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Episode #110

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Rodney 0:08
Hello, everybody, welcome to another episode of the video games now podcast. It’s Rodney, and I’m joined by Cole. Hello. And today we’re gonna talk about, We’re gonna talk about Final Fantasy seven. However, the guy who’s played the most of Final Fantasy seven, aka Wilhelm is not here because he’s not well, again Cool.

Cole 0:31
Mark has also played a lot of Final Fantasy, but he’s also not here.

Rodney 0:34
Well, he’s also banned from the podcast via the listeners of the podcast.

Cole 0:38
Oh, yeah, forgot about that.

Rodney 0:40
Yeah. So no more Mark and I don’t know what’s going on. We will. So we’ll try to get will on but if not, we’ll ask Bradley. I’m sure he’s listening to come on to the show next week and talk about Final fantasy 7. But also, we’re going to talk about the Xbox series x is pushing hard for all-access subscription for that. The Xbox or for the series x. So that’s good. We’ll talk about that and PlayStation unveiled their dual sense controller. We’ll also talk about that. That’s all coming up right now.

Alright guys, welcome to the show. We’re gonna talk about the gaming word of the week, this week which is brought to you by me and it exploits you know, that is cole.

Cole 1:34
Is that when you exploit a break in the game? Yeah, yeah. Nailed it is it’s I’ve been watching a video game creators react to speed runs is you had a really interesting series in IGN. It’s like they literally get like the lead designers in the character design to sit down and watch some of the world’s best speedrunners. Yep. And just can’t get to hear the creators. Like they talked about how they made the game and How they if they like what the speed learner is doing if it’s legit or if they’re exploiting parts of the game, so I lucked out with that with watching something that’s using exploit lately

Rodney 2:09
nice I watched the world record speed run for Breath of the Wild it’s fucking gross.

Cole 2:15
How long is it

Rodney 2:16
27 minutes?

Cole 2:17
Holy crap

Rodney 2:18
He literally made Okay, so he had to get the bombs like he had to get all four orbs so you can get the paraglider. Oh, he ended a big time bounce too, which is when you jump off a ledge of some sort and onto your shield. And you’re about to land on an enemy and then you’ll go into bullet time so you’ll hold down the right trigger. No, no, not not this not you don’t use status. You just you hold down the right trigger, so you can use your bow and then it slows time down. Oh, yeah, yeah. And when you do that, it changes the physics and the game. So you’ll land on the boat Goblin or whatever you’re landing on and it’ll fucking launch. You like super fucking quick? And he uses that to get all the way to Hyrule Castle in like 30 seconds. So yeah, he does that. And then if you haven’t defeated any of the Divine beasts, you have to fight those bosses in Hyrule Castle before you can even fight Ganon hmm so but he made all four of those bosses look like they weren’t even a fucking challenge like

Cole 3:24
look like chumps.

Rodney 3:26
Like they talked about how links the legendary hero but like this link was fucking unreal

Cole 3:32
like is the legendary hero.

Rodney 3:35
like he’s, oh my god he had three hearts and he took out all four bosses in less than a minute I’m like Holy fucking shit the first boss Well, he shot an arrow at a specific spot and then the cutscene started and as the cutscene was playing the arrow was directly in the eye of the fucking boss so he was taking double damage consistently until the cutscene ended and he just fucking dropped dead and died

Cole 3:59
like this Some people who are like, just so good, but it takes practice, you know, it’s not like

Rodney 4:06
I was gonna say clearly this guy’s played nothing but Breath of the Wild since it was released

Cole 4:11
or he’s just an Onatural. possibly.

Rodney 4:13
possibly anyways exploit is when you find a glitch in the game in a game engine and then maybe use that glitch in order to further your own ends. An example would be you found a bug that made you able to fall underground in fps. And instead of reporting it you purposely exploit the underground bug to get free kills and wins.

Cole 4:28
I might have done that once on call of duty in season one on the I came up with the map is called because I’m terrible with names. It’s the one where it’s like the city, the desert city.

Rodney 4:45
Oh, yeah, I can’t remember what’s called either but yeah, I hate that level.

Cole 4:49
I was climbing down the ladder. There’s like a little ladder to get to the roof. And I crawled down the ladder and I just went right underground as I was crawling and I couldn’t get back up. And I was like, oh, something My head must be sticking up for something I’m gonna die. And then it wasn’t at all. So the whole game I just sat underground at the bottom of the ladder.

Rodney 5:06
Nice. Um, and then people watch the kill. Oh, you’re playing on hardcore, so there’s no killcam

Cole 5:12
Yeah, no killcam just sitting at the bottom of the ladder, like underground. I mean, I couldn’t really see anybody too well, but if somebody came up that ladder, I can shoot them so I got like four kills or something. And that’s it, but I just couldn’t get out like I was completely stuck. So I was like, I’ll just shoot people going on this ladder, which is not a heavy use, and then I felt justified.

Rodney 5:31
I can hear all the 12 year old kids Now,

Rodney 5:33
fucking hacker. Come on.

Cole 5:35
It only happened whites never happened again. And that happened. Like when the game first came out. Yeah, like the first two weeks.

Rodney 5:42
Anyways, so yeah, I’ve actually been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild. I’ve been very playing the whole game. And then

Cole 5:49
your second playthrough or third playthought?

Rodney 5:50
my second playthrough I don’t. What I’ve forgotten is how, where all the shrines are and how to complete all the shrine. So that’s like pretty much fresh every time I play the shrine. Or I’ll remember it. Like there was one shrine I was stuck on forever. And it was like the dumbest thing. You had to use your paraglider to like glide up gales of wind. And then

Cole 6:10
I remember that one.

Rodney 6:11
Yeah. And then you get to a point where it’s just like this tower. And it just isn’t obvious. Or what’s the word instinctual for you to fly around to the backside of this tower and find a fucking hole there.

Cole 6:27
So to keep you on your toes,

Rodney 6:28
yeah, so when I first played that dungeon on my first playthrough, I’m like this. I don’t know. I don’t know what to fucking do. So I just left and came back later and tried to figure it out. And then I got will to look it up for me. When we’re standing in line for Pax. He’s like, yeah, you need to fly around to the backside. I’m like, fuck sakes. I just felt so dumb. And I’m like, Yeah,

Cole 6:51
That’s all I had to do. It’s good. Those keep they keep you on your toes. You know, the, the shrines. They’re really I think they’re fun. Yeah, mini games. No, not mini games. challenges. I can meet mini challenges, mini challenges.

Rodney 7:04
Some of them are just downright annoying though.

