Nintendo Direct News and Rodney’s Rough Gaming Week

Episode #108

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Rodney 0:16
Hello, everybody welcome to another episode of the video games now podcast. It’s Rodney joined in studio by Cole and we’re six feet away from each other.

Cole 0:25
It’s creepy. We’re looking right into each other’s eyes.

Rodney 0:28
Yeah. Alright guys so getting you through another week of the Heineken virus

Cole 0:33
getting me through another week of the Heineken virus.

Rodney 0:35
Yeah, crazy man and I’m moving next week. Cole is helping.

Cole 0:42
Okay, yeah, I was gonna make a joke but yeah, I’m helping.

Rodney 0:46
So might be a slight delay to the podcast next week, but maybe not because we ordered the internet guy right away.

Cole 0:52
nice. That’s a good move. I never did that. When I moved. It was always like a week later. You got to wait for it.

Rodney 0:57
Oh, he’s coming at like 4pm on the day. We’re moving in.

Cole 1:00
Oh, you can hear that now.

Rodney 1:02
Yeah, cuz it’s pointing straight down.

Cole 1:04
No, I know. I just usually do that at home when you can’t hear. But now that I’m here getting a little extra for the people.

Rodney 1:10
Yep. All right. So today we’re going to talk about some Nintendo Direct news from March 26. I will say 2016. Oh, going back in time,

Cole 1:21
bro back before the Heineken virus

Rodney 1:23
before I read a funny thing on Facebook. It’s like if somebody came to you as a time traveler 10 years ago, and told you all the shit that has happened in 2020. So far, you’d be like, dude, get the fuck away from me.

Cole 1:33
Yeah, I would not believe it for a second.

Rodney 1:35
No. And then we’ll finish off the podcast with the 10 best post-apocalyptic games on the Steam Store. And that’s all coming up right now.

All right, everybody. Welcome to the show. And talking about the Nintendo Direct and Cole is having a good time in my house sitting over there.

Cole 2:04
Having a good time. Like I say, we’re just sitting here holding hands, watching YouTube

Rodney 2:10
touching each other’s faces.

Cole 2:11
Yeah, that’s what you do during this pandemic time. Because if you want coronavirus, get it in your eyes. That’s the best eyes and mouth.

Rodney 2:21
Okay, out of all things aside, Trump has had the most quotable shit ever

Cole 2:26
this entire been trying to ignore it like it’s just it’s so bad.

Rodney 2:30
The best Trump quote so far is people are dying who have never died before.

Cole 2:38
Well in the man’s not wrong, you know? Gotta say it how it is.

Rodney 2:42
Yeah. And I like on the day that the US past China and the most confirmed cases of coronavirus. He’s like yeah, we’ll be opened by Easter.

Cole 2:50
Yeah, we’ll get the economy back up and running.

Rodney 2:52
Yeah, it’s gonna be bad. He’s entertainment. All right. So let’s talk about this Nintendo Direct here. So Bunch of there’s a remaster coming out of Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition. And it’s probably gonna play a fucking video.

Cole 3:07
Oh, there we go.

Rodney 3:12
Anyway So I love that so

Cole 3:13
like there’s Nintendo’s really good they did that for like Wii that we would like to play and then what was the Wii U one?

I said how memorable they are now in can’t remember what it was. Oh, I can’t

Rodney 3:24
I never saw a fucking commercial for the Wii U

Cole 3:27
Really? Yeah, I think they do a good job. They’re really thinking hook. Yeah, very memorable. Yeah.

Rodney 3:33
So yeah, let’s learn more. Motherfucker.

Cole 3:36
And then more I Nintendo drives me crazy because I want to play all these Nintendo games. Yeah, but they’re all 80 bucks. I know every single one of them.

Rodney 3:46
I know. speaking of that, I just released a video on our YouTube page. Why game? Why are games so expensive?

Cole 3:52
Yeah, why would I want to know? I’m gonna watch it right now. I’ll see you guys after the podcast.

Rodney 3:57
Yeah. All right. join the fight between man and machine and the definitive edition of this critically acclaimed RPG discover the origins of Shulk as he and his companions clash against seemingly unstoppable mechanical menace will the future seeking blade chain attacks together and carefully position your party members in strategic real-time combat as you journey across a massive world? Did you play this game? Cole?

Cole 4:20
played it a little bit. The most I know about this game is three Super Smash playing Shulk. But I like I said I really wanted to play it, but it was 80 bucks and I’m not made of cash.

Rodney 4:32
No, not anymore.

Cole 4:33
Not anymore.

Rodney 4:35
Yeah, I played Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U. and I enjoyed it until it got super super grindy. Like, you went to the next area, and everybody out leveled you by like 15 levels. You’re like, what? And you’re just getting fucking murdered in cold blood. And you had to go back to the area where you were at least five levels ahead of everybody. To like grind the level up so it’s just such a slow painful grind.

Cole 5:04
I heard that Yeah, like you can drop right into these areas where the guys are like 100 levels higher than you and you just have to not go there and yeah you’ve grinded all your way up.

Rodney 5:13
Yeah. But I didn’t have an option It was like stay where I was or go to the next area which I was allowed to go to and not die but I died still.

Cole 5:23
In your opinion, is it possible if you got super lucky or you were really good? Could you kill those things that were five levels higher than you and go up that way? Or is it pretty much impossible? Oh,

Rodney 5:35
oh, it’s been so long since I played it but I just felt completely powerless. Like I couldn’t no matter what I did I would get just fucking murdered. Like you mean it’s like Dark Souls hard like you make one wrong move and you’re dead and you’re dead. Oh, yeah. Cool. And you have any of your party members right so there so it’ll be you and like maybe three other people and you got to try to like it’s like Monster Hunter essentially, like take down this giant fucking beast. I

Cole 5:57
was gonna say watching it or looking at it looks like a little bit more. cartoony version of Monster Hunter and I love me some Monster Hunter. I’ve actually gonna get back into that here recently.

Rodney 6:06
Yeah, what I did like about the game was the…

Cole 6:09
Super Smash Brothers map. We had some pictures. Yeah, yeah.

Rodney 6:13
Yeah, what I like about it is the visuals is gorgeous makes it look like you’re in such a vast world. And the world is actually quite vast.

Cole 6:22
Thank God. Japanese character one generic Japanese character too. Yeah, in Shulk.

Rodney 6:28
I saw I meme, it was an anime and it was in a classroom. And it’s like, I wonder who the main character is. And it’s like, the main characters got the most ridiculous hairstyle the ridiculous clothes and everyone else’s like fucking cut from the same stone.

Cole 6:40
Yeah. Oh, yeah.

I love the big anime hairstyle. It’s dope.

Rodney 6:46
Yeah. So there’s a boss. Oh, yeah. Super cool. And so this is this I think is not x. Or did I say it was x? You know, it’s just the original Xenoblade Chronicles definitive of addition. So, x is the sequel, I think.

Cole 7:04
Yeah, very machine. You know my opinion about fight machines.

Rodney 7:10
What game was that?

Cole 7:11
That’s only $60

Rodney 7:14
so cheap. What game was maybe it was this game? I can’t remember where you’re stuck inside a dome like your human race is living on a dome. And is that

Cole 7:27
the Simpsons?

