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Rodney 0:13
Hello, everybody welcome to another episode of the video games now podcast. It’s Rodney joined by literally nobody. Cole was supposed to be here but I texted him are you up and ready 10 minutes ago and he hasn’t responded to me and call them twice he hasn’t responded to me texted his wife she hasn’t responded to me.

So here we go. Solo podcast with Rodney and we’re gonna be talking about Doom eternal have been playing that quite a bit actually. Along with Warzone, I’ve just been playing the shit on a Warzone. It’s been a good ass time. We’re going to talk about the PS5 details that were released again on Wednesday. That’s the day of the week that all the shit gets released the day after the podcast gets released. And we’ll touch on Animal Crossing New Horizons to see what that’s all about. And hopefully, Cole can join us maybe even midway through the podcast and we’ll pick it up here.

We have our live podcast available to everybody who’s a Patreon and Omegas online but he’s not in the actual podcast Live podcast channel. You can also chat with us in our Patreon chat while we’re recording as well and we can directly answer your guys’ questions. It’s a good time So, alright, anyways Doom Eternal, PS5 and Animal Crossing coming up right now.

All right visit our website at videogamesnow.ca to find all of our content, including our YouTube videos, social media links, and the gaming news covered on the podcast after the show please leave a review and whatever the whatever you’re listening to on to us on to help spread the word about our gaming Word of the Week this week which is an old school one. Anyone who’s like not 10 and above should know what this one is. Wrapped. So you guys remember this in the schoolyard

Rodney 2:03
like Hey, have you played? Hey you Pikachu like yeah, I wrapped it. It’s yo is done. Done.

Rodney 2:11
See, I wrapped is 100% completed a game, which was not hard to do back in the day. weren’t that big? There wasn’t a lot to do. I actually remember playing Banjo Kazooie last year. I want to say for the first time I think I played Banjo Kazooie but I didn’t like own it. I didn’t own the game. So I played it fully for the first time. And it did not take a long time to quote-unquote wrap a level. So yeah, it’s a good ass time to wrap games, but not anymore. It’s just it’s such a grind. And anyway, have you can beer have had that can’t talk without my buddy Cole here.

Have you considered becoming a video games now Patreon? As a Patreon, you get access to the podcast episodes one day earlier than everyone else. So let’s just count on VGN swag, exclusive stories and you can listen to the podcast live on discord as we record it and chat with us as I said earlier. So speaking of wrapping stuff, I’ve been getting right into Doom eternal, which has a good chunk of collectibles on each level. And it is possible to get them all in the first go.

So I’ve been kind of taking my time playing all the levels and trying to get all the collectibles, but it takes me about an hour per level. So these are long levels. And I think what makes the longest because I’m actually going for all these collectibles. So you got toys, you got records, you got cheats, you can find you got what else you can find ways to upgrade your suitor ways to upgrade ruins that you have, like yeah, there’s a ton of collectibles in this. It’s great and the level I just beat last night had 23 different collectibles in it. So that’s a lot and the game actually rewards you with more stuff. If you find all the collectibles in the game, or in the level rather, so it’s challenging you to complete the game.

Alright, let’s check out Doom eternal So, so far it feels really really good. I played some of the online and I played the campaign. The campaign feels so good. It makes you feel like an absolute badass it’s got some bitchin fuckin soundtrack to go with. It’s like some heavy metal while you’re fighting just to make you feel even more badass. Yeah, it’s, it takes a little bit to get used to the controls again because it’s odd and it’s not like a traditional shooter. It’s a very heavy running gunner… So I’m on the verge right now on their review, and I’ll kind of chime in with my say on it.

No one expected at the 2016 reboot of doom to be good, let alone the incredible blast of demon crunching action. It turned out to be Doom 2016 achieved a wonderful thing. It was very dumb but also extremely smart. Well, its story was non-existent and aesthetics were ripped from the walls of the teenage metalhead. The combat was a fast-paced pitch-perfect blend of thoughtful mechanics that never got old. For the sequel, id Software have the strongest a basis to work from the studio could have easily done what did for the original game sequel Doom to hell on earth, and essentially just cranked out a bunch of new levels.

Instead, Doom eternal dramatically expanded the scope of doom jacking up the action in all directions. The results is a game that is impossibly extra and not always the best for the better but in most ways, Doom eternal is a glorious hilarious delight. Go away restart to get the latest update asshole fucking adding audio to my podcast that I don’t want. Anyways. Yeah, so the first game I’m sorry, the first level. I remember some dudes were playing it and I think I was reading it on this podcast. Actually, these guys were kind of tearing it apart because there’s like It’s not challenging enough like the puzzles aren’t challenging enough. But it’s, it’s fun like it’s a lot of fun. Even when I’m doing the battles and getting my ass handed to me, I’m having fun like, it’s, you just feel like a super badass so but you have to manage.