Cole 7:06
Like, the ones where you have to use your gamepad is like, fuck those. We have to turn the map in order to roll the balls to places. Yeah, those frustrated me.

Rodney 7:18
Yeah, those are annoying. I cheat I glitch the game twice in my playthrough once too. So, you know the blue fire puzzles or lantern things that you got to land? Yes, those are fucking dumb and I hate it. So I did a item storage glitch. So you’ll set down a square bomb on the ground. And then you’ll take out a torch and you’ll have a shield equipped and then you’ll put the torch away but while links during the animation for putting the torch away, you’ll unequip your shield and then push a to pick up the bomb and then he’s holding the bomb but underneath the bomb is the torch sticking out. So you just have to like very neatly light the torch Then throw the bomb boy and then yeah you got to lit torch that you don’t have to manage anymore because it’s it’s not technically not equipped but it’s equipped so you can like climb and do all this shit with the torch and it’ll never go out so you just run to the thing and light the fucking kettle thing.

Cole 8:16
Did you do that recently or did you get a while ago?

Rodney 8:19
No I did a recently

Cole 8:20
Okay, I was gonna say Do they fix that like can you still are you still able to do that?

Rodney 8:24
yet? I just did it yesterday actually.

Cole 8:28
Oh there you go okay cool see a lot

Rodney 8:31
and the other glitch I did in the game was I got the Master Sword early. So

Cole 8:38
that’s a big glitch.

Rodney 8:39
That’s a pretty big glitch.

Cole 8:40
That’s like half the game is just trying to get the hearts get the Master Sword

Rodney 8:43
or well I wanted to max out my stamina meter before I went for heart so I literally just did that yesterday have 3 full stamina wheels now. And so now I have five hearts and full stamina. But yeah, the master story glitch is not that hard. Actually. You need to so Haneta to village where your houses and where this where you can dye your clothes and shit like that town. Yeah, so that shrine that’s in that town that plays a key role in this. You have to save near the Master Sword on top of a horse like a hard save. And then you have to go to that shrine. How do I explain this glitch? It’s there’s a camera glitch where you can open your camera and crouch at the same time and then you can move while you’re crouched while you’re in the camera, and then you walk up to the it’s one of those puzzles that you were just talking about the ones the ones you hate. Oh, yeah, yeah. So you go down to the apparatus or whatever, while you’re in this crouch camera state, and then take a picture of the apparatus console. And and then it’ll show you your picture and you have to delete the picture. And then the game will also have activated the apparatus at the same time. So you’re basically Just like trying to store that apparatus in the games memory, and then you have to load your save file. Okay, yeah, yeah, you lose a file with link on top of the horse, it’ll load that. And as soon as that game loads, like as soon as you’re able, you have to open the map, and then load the great plateau. So you, you warp to the great plateau. Or so the game thinks you are, the game will load the great plateau. But it’ll also load the coordinates of the horse and that’s where you will start. So you’re in the you’re in the What do you call it? The Lost Woods? Yeah, and but the game’s loaded the great plateau so you literally just run up and grab the Master Sword before all the triggers load in.

Cole 10:16
That sounds extremely complicated.

Rodney 10:53
Yeah, it is. But it’s rewarding because now I have the Master Sword and I didn’t need to get 13 hearts for it.

Cole 11:00
Every time like I try to do, I mean, I don’t really try to do too much like, but every time I’ve tried to do glitches, I always mess it up. I never, I’m never able to pull it off so

Rodney 11:11
well, this one was pretty easy, actually. So

Cole 11:14
it sounds like it.

Rodney 11:17
But the downside to this is so there’s the DLC in the game where you can get you can do the trials. Yep, with a Master Sword. So the game once the area loaded, the game still thinks the Master Sword is in the pedestal. So I’ll walk up to it. It’s not there, but it’ll say pull out or pull up when I get there. But it’s in my inventory. So I have to still get 13 hearts before I can do the trials.

Cole 11:42
Oh, interesting.

Rodney 11:44
Yeah, so all right. Let’s move on to actual things now. So let’s talk about the Xbox series x. All access subscription. So Xboss Phil Spencer is talking about how they’re going to manage the price. of the series x, which is a lot of a concern for a lot of people. He mentions in this article that what hurt the Xbox One X or the sorry the Xbox One was that it was $100 more than the ps4 so Microsoft’s going to push it smartphone style all access subscription program for the Xbox series x launch later this year. Speaking to IGN Spencer said Microsoft is going to go big with the Xbox all access for the for the launch of the Xbox series x later this year. In fact, Spencer use the plural saying Microsoft, Microsoft will go big with Xbox all access at the launch of the consoles, he might just might have just simply misspoken or might have been referring to Microsoft’s previously discussed plans to launch more than one generation console this year. In addition to the Xbox series x, Microsoft reportedly is reportedly working to look on lowering the cost of the next-gen Xbox consoles under the codename Lockhart. The series x name designates the bottlenecks name of the next-gen Xbox which leaves room for Microsoft to release more Orange generation consoles beyond the one we know about?

Well, they had Scarlet and then they had Anaconda as code names so they could be releasing those simultaneously.

Cole 13:15
Interesting, That means like they can be releasing different versions of it or different causes entirely.

Rodney 13:17
No, it’ll be like the Xbox One and the Xbox One S or, you know, variations like that.

Cole 13:28
And they would still have the power to run new Gen games. Oh, yeah.

Rodney 13:35
Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah. In the US, the Xbox Access Program charges you 24 bucks a month for an Xbox series x or 23 a month for the Xbox One S. Or $20 a month for the Xbox One S all digital edition. You may get off the off, you may pay off the console over a period of 24 months. That’s pretty good.

Cole 13:55
Yeah, it’s like buying a car

Rodney 13:59
well gotta teach these kids some financial…

Cole 14:02
I know, right? They don’t teach you how to do financial planning in school, but they’ll teach you how to do it, or Xbox will teach you how to do it.

Rodney 14:08
Yeah. A trillion dollar companies teaching how to be a better financial Jesus.

Cole 14:14
But it’s funny because it’s like, that’s the thing they don’t teach you in school. They don’t teach you how to like, you know, live your live in adult life, like how to do banking or how to buy a house and stuff which they should do. Yeah, we’ll just have to learn how to do it from Xbox series x. Thanks, Microsoft. Thanks bill gates

Rodney 14:35
Alright in the IGN interview Spencer set up prices critical factor in the Xbox series x. He said the original Xbox One struggled to launch because it was $100 more than the expense more expensive than the ps4 and Xbox all access subscription program will help lessen the single impact of a purchase. And also in the interview. Spencer briefly discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the gaming industry. He said the gaming Said gaming unlike any other industry is able to survive the global marketing. validity. Yeah, that’s I think it’s the right word. Spencer pointed out the games gaming staying afloat in 2008 during the financial crisis as well. And it would be remiss if you did not talk about the economic realities that could be here in the fall. So it’s not all doom and gloom he does say that we are possibly it should be on track to be released near the end of the year in terms of the consoles and Halo infinite Hmm, so that’s good.