Rodney 7:28
No, no. They’re living in a dome. I think it’s Chronicles X. I can’t fucking remember. But yeah, you’re living in a dome and there’s different districts. And you can go do jobs throughout the district. But you can get in these machines or sorry, the suits, and then leave the dome and go fight monsters. That’s cool. I think that’s x.

Cole 7:52
I like that. I like small safe areas and then a lot of not safe. Yeah, I think that’s what’s good about Breath of the Wild Yeah, there’s like little towns but there’s so much like wilderness and unexplored.

Rodney 8:05
Yeah, I want to play Breath of the Wild again. I’ve been fuckin hankering but I want to obliterate my mind and play it again for the first time because I feel like it’s like been ruined. No,

Cole 8:14
that’s one of the games where you’re like, this is so beautiful. Yeah, the first time we’re playing it. Yeah, escaping the tutorial area and flying down and being this is my world now

Rodney 8:23
and it’s not like I can just not play the game for like 20 years and then play it again for the first time. Like you can’t win some games. Yeah, cuz like I was so invested in this game.

Cole 8:32
That’s like how you are with like, I wish I could erase my brain and play Majoris mask are Ocarina of Time again.

Yeah, but they’re just like they’re in there or even the sailing

Rodney 8:43
Wind Waker. That’s an interesting topic. Because I wonder because I, I’m not pissing on Ocarina of Time, everyone says it’s the best game of all time, I think that’s just stuck in their mind because of the experience they had when they first played it.

Cole 8:58
I played it again. On 3ds

3ds Yeah, and I loved it. I love Yeah,

Rodney 9:04
I mean, it’s a good game. you know,

Cole 9:06
but it holds up I wouldn’t say it’s the best game of all time now. Yeah, it definitely still holds up.

Rodney 9:12
Yeah, yeah. So I wonder if we had people play it again for the first time now, like today, having been a game for whatever 22 years now. Yeah. And see if they have the same opinion. That’s good. Yeah.

Cole 9:29
Yeah, man, whoever wants to play? Let us know. Yeah, we’ll be you’ll be our guinea pigs we’ll experiment

Rodney 9:37
we’ll interview the people that are like just this it’s the goat man it’s the fucking goat to

Cole 9:41

Rodney 9:43
I’m interested and I’m interested to hear what you guys have to say so bad maybe jump on our discord or whatever mentioned this topic from the podcast. what you guys think that’d be an interesting video actually. To have a chance to talk to like for people that like are diehard fans. Yeah. And then Have a couple people play it for the first time and be like, why do you think like, sorry, having them had played another Zelda game like Breath of the Wild? That’s kind of an unfair advantage though.

Cole 10:10
Yeah, just 22 years different technology. But yeah.

Rodney 10:14
All right. So Xenoblade Chronicles, definitive edition will be released on May 29. This year and it’s a 14-gigabyte size. So get that download right away. Well, I find with Nintendo like there’s never you never have to worry about updates. It just happens.

Cole 10:33
Yeah, Xbox and PlayStation. gotta figure that out. Because you’re always like, I’m gonna play this game. Oh, a massive update. Yeah. Didn’t go during the automatic update.

Rodney 10:43
Yeah. I don’t know if my switch ever turns off.

Cole 10:48
Yeah, it’s gonna look like I’ve played Pokemon sword and shield for like, eight weeks straight. Yeah, this stays on.

Rodney 10:56
All right. These following games are coming to the Nintendo Switch. We got Bioshock the collection

Cole 11:02

Dope I love me some Bioshock

Rodney 11:06
Oh, hang on I got to verify my age Nintendo doesn’t believe that I’m almost 30

Cole 11:12
Well, I mean you’re a child, but

you’re almost there

Rodney 11:16

Cole 11:18
Kitty. Hey

Rodney 11:20
kitty Bioshock collection is also available May 29. And there’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man and there’s always a city. Well, I could probably say that way better. Do it. There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. And there’s always a city. And he said Man was good, man. But, man,

Cole 11:44
I remember when Bioshock first came out. I was a little kid and my cousin was my big video game inspiration. And he was like, oh, there’s this game coming out with big daddies and little sisters. And I was like, dude, you’re crazy. Like that sounds not real. And then he showed me the trailer and I was like, dang. Son, playing this game.

Rodney 12:04
Experience the unforgettable world and monumental stories of the award-winning Bioshock series with Bioshock. The collection journey to the cities of Rapture and Columbia across Bioshock remastered Bioshock two remastered and Bioshock Infinite the complete edition including all single-player add on content, fight for your life and outsmart your enemies but be it deep beneath the waves or high above the clouds.

Cole 12:24
You want a good story? Bioshock one story. Oh, yeah.

So good. Have you played? I have not played

Rodney 12:31
but I saw you play it.

Cole 12:32
Yeah, I was on episode four without dying. And then I died. And I was like, Can I stitch this together? No, I can’t. Because if you die, right, like there’s a machine so when you die, they like make a copy of you and put it in the machine and then you come out but you get an achievement for never using the copy machine. So when you die rather than using the copy machine, you just reload your last save. And I was at the end of the level and I didn’t save it. Put me all the way back to the beginning of the level. So I was going to do this thing where I like rewound everything and I had to play through it again, like I had this little editing trick I was going to do, right, but I also had to reboot the entire level. And it kind of crippled me a little bit. So

Rodney 13:13
yeah, that’s crippling,

Cole 13:15
but I will get back on it. Now’s the perfect time to do it. Yes. Bioshock is fantastic.

Rodney 13:22
Good stuff. All right. The other thing coming is Borderland’s legendary collection, which does not excite me one bit.

Cole 13:29
I got to get back into Borderlands. Adam Terry berry said he played with me because he’s a big Borderlands fan. And it’s definitely a game you want to play with. Friends? It’s a friendly game.

Rodney 13:41
Yeah, I don’t know. It just wasn’t doing it for me. Kitty. What are you doing? You’re just fucking attacking that fucking door.

Cole 13:46
never see Katie play that much. But yeah, it’s definitely a looter shooter. The one thing that drives me crazy about games is the big red health bar above enemies like even like little enemies and you like shoot it down. I just saw That takes me out of the story like I, I like playing games with no heads up display or anything just Yeah, get immersed but that’s like,

Rodney 14:07
have you played Doom yet? Now? Maybe we’ll let you play in a level or two.

Cole 14:11
Yeah, here. I see your switch up there.

Rodney 14:13
Well, it’s on my Xbox.

Cole 14:15
I see your Xbox up there.

Rodney 14:18
Okay, so Borderlands two are sorry, Borderlands legendary collection. Coming up May 29, as well.

The developer turn me up games turn me up.

Cole 14:36
It sounds very Borderlands II.

Rodney 14:39
Yeah, a little bit. Next, we have XCOM two collection

Cole 14:43
x calm, give it to you.

Rodney 14:46
And okay, so let’s click on this and have a look. Oh, it’s an alien-looking game.

Cole 14:51
Let’s say this strategy game. It’s like

I don’t know how to say it’s like a bird’s eye view. Look down. You have a team of like four and it’s a great game. You get to move your character and you’re in like a neighborhood and shoot aliens.