So for those who haven’t played Doom yet, you have to manage four things, you have to manage your ammo, which runs out really, really often. And the way you can replenish that is you have a chainsaw, and it’ll charge up to one, there are three fuel cells in your chainsaw. And if you’re completely out, it’ll charge up the first one but it’ll take you a minute or so to charge it up. But you just chainsaw demon in half and that’s how you get ammo.

Rodney 6:45
The next thing you got to manage obviously is your health and then your armor. So for health just like killing demons, they drop a little bit of health, but to get the most health you’ll do what’s called the glory kill Bradley was talking about on a previous podcast so you’ll damage them down to the point of like critical health and then they’ll start flashing like orange and blue and kind of be in a staggered state and then you just go up and melee them and you perform a glory kill so like one demon you literally rip his spine out of his frickin body and like it’s they’re gruely gruely kills like it’s so satisfying to watch even now like I’ve done 1000 of them, armor you got to manage as well.

So you have a flame belch it’s called so you’ll shoot flee like a flamethrower a quick flame thrower at an enemy and then while they’re on fire, they’ll drop armor and then if you kill them they’ll drop that the maximum amount armor So that’s a quick way to top up your shield. And then the last thing which is new to this game is called a blood punch. I remember looking at I was upgrading my health or something and it’s like when your health max it’ll good health pick up over contribute a blood patch and I kept thinking like what the fuck is blood punch? What is that? Well, let me tell you. It’s some badassery is what it is. So, by performing a glory kill, you’re contributing to this blood punch. And after you get 2 glory kills your blood punch will be available and it’s just this op fucking punch. That just comes in. And Hanna who’s Cole’s wife just got back to me. Copy. I’ll see what I can do. Yeah. All right. Good luck. Anyways.

Yeah, so it’s this op punch that literally obliterates all the fucking Doom dudes around you. Like, you’ll punch somebody and you’ll just see blood splatter everywhere and everybody around you will have died. It’s great and it breaks through armor too. So if you’re facing like, I don’t know if you guys know the pinky enemies. It’s like those dinosaur looking things that charge straight at you and you have to jump out of the way and shoot their tail. So if that thing charges me and I blood punch it, it like instant kills it. It’s frickin so badass. So that’s a good thing to have in your back pocket if you’re gonna get if you’re getting fucked.

Cuz it It happens in this game where you’ll get caught on set dressing or I don’t know what they’re actually called demons I guess we’ll call them demons. So yeah, then if I’m cornered by like four of them and they’re just peppering me, I’ll just blood punch them and they’ll die and I’ll get a bunch of health and I’m safe. So, yeah, it’s a good ass time. Okay, so I’m just gonna continue the article here on the verge. This frees up Doom eternal to offer a more kinetic exciting experience. As soon as you see the title screen fade out. The level design is far more open, diverse and vertical than in June 2016. The survival is about aerobatics, as much as it is headshots.

There aren’t many first-person shooters that show such a creative approach to moving through space. Doom External is frequently reminiscent of Titanfall two and it’s almost been Nintendo esque lack of restraint when it comes to constructing elaborate dangerous environments. Sometimes you’ll literally see spinning firebomb bars straight out of Super Mario Bros. Yeah, I totally, I said the same thing. I’m like, Man, I’ve been training my whole life for this. But he brings up a good point the, the dynamics of your movement are probably one of the best part about this game. So you have a double jump, so you can jump in the jump again in the air. And then you also have a dash attack or not attack just a dash. So you can dash twice in midair. And it takes it’ll, it goes quite far. So your mobility in a fight, especially to avoid if you’re getting if you’re surrounded by demons and you’re gonna get fucked, you can just jump in and dash out of there and then you’re basically out of danger for the time being because you have dashed so far.

Not only that, even though you can dash quite far, you still have to manage when you do your double jump and when you do your dashes in order to maximize how far you go. So there’s a lot of different platforming elements to this game as well. You have to actually manage that. So that’s actually quite interesting about this game. I actually really like it. And I’m having a lot of fun playing this game. I’m not gonna lie. Alright, so I’ll get into the multiplayer in a little bit and try not to spoil this game. But yeah, this game taught you the whole time like you’re the first bit of the game you’re going after how priests the first thing of the game is like you literally behead a hell priest take the take his decapitated head to the other hell priests and thrown in front of them and go your guys are next like you just fuck. super badass. Sounds like Cole is gonna join us. I’m super excited. See, that’s cool. His weak point. You just got to get his wife on board. And she’ll be like, okay, she’ll help you out. It’s gonna be good. So everyone needs a ton of coal

for being late to the podcast. Alright, so just continuing on here. We’ll keep talking Intel Cole joins us and I’ll keep checking Skype to make sure he’s, he’s gonna actually join us here. This extends to the combat areas which benefit from the expanded focus on movement you’ll find you’ll often find yourself say swinging from a bar to avoid an energy blast from an enemy before shooting them on the way down and Glor Gourley dispatched, dispatching them with one of their own limbs in the space of a second or two. That’s such a thing that such a thing is even possible as the result of Doom Eternal unique system driven combat system, which is the most which is mostly unchanged from its predecessor. Yeah, I mean, why change it? It works in the original, it was rock solid. dooms combat is like the video game equivalent of an expertly cooked wagyu burger. You can appreciate the incredible artistry and beautiful marbling if you look closely or you can just Chow the hell down.