Cole 15:32
I think the thing that would affect it is the parks right because there’s so many like this switch is being affected because they can’t make the parts fast enough in China. I don’t know about PS five, but I wonder how they’re these Xbox all made in in the States. It can’t be

Rodney 15:46
No, no, it’s it’s in China as well. But he says in this article that since China’s kind of getting up and running again, they said that they feel that they’re on track to release everything on time. Let’s just hope

Cole 15:59
that China’s up and running properly. You know, I’m afraid that they’re just trying to cover it up again.

Rodney 16:04
Yeah, yeah, but hopefully not. Yeah, hopefully not. Not that I care about any of this Xbox stuff because I’m not buying an Xbox this time.

Cole 16:15
Sorry, Microsoft. Thanks for saving us and teaching us how to do finance. But

Rodney 16:20
yeah, we haven’t done any quick maths in a while on this podcast.

Cole 16:24
Oh, quick maths Big Poppa pump maths.

Rodney 16:26
Yeah. Okay, so yeah, that’s that little story here. Let’s talk about the ps4 controller.

Cole 16:36
Yeah, look at this thing. It looks like a spaceship.

Rodney 16:40
Lots of people have actually made concept art for what the PS five could look like with this design. But one person made it look similar to the Xbox series x and that person needs to be punched.

Cole 16:54
Just a big tower.

I really like the idea. Don’t know how much PlayStation did it but the Xbox? How much you could customize your controller. I’ve seen some pictures of like people customizing the PS five controller and being cool if you could if you can do the same thing because on the Xbox website you can go on there and you can design your own controller and then have them send it to you. Did you see that? Nope. Xbox

Rodney 17:25
controller? Oh actually no, I do know what you’re talking about.

Cole 17:28
You can go in there and you can like literally piece together a controller the way you want it.

Cole 17:33
Like you can pick the own colors and your own however you want to design it and then they’ll

Rodney 17:39
Well I did that with my controller the evil controller.

Cole 17:43
No, yeah, did you

Rodney 17:44
Yeah. So you just as well you choose the plate you want on it and how you want if you want hairpin triggers if you want your right thumbstick raise your left thumbstick raised etc. So I did all that.

Cole 17:57
My my Xbox controller broke my rights. Trigger doesn’t click anymore. It’s stuck. Sometimes we’ll be playing COD like my trigger will just stop working, thats always fun. That’s annoying, but I’m trying to look it up here. Here pin triggers controllers and remotes. It might be time for a new controller, but yeah, I like the I like to design but I wonder like it. It doesn’t look comfortable. You know, like, it looks very boxy.

Rodney 18:28

Cole 18:31
The I mean, the Xbox controllers are boxy, but this looks like for the ps4 controllers. They were like a little bit smaller. They were easy to handle, but it seems like the handles are very wide. And the D pad looks like it’s almost it doesn’t look like it’s sticking out. Like if you look at the D pad it looks like it’s sort of all the buttons they look like they’re like almost flat on it, or is it just kind of Oh, it’s got a plastic covering. That’s why it’s seeing from a low angle. straight on. It looks like none of the buttons are sticking out. It looks like it’s like right in Do the controller.

Rodney 19:01
Interesting, All right.

Cole 19:03
We’ll see cuz I mean that’s like the big that’s one of the big battles between the Xbox players and PlayStation players is the controller.

Rodney 19:17
Okay, so M bridges is in the Live podcast Hello M bridges.

M Bridges 19:21
Good evening.

Rodney 19:23
Good evening. So, okay, we’re still talking about the PlayStation five. So in a blog post that came seemingly out of nowhere, Sony finally revealed the new dual sense ps4 controller it marked a radical departure from the DualShock 4. But the redesign of the pad, the redesign pad will share one car one thing in common with its predecessor, it will continue to ignore almost all its unique features. Yeah, this is from Tech radar. So it’s a shame that the dual senses stuff full of exciting potential game changing technology. Sony wants to tingle your fingertips and massage your palms in a variety of interesting ways using haptic feedback and adaptive triggers and I’m all for it. We’ve seen the tech used effectively in VR controllers, but if you’re new to haptic feedback, it basically means you’ll feel more of what you’re seeing on screen. The slugginess as you drive a car through the mind of the intention of pulling back a bowstring as you shoot an arrow for example. Cool. So that’s like the HD rumble for from Nintendo.

Cole 20:22
Yeah, that’s gonna be awesome. Sorry, I’m just got so many tabs open trying to get back to PlayStation. Yeah, that’s the other thing too is like how they can make a controller like what’s the word? 40? Yep, you know, like he can just like you can have every sense being affected by it. Because I think that’s huge. You know, like when you’re playing a game and you want to feel immersed. I think your controller is a big a big part of that. Yeah, totally. One thing that I hope like, one thing that drove me crazy is when I used to play Sea of Thieves like late at night on my Xbox, the menu button on the Xbox controller was so bright. Just they’ve got the white button right in the middle of controller and there’s no way to turn down the volume, or turn down the brightness. Yep. And all the lights would be off and it would just be I had to literally put a piece of tape over the middle of the controller because it was just so bright. Like I hope they have you wouldn’t think about that, but I hope they have a function to turn down the brightness on your on your controller. Yeah, like little things like that, that kind of take you out of the experience.

Rodney 21:28 
kind of take you out of the experience. There’s one shade of blue light that like I can’t look at and focus on like it’s just out of focus like it for all eternity. Really? Oh, yeah. Sometimes like concerts when they have that same that same blue light, I’m just like, Fuck, I can’t even see the concert now.

Cole 21:48
Get put in that one spot at the concert where the light just passes in front of you and just blinds you for a few seconds every

Rodney 21:53
Yeah, when I went to Billy talent couple years ago, and whoever the light technician was for that show should be fucking fired. They put eight like fuckin 8k floodlights directly behind the band and they just were blasting those the whole show so you could see the band at all.

Cole 22:12
You probably know them because it’s all the film guys who go to the concert when they come here. Oh no they Oh yeah, definitely like I’m always be talking to guys who work in the electric department who were like, Oh yeah, I did the lighting for this concert and I was working on whatever for this concert. So you probably knew whoever it was.