Rodney 15:08
Yeah, okay, that’s cool. The description says ignited global resistance and reclaim Earth from alien occupation in XCOM. Two on Nintendo Switch. The XCOM two collection includes an award-winning strategy game XCOM to four DLC packs. And the War of the chosen expansion all in one package, activate one of the additional contents DLC or and the expansion or just play the bases. So

Cole 15:34
if you think about, like, okay, let’s say aliens came to earth and they attacked her. Do you think there would be a section of aliens who were like people alone

Cole 15:44
and like, showing me I don’t think

Rodney 15:47
I think they would leave those type of people back on their home planet because you’re like, no fucking we’re attacking her Fuck off.

Cole 15:53
Interesting. Oh, yeah, I guess it’s not like aliens that just travel around in spaceships. They actually have a whole planet Yeah. Like the military, it’s like, when we say to our military leave this country alone,

Rodney 16:05
they wouldn’t. The mothership that would be in space would probably have those people on them. But the people that would come down to earth would not be those type of people.

Cole 16:14
Yeah, I see. But wouldn’t they try to when they try to like, they would be like the militia the resistance in the aliens, like the arbiter from Halo kind of thing, you know, they’d come down and see like, these people are fucking terrible, but not as bad as you know. And I love that too. When people are like, oh, when aliens come, they’re gonna look at us and be like, we’re so bad. What makes the aliens so good? Why are they so perfect? Why are they fighting each other? You know? That makes sense. Yeah. We got a lot of alien opinions. We’re gonna do an alien podcast.

Rodney 16:47
Yeah, there’s a lot of theories and stories and stuff that I’ve read and watched. Yeah, pretty. I’m pretty deep in the alien world.

Cole 16:56
Good. We’ll do that. We’ll put a pin in that Alien podcasts coming out soon. Patreon only now.

Rodney 17:04
Yeah. All right, so that’s XCOM two, which also gets released on May 19. So if you have nothing to do on May 19 here’s four different games that are coming out for you to play. Alright for new all adventures in-game from Square Enix,

Cole 17:19
I think Square Enix. Yeah, learn some more.

Rodney 17:23

Bravely Default two is coming out this year at some point the demos out

Cole 17:30
that might be a little bit too Japanese for me.

Rodney 17:33
It just JRPG Yeah, it’s a turn-based monster game. I actually really liked the first one. I never finished it though. I probably got 70% of the way through it. I had a lot of fun doing it. So Excuse me. So Excuse me. So in Bravely Default one, it was on the 3ds. So you had the main game and then you had a separate world that was overrun by monsters and the world. You cleaned up the village and fought the monsters while by getting was by getting spot passes. So it would cost like 10 spot pass type like people to fight a monster or to do a specific job or whatever. So you had to like go out and just get a million spot passes to fucking do that. So but I never gotten enough SWAT passes to actually take full advantage of that mode. Like I never got to go to any events or anything like that. So I would get like the odd one or two if I went took my 3d so when I went shopping or something

Cole 18:29
else, you gotta walk around with the 3ds

Rodney 18:31
Yeah, didn’t you ever do that?

Cole 18:33
Yeah, I did that for like smash when you What is it when you find people on the street and he hit him with your little marble? There was like a marble smash game. Oh, yeah. And you get to collect people. You walk around and then you collect people’s marbles. And then he drops him in the arena and he hit the marbles at people.

Rodney 18:50
Okay, yeah. So, yeah, that’s the 3ds when he walked around, if it detected another 3ds nearby, you would just do a quick swap of information. And then there’s like little mini-games you can play on the 3ds. Yeah. and shit like that. So

Cole 19:04
yeah, which is an interesting feature, but it’s funny how the switch has totally just killed the portable console. portable console portable Gameboy.

Rodney 19:14
Yeah, you just get it on the switch now. Yeah. Well, this switch doesn’t really have a feature like that does it?

Cole 19:21
No, but you can take it anywhere. You will. Yeah,

Rodney 19:25
I thought they would. I actually really liked that feature about the 3ds honestly. Alright, so Bravely Default to step into a brand new world with four brand new heroes a new world A new story, all-new heroes of light await in the original RPG experience arriving on the Nintendo Switch system in 2020. The successor to the original a de Bravely Default game comes from the team that brought you to brave the deep-felt series and octo path traveler features music from Remo Sound Horizon or link horizon accompany composer with the Bravely Default soundtrack. doesn’t have a release day yet, but it’s this year until it gets pushed like every other game. You know, I’m shocked we haven’t heard about any delays and consoles or anything yet. Hey FOSS got caught on my microphone. Your pilot headphones. Yeah, we couldn’t find my other set of headphones that I’ve always had here around the studio.

Cole 20:17
Ronnie’s flying headphones and they’re massive. And it’s like a suction cup on the side of my head. So disoriented.

Rodney 20:27
Alright, so Pokemon sword and shield expansion pass. Yes. I’ve been ripping in the sword and shield lately. I crushed that campaign. Yeah.

Cole 20:39
I have a Galit Aryan Slowpoke.

Rodney 20:41
Yeah, you told me that,

Cole 20:42
but I haven’t evolved yet. It’s at a level like 75 because I send out my Pokemon on jobs. Yeah, now this job feature I the more jobs you do, the more jobs you get. So I just send my Pokemon on jobs every time I can. And all my Pokemon are level like 75 but none of them have evolved so I just take them out once I put them into one battle and then they evolve all the way up into my out there we go now because I’m trying to complete the poker next right?

Rodney 21:09
Yeah, I should probably do that too.

Cole 21:11
Yeah just put them on jobs just throw them in a job yeah, it takes 24 hours you know once a day just kind of check out your poker jobs are doing swap them output some more in

Rodney 21:20
Nice. Let’s listen to it buddy has to say about the expansion pass here.

Cole 21:32
We talked about

Cole 21:41
which one are you more excited for?

Cole 21:45
I don’t know.

Cole 21:47
kind of was except more excited for the love armor but in the crown tandra you can catch all the Reggie’s.

Rodney 21:55
Yeah, I think I’m more for the veggies than the birds honestly. Get ready is gonna be cool.

Cole 21:59
Going. Yeah. to like go to the temple and do the things in the temple and all you have to do puzzles like it I think so. Oh, I know. So at least that’s what it looks like from an earlier trailer like you see the Ranger rocks and register deal coming out of their tombs so that’d be dope.

Rodney 22:14
Oh, that I told the story before on the podcast but the original time but you caught the Reggie’s in Ruby Sapphire and had the Braille puzzles and I’m like, I’m gonna figure out how to read Braille without looking it up. Because I was like, this is just

Cole 22:30
rock hard. Yeah, maybe they’ll do another Braille puzzle. Yeah, but I’m trying to beat the game and complete the poke at x before the new expansion comes out. But yes, I want to be like ready to tackle it as if I’m like, I’ve conquered this region. What is next for me? Yeah. Because they’re adding 200 new Pokemon right with it. But that’s just for both expansions as not 200 for one and 200 for the other I think. I think it’s Yeah, I’m sure they’ll have 100 each, which is lame. They should just add all mall. Give me 900

Rodney 23:03
yeah I’m excited for this I’ll play it actually really enjoyed sword and shield other than how fucking hand holding it was

Cole 23:10
oh my god it’s terrible it’s so easy is actually I lost to the dragon trainer I was telling you from stupid shit because I have to beat three double battles where it’s like you fight a trainer and he has four dragon Pokemon see if like two of them and then you find two more and then another trainer comes out you fight two of them and two more and then a third trainer and then you go straight into the battle afterward. Yeah, so to Pokemon left and I wiped his whole team and his last Pokemon with its last attack. If I attack first I would have won. And if he attacked first he would have won and he attacked first and I lost fuck yeah, so I was like, Oh good. I gotta do this again now.