Here’s how it all works. You have guns obviously and you can use them to kill Scary Monsters but if you have the right do the right amount of damage before setting them back to the underworld. They’ll stagger back and glow orange opening a door for you to perform or gruesome finishing move and restore some health at the same time. Your chainsaw, meanwhile, is a one-button option that can be used to carve enemies apart and gain some more ammo. And the only catch is that you need to find gas to keep the tank full. You also have a flamethrower that can toast enemies and bestow you with armor, but that ability reset sometimes. So there’s one new ability in this game and that is the ice bomb. So just going to be checking the escape. So you have a frag grenade so that comes in handy when you’re in a pinch. I think my most used gun oh god that’s actually tough because I actually use all the guns I use every single one of them. The plasma gun is really good for just kind of bowing down multiple enemies that are like weaker enemy so I can just quickly get some health. I’m using my assault rifle, which is an automatic rifle but you can get power.

I call it a power-up but I don’t really I can’t remember what it’s actually called. So you can upgrade. Oh, a mod. That’s what it’s called. So you can upgrade these mods to have your gun to specific things. So I have precision on there. So by holding the left trigger, you can activate the mod and then by pushing up on the D-pad, you can switch your mods if you have two of them. So the other one on the assault rifle is like a mini-missile launcher or some bullshit, which I never use, I only use the precision because you can actually target the weak points on all these enemies. So like a man key boss, which is a giant, fat fucking demon looking thing with two giant like Santa Saran looking cannons on both arms. And if you get too close, they’ll just flame through the shit out of you. So you can shoot these off his arms with these with this precision gun. So you just zoom in, shoot it and then it takes a second to reload then you shoot the other one and then there goes this flame thrower, so he’s a little bit less of a hazard. But when you’re fighting for them, like fuck it’s tough. It’s tough to even shoot off one of those because you’re just getting rekt from both sides.

But yeah, so um Use AR quite a bit and then even when it’s in assault mode that three shots will usually let me perform the word kill on weaker enemies and then I can get some health the shotgun I use a lot the sticky bomb I use on it because that that can damage some there’s a rack neutron I think it’s called it’s like a big spider looking thing with a fucking or a scorpion looking thing with its tail is a cannon so you can shoot a sticky bomb and blow it up. So yeah, it’s it gives you a lot of options to actually like get rid of all these enemies in different ways. So it’s not it feels fresh every time as you’re taking it on. So calls getting ready. Hey, all right. Well, I’ll keep talking about Doom because I don’t think calls actually play doom. And then we’re going to move on to psi. But anyways, continuing on here, so I’ll get into the ice punch, which is what the verge is getting into now dooms it do materials new additions include an ice bomb that freezes enemies in place and a blood punch attack that breaks through armor, but the basic flow feels more or less the same.

Battles will typically see you use most of your abilities in a perpetual whirlwind of resource management, killing enemies in a certain way depending on what they’re weak to which color they’re growing or glowing and which and what you’re running low on at the heat of the moment. at its best, do maternal fields like guitar here, you enter the zone and do what needs to be done without with almost without thinking. Yeah, that’s true. See, I actually I was, I can’t remember where he said this before. With Doom actually started with other FPS is I will often fixate on stuff and forget all the options I have. So like, for example, on Call of Duty, I will see an enemy who doesn’t see me and then I’ll mount my gun and I’ll fucking sit there and I’ll wait for him to pop out. Whereas I could be using, I could be doing something else.

Such as like flanking him, or rushing him or using like a flashbang or using a grenade or like all these other options are available to me, but I just kind of fixating on something so that I get a kill as soon as he pops out and then now I’m just disregarding everything else around me and all the other equipment I have. Whereas in Doom that’s not really an option you basically know you have everything available to you and then you’re like, oh my god a clump of enemies I better grenade them. Or I’m running low on ammo. So the next guy that jumps out I’m fucking chainsaw them. Like it’s just, it’s second nature. It’s It’s great. It feels really good when you’re in the game for sure. Going back to the verge, speaking of guitars Doom eternal soundtrack is Pitch Perfect.