Rodney 22:33
Well good, punch them knock them out. Yeah, putting floodlights behind like panel floodlights. Like they were fucking super powerful while on their own. And he had eight of them behind the band that were just going off good. Crazy. So you can see the band and all this super annoying. Like you go to concerts to watch the band play your songs you like right? Yeah. Because I mean, I can get in my car at any time and listen to the band. But I want to hear a live I want to hear them live and I want to see them play the Songs

Cole 23:01
is Billy talent good live oh yeah they’re amazing live ? who, was I thought it was really talented or who wasn’t very good live could be wrong.

Rodney 23:12
like any new pop artist it’s probably not good live because they have a lot of digital effects in their in their songs

Cole 23:19
yeah I mean they’ve the that’s technology that’s come a long way the microphone technology like you can just have auto tune right into your microphone.

Rodney 23:28
Yep. Fucking T pain and all them fuckers

Cole 23:33
T pain is old man. Yeah. But yeah, no he

Rodney 23:37
Yeah. Anyways okay so we’re still on the DualShock controller. Let’s take a look at the DualShock four as our primary suspect. It’s got a lovely light bar which can change color to reflect what’s happening in the game such as flashing white if you’re using a torch or turning red if your health is low. How many games use it this way though? barely any? Yep. Yeah, I don’t have a PlayStation. So

Cole 24:00
They did that in the you’re talking about the

Rodney 24:03
ps4 controller, right? Yes.

Cole 24:05
Yeah, yeah that they did. It’s very interactive like everything that’s going on and always changes color. It’s like I in God award did that every time something was going on the PS five controller or the ps4 controllers be like a bright show

Rodney 24:20
I feel like those would be more used with the exclusive games for PS

Cole 24:26
Oh yeah, but I mean, I feel like game designers they like to get immersed in what they’re doing so I’m sure that they would also do it for games that aren’t exclusively for PS just for fun. Yeah.

Rodney 24:40
Okay, we saw Killzone Shadowfall a PS4 launch title, use the touch bar in some interesting ways. It’s an emphasis as an infamous second son. But how many other games can you name that transform the experience in meaningful ways using this feature? Probably no one Well, it’s not really a meaningful feature, Tech Radar.

Cole 25:00
controller colors no that would just be the colors

Rodney 25:04
Yeah. What about the ps4 accelerometer, and a feature that’s been around since the 6-axis controller which launched with the ps3 When did you last play video game that uses the accelerometer for something other than silly gimmick?

Cole 25:23
I think never

Rodney 25:26
yeah never but hold on because of but because of these features were rather super fluctuates. I mean come on to the flashlight you can’t even see most of the time so who cares members of the court I’m in May I present you with exhibit v HD rumble on Nintendo Switch. Yes. I was just talking about the yes of cramming quirky technology down gamers throats Nintendo has always tried to introduce some bizarre new input system into their console with a Nintendo Switch is no different. We’re we were promised the sensation of feeling ice cubes in a controller because of course we were despite the technology genuinely wallowing in games. Want to switch? It’s basically been ignored by even Nintendo themselves. It hasn’t come too close to reaching the potential we were promised. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But maybe it’s so surreal that we don’t notice it.

Cole 26:13
Yeah, it just feels like you’re living your life. Yeah. How do you make your controller make it feel like you’re sitting on a couch at home playing Mario?

Rodney 26:19
Totally. Okay, so one feature fits all. Why does this worrying trend consistently happen to be told it all comes down to time and money? Video games are extremely expensive to make and require a lot of resources to do so. There’s no monetary benefit to developers spending extra time to code in for features that are specific for one console. Occasionally, it can happen but it’s an anomaly. Yeah,

Cole 26:43
yeah. If you’re trying to rush your game out, I doubt you’d be like, Alright, put the icecube feature in the controller before we go.

Rodney 26:49
Yeah. All right. Well, so that’s the news so far. Let’s move on to the poll of the week. So last week’s poll was which Mario game are you most excited for? Cuz we talked about that in the last podcast, didn’t we Cole?

Cole 27:01
We did.

Rodney 27:04
And so one person said new paper Mario Switch, which they’re super excited for. One other person is most excited for the remake of Super Mario 64 and two other people says Super Mario Sunshine. And I’m kind of on that boat honestly.

Cole 27:19
Oh, yeah, I sunshine is like I don’t know what it is. But I mean, I know what it is but sunshine but some of sunshine that just sticks out. It’s just so amazing.

Rodney 27:31
Well, I mean, how many games are out there that maybe get remade that haven’t been remade yet? Like we have fucking 12 fuckin resonant evils.

Cole 27:39
Right and all the Final Fantasies and just remake some Mario? Yeah, I remember when I was in university. I had my alarm for waking up in the morning is Delfino Plaza, the song Delfino Plaza? Oh, yeah. And I’m like, I when I had it as my, my alarm like you know, when you have a song as your alarm, you get so sick of it. Just like you just hate it. Yeah, I still don’t hate Delphia Plaza. I think it’s an amazing song. After having it as an alarm, I still love it. Cool.

Rodney 28:08
Yeah. What did I have? For my alarm? camera? I don’t think I’ve ever had any song isn’t my alarm. No. Are you off? I didn’t have the fucking Mayday alarm clock sound it was always something nice. So I woke up with some nice,

Cole 28:27
like birds chirping and yeah, flowers blooming.

Rodney 28:30
Yeah. Okay, so let’s Excuse me. So let’s move on to the new poll of this week, which is I had here one sec. There it is. So what is your favorite console and why? Hmm, that was the question we asked all the people on our Facebook page and discord. So we’ll just put it up what is your favorite console on our website? So go to our videogamesnow.ca to vote. It’s on the podcast page. And yeah, you can while you’re there, you can check out all our YouTube videos and grab a link to our social media pages.

Cole 29:08
That’s a good question. What’s your favorite console? And why?

Rodney 29:16
That’s a hard one, man. That’s Yeah,

Cole 29:18
that is a hard one. I there’s so many reasons why it could be different things because I was like, there’s the N64, which is what I started with. So that holds a special place in my heart. Yeah. And then there’s the Xbox 360 which is what I got one like, I was like, really into like, I don’t even know, when I got my first job. Working like consistently, the first thing I did with my first paycheck was go out and buy an Xbox 360 like I literally like received my first paycheck. And with that paycheck, went straight to the good old electronics store and was like, give me that Xbox 360 and then I got Resident Evil 5 and that was ripping up on Resident Evil 5 and Gears of War 2. So that also holds a special place in my heart.