Rodney 23:53
won’t beat him again. Here’s how the difficult thing should work. It should be like a beginner, intermediate and Or maybe it’ll be like broken down into actual Pokemon game so we’d like school kid

it’ll know what’s medium

maybe mediums like a strainer and then or just Pokemon trainer and then a strainer would be like the hardest one but the difficulty that can be like if the hardest one there’s no XP all but no one or earns a shocking yeah it looks like the old school one yeah yeah that’s how it should be

Cole 24:28
because that would make it hard I think you can turn that off though I think you could turn XP share off okay or you could in previous games

Rodney 24:36
yeah I know but this one

Cole 24:37
or you have to unlock team share and you know like after you’ve eaten like four or five Gym Leaders or like I give you XP share and then that helps you from there but this was just like, here’s the bike here’s the XP share. Here’s the fast travel here’s some revives here’s some potions

Cole 24:53
you right off the beginning Yeah,

Cole 24:55
here’s cooking here’s all the Pokemon in the game in one area. Yeah. Yeah, I did like the feature

Rodney 25:03
where you will encounter you can encounter Pokemon that were much stronger than all of yours and you couldn’t do anything. Yeah,

Cole 25:09
very strong looking. Yeah.

Rodney 25:10
A rather strong looking onyx that will end your fucking day.

Cole 25:15
I wanted to steelix now as I was like, going after the steelix and I could never it was always too strong.

Rodney 25:20
Yeah, yeah.

Anyways, yeah, so

let’s see what else this guy has to say about the expansion pass.

Cole 25:40

Cole 25:44
no, sorry.

Cole 25:50
kung fu Ah, nailed it.

Rodney 25:54
So I like how he’s like, welcome to the dojo. Here’s a legendary Pokemon like what I

Cole 25:58
know right? And then but you only get one so you have to trade for the other one.

Rodney 26:05
Is there another one?

Cole 26:06
Yeah, there’s just the one but he evolves into one of two things. Oh, I see. And you can only pick one of the two to evolve him.

Rodney 26:13
How does it determine what evolves to you like

Cole 26:16
it’ll tell you but there’s two gyms that you have to fight and if you beat the one gym, he evolves into a water type and if you beat the other one he evolves into dark.

Rodney 26:24
Okay, let’s listen

Cole 26:35
was right darkness.

These decisions are my hardest in the game of this. This is the first legendary that actually evolves to, and that’s gonna be one of the Smash past characters fucking better be I hope so that would actually be a dope Pokemon to have, you know?

Rodney 27:19
See, I think it would be in the term in the sense of Smash Brothers. If those two evolutions were Mega Evolutions, and then you could decide which one you mega vol two in the game. That’d be cool. That’d be super cool, but

Cole 27:32
obviously they can’t break out choices. Yeah, but yeah, I think that’s my predictions for smash characters is going to be kabu

Rodney 27:42
kabu sounds good. All right, see what else he has to say. Yeah.

Cole 27:55
Donkey Kong.

Cole 28:01
I got one of them is just a friggin sniper yeah up in the bell tower just crazy yeah let’s drummer a sniper and a soccer player and all walks of life

Rodney 28:15
so we’ll just skip ahead here because you guys can actually see the abilities

oh so that so so fucking sturdy is not a thing anymore when you use your abilities that’s cool

Oh fucking Thank God

Cole 28:43
my personality is so lame because my trainer card sucks

Rodney 28:47
yeah that was another big issue I had with sword shield was it was talking about how much customization you have over your character but like every shop so with

Cole 28:57
with 10 different colors yeah thanks I like the backpacks are kind of cool there’s all the different colors and you change your socks and stuff but yeah

Rodney 29:08
all right, we’re 30 minutes into this good ship.

But anyway, we’ll find it we’re not too long here on this video and then we’ll move on

there you have it. Hey, that hats look I hate that hat.

Cole 29:29
Yeah, the gangster hat the brim Hi.

Rodney 29:31
Yeah, I bring high brim

Cole 29:33
fucking t-shirts are cool though with the sword on it. Yeah.

Cole 29:36
Oh, and the shield. Look at that.

Rodney 29:39
I really like the format of the game in terms of how it like makes battling like a huge event. Like I I love that. Oh, yeah. And everybody is freaking out.

Cole 29:48
Yeah, but on the when we first talked about this, we thought how just making giant Pokemon was kind of stupid. Yeah, I want to go back and listen to that podcast and listen to what our ideas were to make the Make Pokemon more interesting because I think we had some good ideas.

Rodney 30:04
Yeah, I still don’t like dynamaxx

Cole 30:07
is like yeah, it’s super that you can only do like once per battle.

Rodney 30:11
Well not only that it just makes every battle you do fucking predictable it’s like oh no he’s gonna die in the

Cole 30:17
end Exactly. Yeah, I agree.

Rodney 30:20
So, okay I clicked on this because it piqued my interest but now I’ve immediately lost interest. So it’s what is it called? Someone’s hiring no experience necessary was the title which sounds like a film? Yeah, and it’s a game called Good job bumbling employee meets office theme puzzles hilarity ensues

Cole 30:45
I’ll turn the music back up. Oh yeah, buddy.

Rodney 30:49
As the clumsy child of a CEO, you must climb the corporate ladder, one office theme puzzle at a time complete the puzzles in multiple ways as you experience with the interactive environments are direct can be wheeled gently through the electric door or catapulted through a wall soul toll or tumble your way to sort of toe say so toll your way to the top of maker your father proud by throwing your projector through the wall apparently

Cole 31:16
it’s a very Japanese game. That sounds very Japanese make it look he’s cleaning

Rodney 31:19
up a mess

Cole 31:21
make your father proud.

Cole 31:23
Don’t fire me. Don’t send that projector too hard through the wall. Yeah.

Rodney 31:31
You dishonor? No.

Cole 31:33
It was the publisher

Rodney 31:34
the publisher is Paladin studios. And this is released four days ago. So you want a puzzle game on the switch? It’s $20. So there you go. While you’re hunkered down from Heineken virus, you can play some good job and still work. I

Cole 31:51
can see the work. I can still have a job.

Rodney 31:52
Thank god we’re not playing Ico right now. Oh, man.

Cole 31:55
Han has been like, I want to play you again. And I’m like, I can’t Yeah, I can’t go back to Work Yeah, I can’t

Rodney 32:01
fucking mine

Cole 32:01
or anymore. But it’s good shit. I like that game. It’s super fun. I want to get back into it but not now. Yes, I’m a little bit more relaxing.

Cole 32:11
Totally not like CPUs, which we’ll get into later. Oh, man.

Rodney 32:17
All right, so that seems to be the end of Oh, yeah, one more thing, which Super Smash Bros ultimate news approaches. So there’s another fighter coming at the end of June. It’s from the arms series. But it didn’t say who it was.

Cole 32:34
Yeah, and it said, these fighters got long arms, so it’s going to extend the release time.

Cole 32:46
Or some jokes like that. Some pun? Yeah.