Australian composer Mick Gordon has returned to deliver another original score which continues to be metal as hell and perfectly suits the dooms aesthetic. Gordon’s work is intense and original blending industrial sounds with deep basic grooves that serve as a pulsating backdrop to the demon demonic action. It’s perhaps the most acute example of how well I’d handle the tone and vibe of the new Doom games. Doom has always had cool music But it wouldn’t have been the easiest thing in the world to recreate the early games famous MIDI jams with but rock guitars said and said Gordon has carved out an icon or icon. icon Oh la lastic sound Okay, that was a tough word that didn’t really make sense to me. People will come to identify with you just as much as the 90 soundtrack. So like I said before, this soundtrack makes you sound like a fucking badass or makes you feel like a badass rather. So yeah, it’s good as time

Cole 18:33
Good ass time

Rodney 18:34
Whoa!, well, who does new number?

Cole 18:38
Your number who does hacking into the system’s baby that I wasn’t here? Yeah, I was listening to you this whole time.

Rodney 18:45
All right, then.

Cole 18:46
Super entertaining, waiting.

Rodney 18:50
All right, well, welcome to the podcast Cole. We’re talking about the maternal PS five shit and I want to say ps4 every time I see that and Dog go away. And Animal Crossing. So I’m hoping you’re super knowledgeable about those titles.

Cole 19:06
Oh, you better believe I am, done so much research. No, I’m not knowledgeable but I will be. Don’t you worry. I got my textbook open right now.

Rodney 19:16
Cool. Gaming word of the week this week was wrapped,

Cole 19:20
wrapped wrapped…Is that like when you go to the store and you buy the special edition of something? No, they wrap it up right? No,

Rodney 19:31
no, it’s when you went to the schoolyard you said howdy Do you have you played Hey you Pikachu and then someone says yeah, I wrapped it.

Cole 19:38
Oh, my God, that’s terrible.

Rodney 19:40
You don’t remember that?

Cole 19:42
No, I don’t remember that. Oh, man. That was a that was it means you’re finished

Rodney 19:46
means 100% completed? Yeah.

Cole 19:49
So with a little bow on top.

Rodney 19:51
I’m kind of shocked you haven’t heard about here that maybe that was just a PG term.

Cole 19:55
Yeah, well, I mean, I work in film wrapped means you’re all finished something so But I was like there’s no way it could mean the same thing. I was like, it has to mean something a little different but it should have went with my work instinct, but it betrayed me. It betrayed me, and we’re coming up with our own video game terminology, hopefully, one day it’ll it’ll be in circulation gonna be like, Oh, I came up with that.

Rodney 20:21
Well, I mean, yeah, totally.

Cole 20:24
Yeah, it’s all about the fame and fortune.

Rodney 20:28
Yeah. Okay, so going back to the verges article here. Doom eternal combat is incredible, but I couldn’t play it for hours on end. So I appreciate the attempt in breaking things up a bit. So yeah, I agree to take like I said before, it takes about an hour to complete a level and yeah,

Cole 20:44
Is there checkpoints and saves between the level Oh, yeah. down and dedicate an hour to it.

Rodney 20:50
yeah, there’s checkpoints and saves here at the level. What I really like about Doom is it’ll save before every demon encounter, but you have to be The entire demon encounter in one go You can’t fucking half-ass it and get a random checkpoint halfway through like you have to beat the whole encounter in one go.

Cole 21:09
Are demon encounters new to this one are they?

Rodney 21:11
No no that like it’s the standard thing of the game but so fuck and there’s so I was saying at the end of the podcast there’s a lot of collectibles in the game yeah so one of them is you have to go through and you have to find demon trials or demon gates or sorry Slayer gates and these especially in the beginning of the game when you’re underpowered it are fucking hard. They’re super hard but you have to beat it all in one go. And it just it’s just amazing.

Cole 21:42
Can you go back and do it or is it, Yeah, you

Rodney 21:44
have to do no, you can go back and do it and it actually I was dying so much on the first Slayer gate that it’s like, don’t be afraid to like leave and come back. I’m like Nah I’m doing it now and I fuckin ended up beating it but fuck it was tough.

Cole 21:57
Good. That’s why I always do that just trial and error. trial and error, eventually you’re going to get it. And every time you go into it, you’re like, this is the time to get in. Then you lose and you’re like, this is the time I’m gonna get it then you lose. Yeah, I can finally

Rodney 22:08
I kept dying to like being getting stuck on set dressing or getting stuck on something stupid. Soit wasn’t I wasn’t dies.

Cole 22:17
Like if there was a couch there. I would just pass through it. Yeah.

Rodney 22:21
Okay, so yeah, dooms Great. Now I’m going to talk about the multiplayer, which I kinda didn’t like, to be honest. So, the multiplayer is, one person plays as the slayer and two people play as demons and they can be whatever, a high-class demon from the game. So obviously, the slayer needs to try to kill the two demon players. And he has this he has the best mobility etc, etc, compared to the demons, but the demons I played as the demons and I actually really hated it. I couldn’t stand it. It doesn’t give you a tutorial on how to play as each demon or doesn’t tell you the controls really. So you have to play like five games to like figure out how to play as one specific demon but there’s, I think there’s seven different demons you can play us that was super annoying and I had more fun playing as a slayer personally. But this slayer is at a huge disadvantage because if it like in the main game you can run out of ammo or get low on health or armor or whatever and you got to use those Arsenal’s that you have to get all that stuff back. But the demons have an ability where they can loot block you. So if you for example if you’re out of out if you’re completely out of ammo and you have to use your chainsaw to cut up a demon to get some ammo they can loot block you as soon as you do that so you can’t collect any of the loot and then it all disappears and you have now you have no chainsaw gas and you have no ammo so you’re at a huge disadvantage now so like that’s kind of bullshit.