Rodney 30:08
Yeah, I always wanted an Xbox, so I never got one. But I bought an Xbox 360

Cole 30:14
Yeah, I was the Xbox 360 was already out for a little bit when I was able to get one for myself because my parents would buy all mine because my parents got me a N64 and a Gamecube. And then a Wii and I was like, I’m getting the Xbox.

Rodney 30:33
Yeah. I bought mine from a friend he has red ring of death. Yeah, and he got he sent it back to get a fix but he didn’t want to wait anymore. So just went out bought new Xbox, and then he got his refurbished Xbox back and then he sold it to me for 180 bucks and ironically I never ever had a problem with it.

Cole 30:52
Nice. So I by Resident Evil five, Xbox red ring of death and I tried get it fixed and they couldn’t fix it so I got the slim or the was the

Rodney 31:06
i think the slim Yeah,

Cole 31:07
I think it was a slim two whichever one they were like all this will never red ring this they’re like this Xbox won’t red ring and I’m like I’d rather get a non-fancy Xbox that has a red ring then get an exclusive that is just going to crap out on me.

Rodney 31:19
Yeah, totally lost your faith in the brand.

Cole 31:24
But I have my Xbox One is the Gears of War for Xbox One. So every time I turn it on, it’s a locus screaming so I don’t have the regular like, Xbox sound, but it’s just like,

Rodney 31:35
Awesome. Yeah, um, God, he had such a hard question. The 64 is definitely up there. The 64 is what I’ve logged the most time on for sure.

Cole 31:46
Really? Oh, yeah.

Rodney 31:48
I got that thing in 98. And I didn’t get a cube. So I played 64 all the way until the Wii came out. So it’s like, what, seven years? Nice. Yeah.

Cole 31:58
Well, you were playing some darn good game. Do you still have your in 64?

Rodney 32:01
I do I just put it in the garage yesterday.

Cole 32:04
What when I was helping you move I should have taken a look at your again 64 collection i want to see what games you have, you must have them all?

Rodney 32:12
No I don’t have them all.

Cole 32:14
What was your most plate in 64?

Rodney 32:14
Probably Pokemon puzzles.

Cole 32:15
Really Pokemon puzzling. Yeah damn.

Rodney 32:20
Yeah, and then I’m we’ve told this, this story on the podcast before and then we went to PAX one year and had a Pokemon puzzle league tournament. I’m like, buddy, I’ve been training for this my whole life. And I got fucking destroyed.

Cole 32:33
That’s what it is, man. No matter how good you are. There’s somebody out there who’s just like an absolute monster.

Rodney 32:39
Yeah. Like I play super hard for fun. That’s all good. I was. So there’s easy be easy. normal hard, very hard, super hard, and super hard. Like the computers you can even see the cursor they were moving so fast. And I play that for fun.

Cole 32:55
It’s for puzzle league Oh, yeah, sorry. I just I had to look up puzzle league. I used to rent this What? One thing that kids won’t know these days, we used to go to Video station and rent in N64 games like that was like a big part of my, my week or my weekend was going to the video station and renting a game and I used to rent this game all the time.

Rodney 33:19
Yeah, it was good chip.

Cole 33:22
I suck at it because I was a kid and puzzles and kids kind of don’t go together at least me dumb kids and puzzles don’t go together.

Rodney 33:30
There was a mode on that in that game where you had to complete a puzzle in a certain a set amount of moves. And that was the only game my mom ever played was that mode. So But yeah, I basically 100% completed the game. That was quite a long game, to be honest. Yeah, yeah. So many different modes you had to beat and then you had to unlock all the key special characters and yeah,

Cole 33:57
leave it to Pokemon customize the hell anything you know. Yeah,

Rodney 34:00
Yeah but the best Yeah, I might have scored 64 like the switch is really really good but I have not nearly logged as much hours on the Switch as I have on 64.

Cole 34:08
The one thing that would make the switch the best controllers if they are the best console is if they released Pokemon Snap for the switch. Yeah, Yeah, that’d be it. Yeah, I’m breaking.

Rodney 34:22
Huh? Yeah, so I’m gonna go to 64 just for the sheer innovative while the controller wasn’t really innovative, it was kind of cancerous. Have you held a 64 controller in the last little bit? Only controller to really make

Cole 34:41
Only controller to really make besides the Gamecube controller make my fingers bleed.

Rodney 34:44
Like no one ever actually use the D pad like nobody?

Cole 34:44
No, no, there’s no, you can’t do it all at once.

Rodney 34:44
But actually thinking about it back then like as soon as a gaming company makes a big change everyone’s like whoa.

Rodney 35:01
So I imagine like controllers, you’ve had the D pad for like, like, since the inception of fucking Nintendo. Yeah. And so if they took the D pad off and just had like a fucking stick, people would have been like, Whoa, but they would have got used to it right away. So I don’t think the D pad was completely useless.

Cole 35:20
Yeah, I mean, now it’s good. Like it’s it’s an inventory option. That’s basically what it’s used for.

Rodney 35:24
Yeah. Cool. So I’m gonna go to 64. Yep. All right. So we’ll throw that on our podcast page on our website for the poll. What is your favorite console? We asked that question in our Discord. And we have a couple friends here that have something to say about it. So we have ignore on our discord says he’s got to go with the PS2 most sold console ever and for a reason. Beautiful game lineup, and to all, top all that in 2000 it was cheaply, a cheaper early DVD player for $300 us at launch.

Cole 35:58
That’s right. Yeah, that’s one of the main reason Why got my PS4 is because the blu ray player it’s a good poll so

Rodney 36:07
my friends who live on the island they have a Wii U they bought a Wii U to play one game I can remember it was and then it became a Netflix machine.

Cole 36:16
Yeah that’s what will my ps4 was after I kind of like stopped playing ps4 games. It just became my Netflix machine and now I got Netflix on my Xbox. So I got my new Xbox or my Netflix machine now.

Rodney 36:31
Sounds good. Okay, so, Bradley chimed in. He says it’s going to be a fight between PS2 and N64. He said it’s the most sold and among lineup of games. Or sorry, as your ignore said it’s the most sold and among the lineup of games and N64 system that has that mastered LAN parties and the system to change multiplayer in my mind, just to think of iconic games like GoldenEye, Mario Kart, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros, DK64, Mario 64 and both Zelda is Yeah, there was so many good games on the 64 that still hold up today.

Cole 37:10
Oh yeah, GoldenEye definitely holds up but damn, that was a the controllers were rough on that and then see another one Star Wars pod racer man, pod racer episode one yeah incredible that needs a remake that needs a hard remake right there.

Rodney 37:25
The N64 remix game to come out for the switch.