Rodney 32:50
It’s gonna extend our development time.

Cole 32:54
I don’t get about the new Smash. It became a meme where it’s it showed like a character and it said Like a blip about the character, you know, it’s like,

it’s how they actually did it. But then it became a meme where they were like Shrek

Cole 33:08
ogres The,

Rodney 33:11
the steps out of his swamp or something.

Cole 33:13
Exactly. And then he would do that with all these characters. And in the new Super Smash Brothers, it just says for all the characters, new challenger approaching, or when this character joins the fight, that’s it. That’s all it says. I’m like, why didn’t they like really dive into the Oh, yeah. For every character somebody new? Oh, yeah, I agree. But they didn’t do that. missed opportunity. Total missed opportunity.

Rodney 33:38
All right. So let’s talk about stuff we’ve been playing lately. So I think we’re almost at the end of this playlist. Oh, no, I’ll take us to the podcast anyways. Call of Duty. Well, yeah, I’ve been playing Call of Duty but no one’s ever fucking online when I want line and I’m like, I’ll play like two multiplayer games. And I’m like, Fuck this. I don’t wanna play anymore.

Cole 33:59
Yeah. I’ve been getting my ass kicked it’s like if you’re it’s gotten to the point where it’s weeded out all of the really bad players. Yeah. And then all of them medium bad players which is myself have nobody to be better with so I just get stomped into the ground every game I’ll get I’ll go positive with like 25 kills and 10 deaths and still come in last and everybody on the opposing team is all positive and I’m like how is everybody on the whole score positive and I meant the bottom Yeah, doesn’t make any sense yeah

Cole 34:34
yeah then I go like one killing 10 deaths

Rodney 34:39
so I finally played plunder oh yeah and which is now called blood money so you get kills for everybody you kill to

Cole 34:47
Blood Money is a dope name

Rodney 34:48
but I can’t fucking stand that mode like everybody starts with their loadout right you don’t have to find to get a load Oh drop and get your loadout and all that shit Everyone starts with a loadout. And they’re responding. So you just have to wait like 30 seconds and then you just respond back in. But then it’s like, oh, I gotta go help my team and you drop in and as you’re parachuting in every fucking everybody in their grandma’s dog who’s camping on a rooftop, like, Hey, I got a parachute and they fucking kill you. And you’re like,

Cole 35:18
Can I park and play the game, please? Okay, you’re trying to land with your team. And now everybody knows where your team is? Yeah. So I play hardcore, too. And the war zone is not hardcore. And plus, you have body armor and everything, obviously. So it’s like, and I’m good at hitting the first about five shots. And then after that, my accuracy has just gone to shit. Yeah, I’m just like, boom, boom, boom. armors gone. And then I miss everything and they dropped me. Yeah, I’m kind of bad.

Rodney 35:46
Yeah, see with Warzone when you get responded back in from gulag, or you get bought back or whatever, when you fly and like there’s so many other parameters that players are paying attention to like, where the circle is, is and where the storm is and where the

Cole 35:59
contract XR and yeah

Rodney 36:00
shopping cart but in Blender literally you’re only killing people for money and then so people are just camping on a rooftop and just picking up all the parachute dudes and then their teammate on the ground. Oh cool. Collect all the money and all the shit.

Cole 36:13
Cool here you go, Ronnie. How about don’t die?

Rodney 36:16
Yeah, I’m just joking. Like I could not die too. Yeah. I much prefer Warzone Yeah, whereas I was great. Yeah, so yeah, so I’ve been playing that I’ve pretty much completed Doom Yeah, yeah, and there’s one enemy that I can’t fucking stand and it’s the Marauder he’s so fucking cheap I can’t even put it into words like everything else about the game is super fair like all the enemies are really easy to take down if you use the right weapons in the right strict strategies, but it’s just the way they the enemies they put in the same room and they all combo really

Cole 36:52
nicely. Like one guy needs a machine gun. One guy needs a shotgun in there together. So you got it.

Rodney 36:57
Yeah, exactly. But this fucking piece of shit. Like I can’t even describe Okay, so he has a, an axe that he can throw, it’s like a laser axe or something. So it’ll travel through the air as a straight line like a kind of wider attack. It looks like a slice, but it like rotates. So you have to try to shoot it out of the air. No, you have to get the fuck out of the way. And then it sticks into the wall and explodes or it sticks into you and explodes nice. And if you get too close to him, he will shoot you with a shotgun.

That’s super powerful. And then on top of that, he blocks every single shot, you put Adam, and until there’s one moment when his eyes flatscreen when he’s about to attack, that’s when he’s vulnerable. So then you shoot them and then he stun for like a half a second and then he starts blocking all your shit again. And then on top of that, there’s two other things that pissed me off about him. He has this fucking dog that he can summon, and the dog can run faster than you even if you’re like moving at full speed like you all the dashes and stuff that I was talking about in the last podcast, and like you’ll be critical health so you’re trying to escape the battle to find like a little fodder enemy to kill to get some health back and he’s faster than you.

So he’ll like, attack you and fucking kill you and you’re like a cool, asshole. Like, fuck, it’s just he’s just so frustrating. And you literally have to focus only on him and nobody else until you get away. Yeah, until you get them out of the way or else you’re fucking dead. But while you’re focusing on him, there’s like fodder enemies throwing fireballs at you and fucking the monkey bus shooting you up and there’s a cat remember, he’s called the ark vial. I think he could summon enemies. So if you don’t take care of him, you have like 18 more enemies that you got to deal with. It’s like, Oh my god, it just gets so fucking hard. So if the router wasn’t in the game, perfect game.

Cole 38:46
It’s funny I I’ll play a game like that where I look at the room and you’re like, Okay, I’m gonna jump on this guy and zip over that and you kind of get a plan together of how you want to be as efficient and cool looking as possible and take everybody out there. Yeah, one wrench in it. Yeah.

Rodney 39:00
Every time the yeah the game super fun except you can’t do that in this the only time I plan it out is if I go into a battle and I have no ammo I’m like a first fighter guy See? Fucking chainsaw but other than that’s it I’ll just keep going around and then I’ll turn a corner and then I’ll see what’s there like okay there’s two fathers and a monkey boss or whatever and then all like exactly called a monkey Buster Thank you, boss, Yeah,

Cole 39:26
I thought it was like a Pokemon reference where it’s like a sucky bus It looks like a monkey so you’re just calling it a monkey bus

Rodney 39:34
but yeah you basically go around a corner and see what’s there and then instantly come up with a plan like all throw fucking throw a grenade and code or I’ll chainsaw this guy, yeah, it’s there’s one there’s couple enemies that take a lot of fucking bullets to kill like a ton.

Cole 39:50
Just spongy is all get out

Rodney 39:52
and they and they have, I think the hardest demon to kill in the game. Excuse me in the game. Besides the fucking Marauder is The hell boys. So they’re massive and they take I think the most powerful gun in the game besides the big fucking gun is the rail fuck I can’t well it’s kind of like a Railgun I can’t remember what it’s called, but it shoots like plasma bolts and you can kill a monkey busted like two shots or three shots with that pretty much all this the lower class heavy demons you can kill in like two or three shots but this guy takes like all 10 shots and that’s the maximum amount of ammo has and then like you have to finish them off with like the super shotgun like three times. You’re like, Fuck,

Cole 40:36
you’re a monster. Do you ever fight more than one of them at once?