Cole 23:49
Yeah, any game developers listening out there don’t make modes where players have to be the bad guys and player has to be the good guys because nobody likes it. Ever. Everybody wants to play together unless it’s completely focused on that like a game like, was it given one person’s the monster and everybody else is the hunter that failed miserably?

Rodney 24:12
I don’t remember that one.

Cole 24:13
You’ll remember what that was like he will evolve, evolve. That’s what it was.

Rodney 24:17
I didn’t play that

Cole 24:18
know nobody played that it flopped so hard. But like, nobody likes this game mode. Like the second I see like, oh, two players have to pick the bad guys. And one person gets to be the good guy. Like, there’s nobody asks for that. Nobody’s like, Oh, I wish me and my friend could both be a demon and you could kick our asses. You know, it’s not. It’s not a fun game mode. Nobody likes it. And they keep doing it all the time. And it always flops.

Rodney 24:49
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know how else you could do multiplayer for Doom, though.

Cole 24:52
Well, then don’t do multiplayer for doom. It’s a single-player game.

Rodney 24:56
Yeah, that’s true.

Cole 24:57
Yeah, they don’t just leave it the way it is.

Rodney 24:59
My internet went out yesterday. And I’m like, Good thing I got Doom single-player,

Cole 25:05
single player baby. Like I mean it’s okay to have single-player games don’t shoehorn in a shitty multiplayer, you know? But it would kind of be fun to do like what’s it called? Like GoldenEye You know, one v one v one v one like the four-player

Rodney 25:26
four-player free for all Yeah,

Cole 25:27
yeah, that would be fun just like keep it simple. I’d be down for that. Speaking

Rodney 25:33
of James Bond, I was actually thinking of a mode just earlier when you’re mentioned about these modes. There’s a mode I played in James Bond Quantum of Solace the actual game. Where one person’s James Bond and everybody else is the bad guy. And you as James Bond, you have a bit more health. You go around and try to kill all the bad guys as James Bond, and then whoever yields James Bond becomes James Bond.

Cole 25:58
That’s like

Yeah, I feel like see that’s even that’s fine as long as I don’t know, I feel like they keep missing the mark with these some people being bad guys one person being the good guy in the map kind of levels.

Rodney 26:12
Yeah, there’s a mode in Halo called juggernaut which I’ve only played actually once, but I had a fucking blast playing it.

Cole 26:19
But Halo is like a multiplayer based game, you know, like it has a bunch of modes it’s designed for

Rodney 26:28
I would disagree. I think it has. It was built for it’s still a single player, but the multiplayer took off. So it has two kind of sides to it. Whereas

Cole 26:41
Yeah, I guess. Yeah, that’s

Rodney 26:42
Yeah, whereas with like Call of Duty. They started with the campaign, but the multiplayer took off way more than the campaign did. So the so when they’re making Call of Duty games, they’re kind of focusing more on the multiplayer side of it versus the campaign side of it.

Cole 26:56
I think it’s so funny with I would always play the whole campaign before playing multiplayer in Call of Duty I’d always be like kind of beat the campaign and then I’ll play multiplayer Yeah, and everybody would always be like oh the campaign sucks so much noted and I would always beat it and on this Call of Duty the new one mana warfare I hated the campaign I played like five minutes the first level and I was so bored and this is the one where everybody’s like all the campaign’s really good you should play the campaign. It’s the first time that I’m I’m flipped to the roles.

Rodney 27:22

Cole 27:23
Yeah. Everybody talks about good The campaign was and I played it for like five seconds and I was just so like, I was so bored.

I did not like it.

Rodney 27:31
What made you bored with it? I don’t understand.

Cole 27:33
Well, I played multiplayer first. And like in multiplayer, obviously, the people you’re fighting against are thinking, you know, strategizing. I guess enemies that you’re fighting against. And in the second I dropped into multiplayer, it was just like there are 200 guys who just kind of like they run and they stand somewhere and you know what I mean? Just like that. That awkward CPU Like I didn’t feel like I was fighting against I felt like I was in a machine and I was just like assumed steps in the machine rather than actually playing against something that was organic.

Rodney 28:10
I see that makes sense yeah I just played the campaign for a second time I’d beat it on veteran which I’ve never beat a call of duty on veteran before.