Cole 37:30
Oh yeah, like Pokemon Stadium. Oh the Spider-Man game to remember the N64 Spider-Man game?

Rodney 37:36
I didn’t play that one.

Cole 37:38
Holy crap that was incredible game. Oh Gauntlet legends 2 not Gauntlet legends 2 but Gollum the legends as well. So good there’s so many games that need to come up that were on the in 64.

Rodney 37:56
Yeah, they’re so good. So good.

Cole 38:00
Im looking at N64 games right now makes me want to play. Hey you Pikachu.

Rodney 38:06
Fuck that game so fucking hard. It’s so hard. And the reason it’s hard is because the voice recognition back then was garbage and your Pikachu can’t fucking understand what you’re saying you’re like hey do this and it’s like trying to be supportive. Like hey Pikachu could you can you go pick up the fucking fishing rod for the 50 fucking time? Fuck

Cole 38:26
I remember playing that and there was a Charmander like we were in like the Valley area and there’s a Charmander like Pikachu there’s a Charmander behind you and it was like Pikachu doesn’t understand what you’re saying and I was like, didn’t What am I supposed to say to this thing?

Rodney 38:38
Yeah, that’s a fucking game to stream how fast can you beat hey you Pikachu with this fucking asinine voice controls let’s do it. I’m shocked we haven’t gotten a sequel for that because if you need to remake games, no one wants.

Cole 38:55
Oh yeah, definitely. Or gamed it or like just Yeah, actually technology

Rodney 39:00
If they remade that now it might be okay.

Cole 39:02
Yeah, now the voice recognition is like spot on.

Rodney 39:05
Yeah, like Google’s got you covered.

Cole 39:07
Good remakes hey you Pikachu. Hey Pikachu powered by Google. Yeah, he replayed the Tarzan N64 game. No, I was that was dope that Oh, oh yeah, it was like a side scroller, but man it was so well, I mean when I was a kid I thought it was so well done I had to play it again but just I thought it was great.

Rodney 39:26
I actually remember the order of the games I bought. Really? Yeah, well I got the 64 for Christmas with Mario 64 and played the shit out of that beat that felt like God even though it wasn’t that hard. Back in the day. Well, it was hard for me I guess because I was like 8.

Cole 39:44
it was hard for me to I suck at that. But man I love playing it.

Rodney 39:48
Then Puzzle League the second and then Indy 2000 which was a racing game was the third one. And it has since gone missing. I don’t know where that game is. Oh, no, no. And then I bought, i basically pressured my mom into buying Mario Kart at a used game store for 30 bucks. She was like, I don’t know, like buy it. Mario Kart for fuck sakes. Yeah,

Cole 40:14
I made the mistake, my cousin and I, we both had an N64. And we both had all the same games. So we like we should have all the same games. And I was like, we should sell. Like we have all these doubles. So we should each. We should sell one so that we only have one copy of each and then go out and buy all the games that we don’t have. Yeah, so my cousin I took all of our games and sold them so that we only had one and then bought more games and we got totally ripped off at the pawn shop. And then then we always had to share games. And then when we were older, we were like, that was the stupidest thing that we’ve ever done. Yeah, yeah. Now your kids we had no idea.

Rodney 40:54
Well, every time I go to like an expo or Like a Fan Expo or something like that, I always check out the classic game sort of see what else is there.

Cole 41:05
There’s some good spots in Vancouver like there’s a shop right next to my house that has a ton of N 64 games and they have like five and 64 is they’ve got it they got like DK64 and GoldenEye. And yeah,

Rodney 41:16
yeah, that’s a good place to check out. I bought I played this game a lot, which was a world’s not enough double oh seven.

Cole 41:24
Yeah, I played that a little bit, but

Rodney 41:27
I played it a lot. I want to play it now that I’m older. But fuck, you know, what kills me is the fucking auto aim is so bad. Like, after playing FPS ski like modern FPS games where you know, you need to be reactive and make sure you’re fucking aiming in the right place and all that to go into that we’re like, you just have to be looking in the fucking general direction of the enemy. And then you’ll auto aim, like on the whole screen over to the fucking dude. It’s like, oh my god.

Cole 41:54
Oh my god. We’ll find a way to make it difficult though.

Rodney 41:58
You will Yeah, you could just you Can’t you can’t run a gun on the higher difficulties? No You gotta take your time yeah so that one was fun my favorite was there was one What do you call it? There’s one map assemble on multiplayer so you can set how many bot AI there were and stuff like that. Yeah, yeah, so I would literally spawn or camp the missile launcher spawn. And I knew by looking at my radar where people spawned in so I just like shoot a fucking guided missile down like the alley and shit like that and get fucking kills all day long and I die once and then missile launcher ammo would just continuously spawn on me like fun. I’m so cheap. Like, oh, this is online. I would hate everything about me. But you were winning, I was winning all that matters against computers.

Cole 42:51
Another good game Kirby crystal shards.

Rodney 42:55
You know what? I have not played that game. And that’s it. It’s all my list.

Cole 43:00
Dude, crystal shards is incredible.

Rodney 43:03
Nice guy to play. You know what shitty game I played was called Glover. Glover. Oh, yeah, I remember Glover Yeah, that was the fifth game I grew up. It was okay. It entertained my 10 year old mind

Cole 43:17
easily entertained. Yeah, I was saying that to a friend of mine. How I remember when I was a kid and I used to play a game on hard like I’d play like the old colleges on veteran and if I no matter how many times I died, I could just do it again and again and again. Yeah, like I could just like just keep pushing until I beat the level on veteran. Yeah, I tried doing that now. And I just I can’t do it anymore. I just don’t have the patience for it. Like I used to. I tried playing Modern Warfare campaign on veteran and I quit like the first level. I was like, Alright, I’m bored of this.

Rodney 43:49
Yeah, you’re you’re saying that on previous podcast,

Cole 43:52
was that? Yeah, I was thinking about that again, because and N64 games if there’s some too difficult ends and N64 I could just like

Rodney 44:00
Can you play Co Op campaign

Cole 44:05
No I don’t think so either

Rodney 44:08
yeah no I think this campaign has been the best one in a while.

Cole 44:14
That’s what everybody says and I I got to play it and I have to I’m just like, it’s because going from playing online to playing the campaign like when you’re playing it’s a living breathing thinking human being to play against an AI I just, I don’t know.

Rodney 44:33
Um the AI is a bit smarter in this campaign, like lots of grenades are thrown. But if you’re in an open area, like they will flank you, like they’ll come up behind you and take you out.

Cole 44:49
to dinner.