Rodney 40:40
I’ve never fought more than one of those at once. There’s another enemy he’s a sponge too. He has flaming size for arms and he moves really fast like you have to be. You can only like dash and outrun him for like, so long and then you turn around take one or two shots and then you got to run again because he’s awesome. So I’ve only ever bought one of those until yesterday they put two of them in the same room and I’m like, Holy Fuck, I’m gonna die.

And I just got my crucible sword which one-shots any demon except for bosses so so I’m like this is the time to use the crucible because you only have three times you can use it before you need to find more energy for it so I just turn around and just chop both of them in half my get fucked so yeah, I’m really conservative off because the big fucking guy has a limited amount of ammo and it’s very hard to find ammo for it. And same with the sword it’s very hard to find the energy for it.

So I’m very conservative with those. I don’t use them. I try to just do with all the regular guns, but you’re like this one. I’m like, this is the time Yeah, yeah. And then if I ever come back to that part later, and I don’t have any energy. I don’t want to have to rely on that for that one part. I want to make sure I can clear it with the regular guns. But

Cole 41:52
I’m always bad at that too. But collecting stuff and then never using it. Yeah, like I’ve got all this ammo. I’m not gonna use it.

Rodney 41:59
Yeah, totally. So yeah, do cool. I played more online and I still hate it. Yeah, it’s like well, I was also in a bad mood yesterday cuz the Sea of Thieves, which we’re gonna talk about, which we’ll talk about in a second. Yeah, fuck it was I won one game like these guys were so like, spectacularly bad like I’m pretty bad at online Doom, but these guys were really bad as bad Yeah, and I just fucking wasted them. But other than that I got destroyed. Yeah, it’s just so dumb. So fucking dumb anyways, okay, let’s talk about CB thieves now. So, my brother out of all people has been saying, hey, complexity thieves with me. And I’m like, fine. Okay, so I did. We played one game or two games of Arena in a sloop, which was fun. I wanted to try this.

Cole 42:45
Adam and I tried to play in this loop, and we dropped in a game and it was just loading and loading alone. Again, they couldn’t find anybody for us to play with. Oh, yeah. So we just sat there for like 20 minutes and if we weren’t even sitting in the arena. Like where you can walk. Crowd, we were sitting in the loading screen like waiting to load your sleep. Right? And we just couldn’t find anybody so

Rodney 43:06
that’s annoying. Yeah, there’s the population for the Reno’s really small. And that socks is the Rena is like the most fun part about CPUs Honestly,

Cole 43:13
I disagree. But yeah, I do like playing the arena and I want to play with people.

Rodney 43:20
Well I played with Cole and Adam and my brother. Yeah, a couple days ago and we did a couple things. It was good fun. But when we played yesterday,

Cole 43:27
without Adam, and got destroyed, I got fucking destroyed. Adam is an absolute monster and the rest of us are plebeians.

Rodney 43:35
Well, Cody and Devin. We’re plebeians, because they just got the game not too long ago, and I’m playing on PC so I’m basically playing with one hand tied behind my back because I’m playing with a keyboard a mouse and I’m not used to that.

Cole 43:46
And my mouse socks. Oh, I can’t scroll. I’m like yeah,

Rodney 43:50
all right. Well, yeah, and I freeze up John’s. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, no, I just freeze up like when I’m under pressure on keyboard like I just It’s just not instinctual what to do. Like it is on a controller. Like if I go I need to do,

Cole 44:04
right. But, but we are we were playing arena, and we had all the treasure and we were killing it. And then this other crew just crashed their ship into us dropped our anchor. And they all two of them sat in there. There are the ground and so they sat in the piloting area. The gowns was snipers. Yeah. And they’re like God level snipers like and then and just ran around. So we would chase these guys and the other guys would just snipe us. It was

Rodney 44:32
frustrating. Yeah, so it was like 10 straight minutes of us dying and coming back to life. Maybe killing one guy dying again.

Cole 44:39
Yeah, we’re like weapon fireball. We’re setting the ship on fire and everything. And they’re just like, yeah, shaking it off. Yeah, it was not okay.

Rodney 44:47
But that one guy was like, questionably sniping us like there was some shit going on there.

Cole 44:53
Yeah, it’s funny. I’ve watched YouTube videos of guys who are like we’re the best see the players. There’s some pretty friggin good See if the players out there Yeah, but I mean there was some gnarliness Yeah, I mean we were getting worked pretty hard.

Rodney 45:07
Well though there’s a couple ones that confused me one was me and my brother were swimming underwater to go cash in a couple chests and I got shot so I turned around and I like PC has a really good field of view and Oh yeah, depth that you can see. And I saw Cody like quite a ways behind me with a treasure chest and then I shot saw another shot come out of like the dark blue background and like fucking Insta head shot me I’m like what

Cole 45:36
with the chest in your hand? Yeah, yeah. And he wasn’t using this type where he’s using a pistol

Rodney 45:41
Yeah, I don’t know about like that guy. His name was bought camper so I wonder I’m wondering if he was fuckin headshot body. Yeah, a little on the nose. But it was well yeah, it was super questionable.

Cole 45:55
And we got kicked their asses on the campaign as well. We there was like all these Fighting or like we’re getting on this? Yeah, it would be pretty good. But this loop came out on top because this loop is well,

Rodney 46:06
I don’t think the brigade team was fighting at all. I think the brigade he was just docked and they just sank it.

Cole 46:10
Yeah. Well, we were sailing after the sloop because it held the treasure. And I was sailing. And somebody was like, what do we do about these guys? And I’m like, we chase him like, No, these guys and I look and there’s a ship on us, firing at us. And I was like, where did those guys come from?

Rodney 46:24
Yeah, it was good. It was. It was crazy talk. So yeah, we got really frustrated last night. We all just kind of quit. Yeah. So

Cole 46:34
we were gonna do the steam the postapocalyptic steam. Yeah, we’re getting Okay, we’re getting there.

Rodney 46:41
And what else have we been playing? I’ve been playing some NHL 20 realizing again how fucking broken it is.

Cole 46:47
I’ve been playing escape from tarkoff.

Rodney 46:49
I’ve seen a lot of people playing

Cole 46:50
that. I don’t know what it’s about. It’s hard. It’s like a battle royale game but you get dropped into the map. And you have there’s a bunch of different maps. There’s tons of them. And you have a story. a time limit in each math, they you have to collect stuff and get out. And then you have your inventory, right. So you get your inventory, but everything you take in if you die, you lose all of it. So if you go into it, and you die with like your best equipment, it’s gone. Unless I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty, but basically, but if you kill a guy with all his best equipment, you take it all and then when you leave, now you have all of it and okay.

But the one thing that it does is it the game resets itself so you can buy different versions of the game. So you can buy the basic version, the deluxe, and then it keeps going. There’s like four levels, and you get certain stuff based on which level of the game you buy and the game will reset itself as if you just bought it. Okay, so like after six or seven months, everything you’ve collected and everything you’ve worked for, it takes it All the way All of your money, all of your guns, all of your equipment, everything and gives you whatever you paid for at the beginning and you start again. And it does that for everybody. Okay? And then you play again in hand go through it, but you get dropped into the map, get 25 minutes, collect as much stuff as you can, and then you have to escape.