Cole 28:18
Oh, I’ve all I’ve read every single call of duty on veteran I think that’s what it was, is this veteran was like really hard. Like I was playing it and I was just dying a bunch and I used to be able to take that grind. Like when I was younger, even when I was like, you know when I was like 15, 16 I could die 100 times and Call of Duty and just get back up and keep going and I kept dying and I was like, I’m not into this.

Rodney 28:39
For me. I hated with a capital fuckin h the campaign on World War Two. I Oh, yeah, I stand it because it didn’t feel like it didn’t feel fair at all. Like you would, you would see your squad and another enemy like fighting each other fucking 4 feet away from each other, just shooting at each other and missing every single shot. And then you poke your head up from cover and you fucking get domed immediately and you’re dead. You’re like, what the fuck?

Cole 29:08
Yeah, I made it to the train level, there’s a level where you have to catch this train. You drive this car and you crash the car and you got to get on this train. Yeah. And that’s as far as I made it. Like, there is no checkpoint from you getting out of your car, to fighting through about three cornfields through a barn, getting onto the train, getting off the train, and then racing a car behind the train. There was no checkpoint to that. And I made it to like almost the end and I took a wrong turn in the car section. And it started me all the way back at the end of the cornfield. And I was like, I’m done.

Rodney 29:42
Yeah, not anymore. That happened to me too. And I remember fucking rage quitting at that moment, too. But this campaign doesn’t have that I’m over totally switching gears to call of duty. But yeah, this campaign doesn’t have that. It’s,

it feels fair like so it’ll give you

three options on to where to go like You can even go down the middle or left or right. And if you choose, you’ll choose one of those. So if you go left, your squad will fill in the negative space they’ll go middle and right. And they’ll actually kill all the people in those rooms if you kill all the people in your rooms.

Cole 30:14
That’s cool. So you can check it out with options but you’re also not getting punished for picking the wrong option. Yeah,

Rodney 30:19

Cole 30:20
That’s cool. Does Doom do that? Doom you’re you don’t have any CPUs?

Rodney 30:26
Well, they’re all enemies. They’re all dudes. They’re all demon dudes. They, the way they make it difficult to doom is they’ll have a combination of different demons, then will fuck you up so hard. So then you have to basically exploit their weaknesses. Like so for example, the man Cuba’s is the big fat dude with the fucking Samus was looking at arms that I was talking about earlier. Yeah, I actually have a picture of him right in Premiere right now. Yeah. So the man key bus are super powerful, but they’re really slow. And the guy in the picture we’re looking at that’s a hell something horrible helmet helps help demon I don’t fucking know. But it’s he’s super fast and he like jumps up in the air and then slams the ground and does like AOE damage but it’s but since he’s really really fast what I’ll do in this situation is I’ll draw him away from the manky bus who still has ranged attacks and then I’ll get him in a corner and I’ll use my super shotgun which will kill him in fucking four shots.

Cole 31:28
Is it called the super shotgun?

Rodney 31:29
It’s called the super shotgun and it’s super bitchin’. Yeah. And then after he’s dead, I’ll get out my precision AR and I’ll shoot off his fucking Samurai Saran cannons. Yeah, and then he’s basically immobilized and I’ll just fucking rocket launcher until he explodes.

Cole 31:44

Rodney 31:44
Yep, fucking Savage.

Cole 31:46
is Doom a full-price game?

Rodney 31:49
Yes, yes, it is

Cole 31:50
it a full-size game. I heard that. The first one was a little small though.

Rodney 31:54
The first one took me about 10 hours to beat I think there are 10 levels. Okay. This one’s longer than that. I don’t know exactly how long but I know every one of the developers said that it’s definitely longer than 2016.

Cole 32:09
Okay, cool.

Rodney 32:10
So all right. I think that’s it for doom. Why don’t we move over to the ps5 shit that was announced on Wednesday? Hmm. So I’m on the PlayStation blog right now. So we know that

Cole 32:25
they got a picture of doom at the top of PlayStation blog,

Rodney 32:29
they do look at the side where we know that fans are excited to find out more about the next-generation console, the PlayStation five, and exactly how it will bring about the future of gaming. Today we’re proud to unveil the more details behind the tactical and hardware components that make the PlayStation five such an innovative and powerful platform, the ultra-high-speed solid-state drive and integrated custom in and out system, custom AMD GPU with ray tracing and highly immersive 3d audio. With these capabilities. The PS five will help developers to maximize the creative Building expansive worlds and new play experiences in the game so the design Okay, so that presentation was presented by Marcus Kearney, the lead system architect for the PS five and oh mark, our mark. Honestly, I kind of don’t give a fuck about. Okay, actually sidebar. So, I was there’s a YouTube YouTube channel where someone got hands-on with the Xbox series X

Cole 33:28
I saw that the thumb takes for that.