Rodney 44:50
Yeah. Nice. We’ll see. I mean, they do it right before they royally Fuck you.

Cole 44:55
Hmm. So they got to do right. wine and dine But I’ve been playing Gears of War we were talking about this I was playing Gears of War 5. And the it’s the AI and Gears of War is different because it’s not like the thing about Call of Duty is you look at a guy and you shoot him and he’s basically dead or you just shoot him a few times but in Gears of War every enemy like, I don’t know, I feel like they they’re there. They’re present like you have to focus on every single enemy on call duty, just like go from one guy, one guy to one guy, but in Gears of War. It’s like, every character, like they die differently in their the way that their body explodes, the way they get shot. Like I know, I feel more invested in the campaign in Gears of War than I do in Call of Duty.

Rodney 45:43
Yeah, there’s only one complaint I have about the campaign in the new Call of Duty and that’s especially on veteran is you have to die 5 or 6 times to know exactly where a guy is. Yeah, just one guy, just one fucking guy. And then you have to like slide in and then start shooting before he even fucking pops his head out to even kill him. It’s like, what the fuck? Like? Yeah, that’s annoying Anyway.

Cole 46:08
It takes a lot of time and I just don’t have the patience for it anymore. Can’t do it.

Rodney 46:12
Well, I’d be veteran in like a day.

Cole 46:14
Oh, well. Maybe I just suck at it. Yeah, possibly. Which is fine. I don’t want to be good at Call of Duty campaign. No desire.

Rodney 46:23
Alright, so last thing on the podcast docket today is top 10 games. That top 10 video game launch titles is what uh, what I meant to say. Top 10 games.

Cole 46:36
And launch site also games that came out at launch of a new console or console specifically,

Rodney 46:40
no, no top 10 games of all time that were launched titles that did really, really well. Hmm. Number 10. F zero for the NES. Did you play that?

Cole 46:50
Yeah, F Zero was like one of the hardest. Maybe the hardest racing game I’ve ever played. My friend had it so I play when I go over to his house. And we just sucked hard at it all the time. But we still played it. I mean, it was super fun like I loved all the characters and all the ships but man, that’s that games and ask kicker.

Rodney 47:11
Yeah. Yeah. Number 9 is a SXX for the PS2

Cole 47:19
s x, isn’t it that snowboard?

Rodney 47:20
Oh, it’s uh, yeah. extreme sports.

Cole 47:24
Yeah. You know what, I think I different friend of mine had this game and we used to play it all the time. This is what like, cuz we play the Tony Hawk. Pro Skater. Oh, this was like the the racing snowboard version. You can do tricks and grind. And yeah, I remember playing this.

Rodney 47:44
I played a snowboarding game for the 64 called 1080. Yeah, that was pretty fun.

Cole 47:51
Yeah, it’s amazing how they make it. How fun they make these games.

Rodney 47:56
Well, now there’s so much shit to do. Like, and so many like movies to watch and animes to watch and different types of games to play, like. Back in the day games were not as accessible. So you had to like you had to fucking invest time and shit you’ve actually bought to make it worth the money. You know? I would probably play 1080 now for like 10 minutes and be like K im done about? Yeah.

Cole 48:26
Do you remember when Steep came out that openworld snowboarding game where they dropped me on the top of the mountain? No, no, I remember when that came out. I was like, I was so interested in that game. And the way that they pushed it and I didn’t end up getting it and I’m I’m not sad now. But it was like an open world snowboarding game where you you there’s a mountain they drop you on the top of the mountain then you just do do run so the whole game was just this couple big mountains and you could go and ski and snowboard down. Interesting. Some, but I don’t think it did very well and I haven’t seen a game like it since but it snowboarding and skiing games

Rodney 49:01
now you’ve just played Breath of the Wild shield surf down everywhere. Easy yep too easy. Number 8 is Call of Duty 2 for the 360.

Cole 49:09
Nice that’s gone one

Rodney 49:11
Call of Duty 2 like the second one ever made.

Cole 49:17
Is that the because there was there was multiple call…okay I did not play Call of Duty to but I played Call of Duty Big Red One that was the Call of Duty 2 Big Red One which was amazing. just such an incredible game. I played the hell out of that but I never played like Call of Duty 2 I just played Call of Duty 2 Big Red One.

Rodney 49:41
I remember playing Call of Duty the original.

Cole 49:45
That was Finest hour? Finest hour was also that was one thing that got me into video games like this. There’s something going on here. Finest hour Stalingrad when you played through the Battle of Stalingrad. Yeah, and there’s like the Russian guy. And he’s calling out orders from you as you’re rowing your boat towards Stalingrad. And he’s like kill the Germans. This is your mother’s prayer. Shit. I was like, I was like what is going on?

Rodney 50:11
I remember playing Finest hour on PC too. And I was like, fuck How old was I? 13-14 maybe hmm so

Cole 50:20
That’s a game we screw Modern Warfare 2 give us give us Finest hour.

Rodney 50:24
Yeah. Well, I pretty much did. Did they remake it in World War Two

Cole 50:29
Remake it again?

Rodney 50:31
Well, they’re just like retold in World War Two. Did they? Know?

Cole 50:35
Maybe I’d have to go I own World War Two. I have to go back and check it but

Rodney 50:38
Fucking world war two suck balls. The multiplayer anyway. Actually, the campaign was fucking unbearable as well. Yeah. Anyways, it’s good. No, zombies was good, except it needed more than one map. Yeah. Number 7 was Lou Mines for the PSP. I don’t even know what that is. Lumines Moving into handhelds is always a great opportunity to showcase a fresh batch of enguentity and he can’t say that word as is the case with the PSP launch game. Gameplay was simple but addictive and the players had to puzzle solve using patterns of light and beats of techno music. any similarities to Tetris quickly faded away as fans embraces modern puzzler if you have a PSP, you haven’t played this game, you are missing out.

Cole 51:23
Okay, I was gonna say it looks exactly like Tetris, but when they say anything of Tetris gets washed away then. It seems interesting. Yeah.

Rodney 51:32
Number 6 is Star Wars Rogue Squadron to Rogue Leader for the cube with a cube.

Cole 51:38
I think I played that a little bit

Rodney 51:42
later, there was the cube.

