like that black magician and the red magician and that…

Will 58:44
Ahh, V V  was a throwback to those, yes!

Cole 58:51
I love... that's the one that I played the most Final Fantasy Two. That with two and three were my jam.

Rodney 58:55
Nice!  Number four is Final Fantasy twelve. That looks like a mobile game.

Cole 58:59
It looks like a downgrade from the final fantasy seven graphics.

Rodney 59:11
Visiting Final Fantasy twelve via the HD remaster for PS four, Xbox One, and Switch revealed that they understated truth about the 2006 PS 2 classic. It's a modern masterpiece apparently. 

Will 59:16
Final Fantasy twelve... If it’s the one I’m thinking of...I rage quit that one!

Rodney 59:18

Will 59:19
Was that the one with lightning? Or was thirteen lightning?

Bradley 59:56
Thirteen was the one with lightning. This is the one,  it's like almost medieval stylish and I beat the first act which took me forever and it was serious, it was almost like grimey. Like it was like four bosses in a row in the first act and I'm like sweet I got through it. Finally! Go buck wild in the second act and get slaughtered by the first thing I see. Apparently  I did not grind up enough and I got stuck like I couldn't kill anything like I couldn’t advance the story. 

Rodney 59:59
That sounds like the fuckin chronicles ax was bitching about.

Will 1:00:06
Yeah, it’s coming back, isn’t it?  Remastered? Yeah... for the Switch?

Rodney 1:00:10
Yeah, Cole and I were bitchin’ about that a couple of podcasts ago. 

Will 1:00:14
Wonder if I should give that another shot? I never… I never beat the game, I quit halfway through. 

Rodney 1:00:35
Oh, well I didn’t even get halfway through. I got to like the next main story arc where you go to the next area and I was fuckin stuck in a well of grinding and I’m like oh this is fucking, not fun!  Number three is Final Fantasy ten.  Number two is Final Fantasy eight.

Bradley 1:00:46
I'm surprised at that. That is that high, but I know a lot of people I talk to are all like Final Fantasy seven is better than eight.  It was a really good story. I liked it!

Rodney 1:00:55
Well, I think in this article he mentions that he thinks eight is underrated because it wasn't as good as seven.

Cole 1:00:58
Yeah, I  think it was overshadowed by seven.

Rodney 1:01:05
Yeah, Number one is Final Fantasy Six…

Cole 1:01:06
Uhh, I never played.

Bradley 1:01:10
I like the look of it. I feel like that's the style of final fantasy I like.

Rodney 1:02:07
I feel like this is the one I played. Maybe it wasn’t three maybe it was this one. This is uhh... What is this on?  Final Fantasy six would've been on the NES right? Yeah, You said that four, five, and six was on the NES... SNES..No...sorry. What was the last sixteen-bit mainline entry? The PlayStation...it carried over to the Playstation,  yeah I see. I think it's on the SNES.  If I'm wrong I quit! Alright, so that’s our top ten of the week here. Alright,  so that's pretty much it for the podcast this week. So again thanks for joining us and Will is gonna fact checks for us here.

Will 1:02:09
Sure Final Fantasy Six was SNES, Yep!  and Gameboy advance again 2006.

Rodney 1:02:44
Nice! Anyways,  okay guys thanks a lot for listening to the Video Games Now Podcast! Let us know what you guys think on our website: videogamesnow.ca or on our Facebook or what is this the discord page?  All the links on our website. So... Will, thanks for coming back. I hope you'll be back next week…

Will 1:02:45
I should.

Rodney 1:03:07
Cool!  Uhh, Cole you been on the last like five or six or seven so... Bradley thanks for joining us and Bradley’s gonna be streaming right now,  well in a half an hour...so. Check out uh  Gamer Temple,  he's on Facebook as well, he's on our Facebook page. So you guys can click on his Gamer Temple thing on our Facebook page. 

Bradley 1:03:06
I appreciate that!

Rodney 1:03:15
What are you at? I know there are like 700 likes and several followers.

Bradley 1:03:18
I think I am at 715 now!

Cole 1:03:21
You just stream on Facebook, Right?

Bradley 1:03:28
Yeah, I just stream on Facebook.  I'm slowly working on content outside of Facebook but very time-consuming.

Rodney 1:03:32
I might get myself a pair of GamerTempo socks.

Bradley 1:03:33
Oh, you like those?

Rodney 1:03:34
They’re sexy.

Bradley 1:03:41
I got my loops finally and I got a sponsorship with Empire Jerky.

Cole 1:03:44
You just sit around and eat their jerky all the time?

Bradley 1:03:45
No! The only reason I don’t is.. it’s like really good jerky and I really enjoy it but: One because the COVID and two because it was really expensive to get across the border because it's a U.S. company that I'm partnered with, so for my U. S. viewers it kind of works for them, but it took a good chunk of my wallet at the border because Trump! I blame Trump! With the tariffs. 

Cole 1:04:27
Uh Oh, They're all listening right now they're like Oh man this GamerTempo guy!

Rodney 1:04:30
Anyways, that’s the end of the episode!  Thanks a lot we'll see you guys next week. Bye-Bye.

Will, Cole, Bradley 1:04:31
Bye, Bye, Bye
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