Rodney 33:30
Yeah, so he’s I opened the video I started watching and he’s like, I’m gonna show you guys and he started going through all the fuckin shit we already knew all those tech technical specifications that no one actually gives a fuck about they just want to see the console in action. Yeah, so what’s he do first give me puts in carrying. I’m gonna show off how powerful the console is with Minecraft. It’s like, dude, like not not not pissing on Minecraft but Dude, you want to show us how powerful the console is? Why the fuck did you choose the most pixelated fucking game in existence.

Cole 34:00
Yeah, and it’s hard to show how big Minecraft is. It takes a long time. Like you can make the massive worlds and everything but like it’s hard to show that off unless you are in full. What’s the word?

Why can I think of the word

when you get to like fly around and do whatever you want, like creative mode, yeah, open-world but like you get to, like fly around at full speed and just get to see how massive it actually is. Right? I’m kind of curious to see. I’m gonna open up that video just on my own and see how he shows it off. But yeah, carry on.

Rodney 34:33
Well, as soon as he said, I’m going to show you show off how powerful the system is with Minecraft. I fuckin stop the video right there like you’re a fucking idiot. Why would you not show like Dark Souls? Or another fucking game that has high-quality graphics and then does a side by side comparison?

Cole 34:51
Yeah, oh, man. That’s loud. There we go.

Rodney 34:54
So anyway, uh, so that was just my little annoyance with it. But ya know, No, sure. No, it as soon as the console is actually shown off, everyone’s gonna forget all the technical specs, no one gives a fuck.

Cole 35:08
Yeah, nerds, you guys don’t know technical specs. Oh, he’s showing Gears of War.

Rodney 35:13
So, here, so I did watch the video. And what they talked about was the hard drive. So the hard drive is going to be 825 gigabytes, it’s going to have a 5.5 gigabyte per second read bandwidth, which is huge. So you’ll your games are going to install load essentially. But they were talking about, they still have to test which external hard drives are compatible with the PS five. And if you have an external hard drive, it’s going to drastically increase the load times because it’s not going to have a 5.5 gigabyte per second read. It’ll have like maybe a gigabyte a second.

Cole 35:53
Hmm, interesting.

Rodney 35:56
So well, if you have USB three it might be Yeah, might be a gigabyte But it might be less.

So yeah, it’ll really increase load times.

Cole 36:06
Crazy and a lot, I think I mean, a lot of people have external hard drives as well. So

Rodney 36:12
yeah, well they have I have a two terabyte one for my Xbox but funny enough that actually loads faster than the internal hard drive. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, cuz the internal hard drive has a, I can’t remember what it is. But it’s like a USB two type of connection. It’s not a USB connection. But like, that’s the type of speed but my external is a 3.0 USB three, so it’s got a faster transfer rate. Hmm. So suck on that. Sony Just kidding. But 825 gigabytes is quite a bit. Like, I think before it was only 500. So you’re just gonna have to manage your games a bit better, like, just have the three that you play all the time on your console and then just archive the rest.

Cole 36:55
Yeah, that’s something that I struggled with, like moving from the Xbox 360 To the Xbox One. And now moving on like just trying to figure out even going from buying everything on disk to using steam or using any of the other game archivers is just trying to figure out how to do that and taking up a bunch of space like I keep having to delete games out of my Steam to make room for different things and it’s definitely a new interesting challenge to to face.

Rodney 37:26
Yeah, but the one thing I like about the switches if you buy the hard copy, you just put it in and you’re playing immediately.

Cole 37:31
Yeah, oh, yeah,

Rodney 37:32
we’re that I miss that the most I really do miss that. Like, I hate coming home. Like the drive home when you bought a new game when you’re a kid was like the most stressful things you’re like, I just want to get home and play my fucking game like right fucking now.

Cole 37:45
Yeah, like the GameCube era where you just plug it in and go but when you’re on Xbox, you’re just like, I gotta download.

massive update. But so that’s kind of why I’ve started going digital now is because I can pre-download it. just won’t launch it until the actual launch date.

And then you just come home from whatever you’re doing and it’s ready to go. Unless you’re already at home from Coronavirus then you just gotta Yeah,

Rodney 38:11
but the Xbox auto-update is fucking broken. I don’t know if it’s like this for you but yeah, we will not auto-update fucking anything.

Cole 38:19
No, I’ll be like, oh, I’m gonna jump in and cod for a little bit and be like, oh, there’s a

massive update just waiting for me.

Rodney 38:27
Yeah, even though I have auto-update turned on in the settings it just never fucking does it.

Cole 38:32
Yeah, I have the same experience.

Rodney 38:36
So well, they’re not going to fix it now. The cost is gonna be dead in fucking eight months.

Cole 38:40
Yeah, which is nutty. Like I remember I was waiting to buy my Xbox One because I wanted the gears five edition. So I had to wait an extra like, X amount of time for that. You know, it’s like I don’t know. It’s almost like after the launch date of a console. It seems kind of weird. Like they have You know when they’re releasing new exclusives for the console itself, years after it’s come out I’m like, what’s the point you’re trying to get a new audience in the market so I feel like that would be such a limited amount of people who are like, oh, now that they’re finally coming out with the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Xbox One I can finally buy it, you know, I don’t get it.