Cole 51:46
Star Wars. Yeah, I did play this. I enjoyed the Star Wars, piloting games and that’s the thing that I I feel like they did okay in the Battlefield games or the Battlefront. Yeah, but I liked it in the original Battlefront better, like I loved in the original Battlefront just running over to a ship and like actually getting inside of the ship. Yep, I hated the tokens. I think that was my least favorite part. That’s what really turned me off of the new battlefield was just that stupid token system like I loved playing on Hoth in the original Battlefront and hopping into your your snow speeder and taking off from the base in your snow speeder go fight walkers was just like, oh the best

Rodney 52:41
so what’s next number 5 is still caliber for the Dreamcast. 99

Cole 52:46
Nice. I didn’t play much Soulcalibur

Rodney 52:48
I played the one for the Cube because link was in it was the only reason I played it. In Did you exclusively play link? Yes. And then I quit after I fucking died every fucking match. Not easy next time yep number 4 Wii Sports for the Wii do that’s pretty believable. Everyone got it for free and it just basically outlined how great the Wii controls were for or could be I guess.

Cole 53:17
I hated how it came in that little sleeve like when they gave it to is like that tiny little sleeve and I was like, Where the hell does this go? On my shelf? You know like you got to like slide it in between two game boxes. I’m like either all games would come in these sleeves or none. Yeah, or no games come in these sleeves? Yeah. This is like cereal box gaming level of packaging. What was your best?

Rodney 53:39
What was your best? because you know how you started at zero and then the more you want. It’s like I want to play with eSports right now just FYI. And then the more you won, you would rank up and once you hit 1000 you were a pro and the fucking game ramped up super hardcore.

Cole 53:55
I don’t think I ever made it to 1000 but I think boxing might have been the one that I did the most of. for me. I was a pro in tennis and baseball.

Rodney 54:06
Like I could keep up with the pro in tennis but the pro baseball is like fucking next level. It’s so hard.

Cole 54:12
I found it so hard to like get the motion controls in the baseball the lineup like every time I’d swing the baseball bat it was it would always like slip my hand away and I would get stuck in right around like I never line up the swings

Rodney 54:29
while the swings were if he threw a fastball if you swung you were lined up with it. But the fastball that the computers throw when you were a pro were like 110 mile an hour fucking pitches, and like you saw it for like, a millisecond.

Cole 54:45
You’d have to start swinging like as they were throwing Yeah, like during the animation of them throwing up or do you have to be swinging?

Rodney 54:51
Yeah, pretty much and then they switch it up, right? They throw like knuckle-balls and curveballs and shit. So you’re just getting strikeouts like fucking crazy. And then the opposite is true when you’re pitching So when you’re pitching you can throw underhand or overhand fast-balls, knuckle-balls, you can adjust the name of the ball so that it’s not dead center on the bat like it’s maybe below like near their body but below the bat I would do I would try fucking everything and they would hit him and again they would hit everything and they would never fall for my knuckle-balls they’d never fall for my fucking shitty lean pitches like it was fucking garbage so golf I did okay, I wasn’t a pro at that though.

Cole 55:30
I don’t even remember that golf like I’m just looking at a picture here and I have no remember remembrance of the golf at all. I remember everything else bowling boxing, tennis, baseball, golf is just not even there.

Rodney 55:43
Bowling once you figure like I couldn’t not curl the ball, right? Like no matter what I did.

Cole 55:52
Yeah, I had a hard time with the bowling too.

Rodney 55:54
Yeah. So I just had to find one area that every time I bolded just get a strike. Like

Cole 55:59
I love that. Wii both became a meme. No. Did it? Oh yeah, they have like, I’ll send you some videos they have like all these videos of like people falling over and then they just like replay the people falling over but like into the bowling pins.

Rodney 56:12
I don’t know. Yeah, interesting. Okay, so number 3 was Halo Combat Evolved for the Xbox

Cole 56:21
Halo evol for the Oh yeah.

Rodney 56:22
So my brother and I tried to play this because it just got released on PC for Halo Master Chief Collection for PC and it’s fucking broken. Like I want to make a video about why i’m not buying a fucking Xbox because everything that’s fucking broken they don’t fucking fix

Cole 56:39
Yeah, they just end you gotta call their hotline, yeah, call the Xbox now and then they never get anything done.

Rodney 56:42
That’s not gonna fucking help this situation. But yeah, like you can play it by yourself. But as soon as you try to play a co-op on PC, the fucking game crashes it’s super annoying. Anyways, number 2 Tetris Game Boy night 1989.

Cole 57:02
Tetris baby,

Rodney 57:04
Been playing some Tetris 99 cole?

Cole 57:06
Ah, not 99 but I don’t know there is something about Tetris. That’s just like it’s awesome. Good concept.

Rodney 57:14
Yeah, I’ll get a hankering to play Tetris and I’ll download it on my phone and then hate it. Oh yeah earlier.

Cole 57:21
Like when you download like Sudoku, and then you play it for like, a couple minutes. You’re like, Alright, I’m done with this.

Rodney 57:27
If I’m straight up desperate, I’ll play Sudoku.

Cole 57:31
But you know that a game is good when you get a hankering to, to play it still, you know?

Rodney 57:36
Yeah. Okay, number 1 is actually a tie for the NES and the N64 which was all the Mario’s that came on in those so Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64 Yeah.

Cole 57:50
I could agree with that. Well deserved Yeah.

Rodney 57:53
I think Super Mario Bros sold like a fuckin bazillion zillion copies of their of the first one.

Cole 58:01
I think they probably would still sell a bazillion bazillion copies of the first one.

Rodney 58:05
Yeah. Oh, so god damn good.

Rodney 58:11
I haven’t actually beat because, excuse me Sure. I’ve never I never had this NES. So all the NES games that I played are very limited. So I’ve played the donkey on countries. I’ve played Mario World, but I have not beaten it.

Cole 58:30
I played a lot of the I beat Mario World. I beat all of the Donkey Kong countries. It’s so many games for the NES. Yeah. And I can’t remember any of them will actually, again, it was my my cousin, the same cousin who we sold half of our in 64 games. It was his NES, but he brought it to my grandma’s place and my grandma lived right next to me so I could go over next door and play his NES my grandma’s and I used to do that. All the time because it was so good.

Cole 59:04
But yeah, Mario, DK Country. Why am I blanking out on all the other games that I played?

Rodney 59:14
Probably because they weren’t good. Just kidding.

Cole 59:17
Now there were some good ones, but man, there were some very difficult ones.

Rodney 59:22
Okay, Super Mario Bros.

Cole 59:27
And that’s it. No, no, no other ones. There’s no other ones.

Rodney 59:30
All right, well, that comes to the end of the episode. Thanks for listening to the video games on podcast leave a review wherever you listen to the show on the jump onto our social media. Let us know what you thought of the show. We look forward to hear from you and we’ll be back next week to help you through this Heineken virus times. Alright guys, thanks a lot. See you all the next one. Bye bye.

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