Rodney 48:19
So what type of game is it?

Cole 48:22
It’s a first-person shooter. Oh, so it’s a first-person shooter. It’s like, it’s like Warzone. It’s exactly like Warzone. Except for rather than gasp closing in, you have 25 minutes to just collect as much stuff and then if you die, you’re dead. Right? So you have your character, you load up your character with all your gear, drop into the map, kill as many people as you can get all of their equipment but it’s like one of the hardest games ever like you get shot once you’re dead unless you have good body armor and they have shit ammo, so there’s ammo grades, right? So if you ever if you’re using really crappy ammo, you can’t kill anybody.

But if you’re High-Grade ammo it’ll just rip through your armor. So you got to like depend on what armor class and what ammo you’re using, what gun you’re using. And then there’s also a mode called scab where there’s your player character and then there’s a scab. scab has a preset of weapons and armor right? So you can drop into a game as a scab, and then all you have to do is basically get out and then you get all your equipment so that way if you have no equipment and you just got your ass kicked and you lost everything come in as a scab, so you’re not completely helpless. Okay, and then go from there. That’s pretty fun.

Rodney 49:35
That sounds like something I’d be interested in. Yeah, it’s good about Mr. Bridges Wright’s game though. It is a full-price games full-price game. 80 bucks.

Cole 49:44
I think I paid like 70 Okay.

Rodney 49:49
Yeah, I see Matt bridges playing that all the time, instead of playing Warzone with me, but now I understand why.

Cole 49:54
Yeah, but the cheapest one is like 70 bucks and there’s like 90 bucks and then $110 $150

Rodney 50:00
interesting. Yeah. So last week we kept our poll open for what do you guys think is the best or what do you guys think the podcast needs on our website and we’ve had a couple more people vote Yay. So three people said that the podcast is lit

Cole 50:19

Rodney 50:20
bro light it up boys. One other person said other and then clarify what

Cole 50:27
what other one and

Rodney 50:29

Cole 50:30
we have to vote other hit us up on Discord. We need like another thing on Discord. Yeah, totally.

Rodney 50:37
So yeah, basically, three people said the podcast is lead and one-two people said other.

Cole 50:43
So two people

Rodney 50:44
said other two people said other. So yeah, it’s funny. What do you think the other is? Are we missing? Besides will babes Yeah, we do need we need a gamer babe on our show.

Yeah, we were plugs. We need more plugs. We need more headphones in our studio any more headphones in our studio?

Cole 51:11
Yeah, and more will

Rodney 51:13
more will. Oh, he’s just been kind of silent. last little bit

Cole 51:18
so weird. It’s so funny how he’s like consistent for like 95 episodes and then gone.

Rodney 51:24
Yeah, he’s like smoke bomb fuckin

Cole 51:27
Oh yeah, so

Rodney 51:30
I don’t know. Maybe he’s done but I’ll have a chat with him and see. Yeah,

Cole 51:35
finger shit out Well, yeah,

Rodney 51:37
this song is quite loud. I’m gonna like that doo doo doo doo. Anyways, what do you pull for this week now call out this we’re going to put the next 10 things we’re going to talk about you guys can vote. So we’re going to count down the 10 best post-apocalyptic games on Steam. These aren’t actually ranked. We’re just gonna go from the bottom to the top, so we want you guys to vote on what the best postdoc apocalypse is on this list. So start from the bottom Far Cry three Blood Dragon.

Cole 52:15
Red Dragon the retro synth the

Unknown Speaker 52:19
Blood Dragon.

Cole 52:22
Blood Dragon. Yeah.

Rodney 52:23
So get that for $15 on the Steam Store.

Actually, there’s 11 on here so we’re gonna weed out the one that doesn’t make the top 10 Oh, yeah,

Cole 52:33
we that the Blood Dragon.

Rodney 52:35
Could be next. Next one is also $15 on the Steam Store, Metro 2033

Cole 52:42
Oh, yeah, I remember. I was like,

Cole 52:45
hammer. I was like

Cole 52:46
1516 and I went to the future shop. Whoa, Yeah, I know. Right? Well, throwback to any Canadians listening over to the future shop. And I was looking for a game. And I saw it and there was like the monster face on the front of it and I was like this looks interesting cuz I just picked it up. Loved it. Such a good game really freaky great atmosphere guys. I loved it so much and then I’ve played all of them last night Exodus, play them all.

Rodney 53:13
I stole an Action Replay from the future shop once

Cole 53:16
nice stealing stuff from food. I also stole

Rodney 53:21
the wireless adapter for your Gameboy Advance.

Cole 53:24
I was at

Canadian Tire Yes, for all Americans, is a Canadian.

Rodney 53:32
It’s a very it’s a very well known hardware type store. Hunting and fishing store.

Cole 53:39
Yeah, I was there with my grandpa. And we were getting Christmas lights. And he put a bunch of like plugins, like really expensive plugins into his pocket. And then we got to the counter and he like chatted up the lady and he put on the old man act, and she was like, Oh, you’re so sweet and so cute. And then he walked out in the thing with BPP and she was like, Oh, you’re fine, you’re fine. Can we get our He’s like oh I forgot I had all these in my pocket we just took off with like his pockets is filled with shit that he stole

Rodney 54:07
yeah, so discord lighting up now Oh look it’s a car oh yeah so there’s a he brought up a good point actually read this morning and I forgot to mention it Call of Duty Modern Warfare two remastered campaign comes out tomorrow Oh do I play that? Maybe so yeah I read that this morning on what is it come out? I think I know I think it’s a part of Modern Warfare oh damn yeah so turn on your Xbox is everybody make sure that you update oh yeah right. Gonna be waiting forever. Yeah. Anyways Another thing I stole actually I steal these quite often is a flat of Nestle water like the

Cole 54:50
Oh yeah. Fuck you

Rodney 54:52
Nestle. Yeah, Nestle can suck my gigantic goat dick. Yeah. And greatest of all time. Come on. Great. Yeah. Okay, but yeah, so I always put it underneath the cart same thing just load the conveyor with all the other ship that I’m paying for and then chap the lady and then load everything back on and then walk out so I probably stole like, oh fuck 30 flights of those

Cole 55:14
well, Nestle’s the enemy man. NASA is like a legitimate evil. Pixar villain Corporation. The guy who’s like, water is not a human. Human right? It’s not a human right. You have to pay for it. What are we paying you for it? You own all the

Rodney 55:29
water? We’re paying you for the plastic

Cole 55:32
that you take deck. Exactly. I hate it. Let’s not we’ll have a Nestle podcast. We have a daily podcast and NSA podcast.

Rodney 55:41
Yeah. All right. Next one on the list. Here is Daisy.

Cole 55:46
Oh, man, old school Daisy. playing it when you couldn’t kill the zombies. That’s how far back I was playing Daisy. When zombies would just like walk through walls. You’d be hiding and looting and zombie would just walk Their wall and you couldn’t kill it.

Rodney 56:01
Yeah. Next one Tom Clancy’s The Division for 60 bucks.

Cole 56:06
I was so excited for that game. I was like, this is a game for me. And it’s just not. I like it’s funny that’s on this top 10 list. But I mean, this isn’t top 10 user rating. I think it’s just top 10

Rodney 56:19
it’s just yeah. best best to post a lot of games on Steam. As you play the

Cole 56:24
second one. You played the first one, didn’t you? division?

Rodney 56:27
Yeah, no. Oh, I thought I was going to and then

Cole 56:30
we’ll I think we’ll uh, Mark and I yeah, played it. That must have been it.

Cole 56:34
Yeah. And then ever play the second one because I wanted the first one to be better, but it was just another looter shooter. But when I was streaming, Doom, guy named Thomas came on the stream and was like harassing me to play it. I’m like, Okay, I’ll play it. And I don’t know.

Cole 56:49
The first one or the second one.

Rodney 56:51
I think the first one. Maybe the second one. I don’t know. I think he means destiny.

Cole 56:55
I played destiny. One. It was okay. It’s kind of like this. It’s like You get put in the city and there’s different Erica’s areas of difficulty and then you got to kill the little guys and kill the boss to get the best weapons to escape right?

Rodney 57:08
Yeah. Okay. Next one Mad Max.

I haven’t played that.

Cole 57:14
No, I thought you did somebody that I know plays Mad Max and just loves it and says it’s an awesome game. I thought it was you but Oh no.

Rodney 57:23
I haven’t even seen the movie because I kind of don’t care.

Cole 57:25
Dude. George Miller is like, babe he’s the director of babe so good all the Mad Max movies like the best

Rodney 57:34
speaking of babe I kinda want to watch this first the one and two again

Cole 57:38
yeah they pig in the city and the original babe yeah

Rodney 57:42
amazing darkness Should I think I remember

Cole 57:44
Oh, yeah. Apparently the babe and Saving Private Ryan were up for an award and babe beat Saving Private Ryan I camera with the award was but I remember looking it up and being like, the winner was babe. And here are the other nominations and I’m like that saving crap. Ryan and babe one. So, you know it’s a good movie.

Rodney 58:05
Yeah. next one is seven days to die.

Cole 58:09
That’s a good game isn’t that it’s a little boxy. It’s kind of like

I can’t think of an example game but it’s very simplistic in the way it looks but it’s really complex like big open world you got to survive the building mechanics and the mind and mechanics are really complex and survival is pretty fun. It’s also a game you should play with a lot of people you got to get like your six buddies together and see how long you can survive. You gotta you have seven days to build your base and then you get attacked by a huge horde of zombies. So you have to survive for those seven days and then once you survive that horde night, you get seven more days for the next horde night and seven more days for the next or night and then every seven days you gotta defend interesting.

Rodney 58:58
All right, next one is wasteland two

No Okay, moving on grim dawn

Cole 59:05
grim dawn

Cole 59:08
had to get up and look at my Sandy it’s kind of far away and on an angle, you broke it You broke the six-foot all yeah I did not want to get back in virus we

Cole 59:17
started our two-week isolation again. yeah

Rodney 59:22
all right next one is left for dead to which I’m sure you played Yeah.

Next one though this war is mine that’s actually a rap song. That’s fuckin badass. Really? Yeah.

Cole 59:32
Oh, this is This War of Mine though. Oh, This War of Mine This War of Mine which is a great game Have you played it? No,

Rodney 59:40
no, I love I haven’t played I don’t think any of these games on this list really except for cry three.

Cole 59:46
This War of Mine is one of those games where it’s like it’s a strategy game. See there’s a house and you have people living in the house and you have to like grow food and water and go out and scavenge and have everybody survive but people always die like everybody like I want to get the hundred percent everybody lived. Yeah, but it’s like, next to impossible to get everybody to live so that game just drives me. Yeah.

Cole 1:00:15
All right last one Fallout four. Fallout four is that the best one?

Rodney 1:00:19
No New Vegas here’s the best one.

Cole 1:00:21
Yeah, it’s I mean three and New Vegas are amazing. Follow four is good because it’s newer you know how things are good because they’re like you said like, Breath of the Wild. If Aquamarine of time came out now, it would be as good as Breath of the Wild but Breath of the Wild is you’ve got more technology. That’s kind of like what Fallout four is two, right three and New Vegas that if you were to make three New Vegas now they would be just as good, right? But there’s some mechanics or four that are really kind of stupid. Were three in New Vegas were much more polished. Okay, but for is really fun. You should definitely check it out. But I there was So much game that I just couldn’t do it all too big

Rodney 1:01:04
All right, so yeah vote on those 11 titles to see which one is the best of all time. And I’ll we’ll probably add a few more. I’m sure we got a few more on the list we can

Cole 1:01:15
do that.

Cole 1:01:18
Whoa, oh, yes.

Rodney 1:01:21
I like that song. actually cut that down because it starts that song starts with that whole cutscene where it’s just like slippy and fucking Fox and all them talking. Like,

Cole 1:01:32
geez, anyone who’s gonna do anything,

Rodney 1:01:34
whatever the fuck and then he says, God, blah, blah Fox. It’s good. Yeah, it’s good. Anyways, Alright guys, thanks for listening to the games now podcast, leave a review on whatever you’re listening to the show on to help spread the word about our gaming Word of the Week, which was gamer word, which we didn’t talk about.

Cole 1:01:47
Oh, yeah, cuz it was a little bit risque.

Rodney 1:01:51
You want to talk about it now? Let’s do it now. So gaming Word of the Week is gamer word. The gamer word is when a gamer says the N word with a high Are and I said that like a Canadian holy shit

Cole 1:02:02
a hard R. But it’s basically, I would say, to soften it up. It’s saying a taboo word that you’re not supposed to say. But in the heat of a moment, you say it.

Rodney 1:02:14
Yeah. It’s commonly used as commonly associated with a gamer that is extremely angry usually at his teammates and the quote is shut the fuck up and help your team blank.

Cole 1:02:23
Yeah, insert gamer word. Insert taboo words that you can’t say. Yeah. Especially while playing video games.

Rodney 1:02:30
Yeah. And if the if the GIF that’s here if that guy was on my team, I would fuck quit.

Cole 1:02:37
That guy looks like he knows what he’s doing. That guy looks like he spends a lot of time

Rodney 1:02:41
playing video games. It should serious one of the goggles go on.

Cole 1:02:44
And it’s you know, shit serious when you know in racing games when you try to turn your whole body to turn the car. Yeah, that’s what he’s doing.

Rodney 1:02:53
When I was a kid, and I played Mario on the NES, I would literally move jumped to controller two Make Mario jump higher. And then in the Wii version that that was a thing where like you would have to like jump and do stuff.

Cole 1:03:08
Apologies made it in tarkoff if you press E or think you your character leans right, so I was playing tarkoff and then I went to play Call of Duty and I couldn’t lean so I was actually leaning on my couch because I was used to being in target. My wife’s like, does that help you see around the corner better? I was like, You don’t understand what I’m going through. Right.

Cole 1:03:30
Awesome. All right, guys.

Rodney 1:03:33
So yeah, spread the word about gamer word. Well, don’t actually that’s a bad word. Yeah, don’t spread the word about that spread

Cole 1:03:38
the word about gameboard.

Rodney 1:03:41
Anyways, uh, consider becoming a bit of games on Patreon to get access to the podcast episodes one day earlier than everyone else as well as discounts on our store whose stories and listen to the podcast live on discord as we record it. See you guys on our social media and we’ll talk to you guys next week in this Heineken meltdown

Cole 1:03:58
pace. So you Yeah

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