Rodney 39:25
Totally. Heading back to the PlayStations blog here. They wanted to introduce a new capability with the PS fives custom GPU. Additional GPU power will allow for higher resolution in games, but major new features that benefit the visuals of games even further is ray tracing. Ray tracing simulates the way light moves in real life and how it bounces off various surfaces. games that take advantage of this feature will render objects much more accurately and with heightened realism. water glass light reflection and character’s hair and so on will look even more realistic. I know they did a pretty freakin good job on the ps4, honestly.

Cole 40:00
Yeah and didn’t come on Fallout. Was it Fallout? 76? Or was it Fallout four that they said that they were going to have that dynamic lighting? And then it just straight up didn’t like, didn’t work at all?

Rodney 40:13
it straight up didn’t dynamic the shit out of anything.

Cole 40:15
Yeah, I remember there was something maybe I think we even talked about that on one of the podcasts when it was when that was coming out where it was just like, they were talking about how the dynamic lighting was gonna affect everything. And then they showed like pictures of how it just straight up didn’t do anything. I wonder if they’re actually going to be able to have the technology to pull it off now? Because I mean, I think it’s something they’ve been trying to do, but like, they just, it’s just not there yet. You know, maybe we’re there.

Rodney 40:41
No, it’s there. I mean, you can render something like that for film and television. But in this little box, they don’t have it doesn’t have the same power. Especially like, if, like for example, you’re gonna buy a fucking super-powerful PC to do visual effects on Well, yeah, that’s gonna be two thousand dollars. No, no one in there. No one in the right mind is going to spend $2,000 on a console that could fucking do that.

Cole 41:06
Unless it was a console that was going to be around longer than a year and a half. You know, like, if it was something that it was like, This is the console for the next, you know, 20 years and they’re not going to come out with a new one, then, I mean, even then, I don’t think people would, but you know what I mean? Like, yeah, it’s not It can’t be temporary. Unfortunately, gaming consoles are very temporary. You know,

Rodney 41:30
No One plays their fucking old consoles like they will have them but like, how often do you boot up you’re like GameCube or use my 64 like never

Cole 41:39
Yeah, I mean, there’s like, I think that I want to play Donkey Kong 64. Again, but there is no good like I cannot find it online or anywhere good to good to rip it or pull it so that’s the only reason I would boot it. Back up.

Rodney 41:53
Yeah, true. I don’t have that. I don’t think I have that for 64

Cole 41:58
you don’t Dunk Dunk. 64 Joseph You go down to your local. I don’t know nerd store there’s some good like comic book stores that have like a ton of in 64 games and full-on like Super Nintendo and everything right near where we live, so we should go hit it up sometime and just look around at some old school. Yes.

Rodney 42:22
I play Donkey Kong 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console. That’s the last place I played it on.

Cole 42:27
Wait on what?

Rodney 42:28
the Wii U Virtual Console? Or do they have it on the Wii U virtual box? If you can fucking still buy it there. Yeah. Crazy. But my brother has my Wii U so I can’t even play it.

Cole 42:40
I have my Wii U at my parent’s house. Maybe I’ll go right over there. Pick it up.

Rodney 42:45
Alright, so the PS five will allow games to offer a much deeper sense of immersive immersion through 3d audio. visuals are of course imperative to the gaming experience, but we believe audio plays a crucial role as well. Fucking Yeah,

Cole 42:59
a man you can have a game It looks bad. And it’s still fun, but you can’t have a game that sounds bad and still,

Rodney 43:04
yep, totally.

Cole 43:06
The podcast that looks bad

Rodney 43:09
to me. Yeah, we look bad.

Cole 43:11
Yeah, that’s what we only hear voices and we make sure that audio is lemony fresh,

Rodney 43:15
he could have looked bad. So funny story. I asked somebody to draw a caricature for Cole. And I told them, we want him to look like a wizard because his gaming Gamertag is he like a wizard-like the wizard. And they’re like, Okay, no problem. So a week later, they send me back an update on like, the drawing that they’ve done. And it’s literally cole in a stage magician outfit, and he’s like, got a top hat and a fucking like, magic wand. And like, I’m shocked that a fucking goose wasn’t pulled out of your ass or something like,

Cole 43:53
Oh, yeah, I was like, Where’s the rabbit in the hat? Yeah.

Rodney 43:58
So that was really funny, and I So I asked for revisions and I’m like, I think you confused the stage magician for a wizard and I gave her like, options or like some screenshots from wizards off Google. I’m shocked that she didn’t Google wizard to be sure.

Cole 44:15
Yeah. Like, that’s all and like, I mean, it’s kind of a funny

it’s a hilarious character. Like, I mean, it’s not bad, but I just don’t like stage magicians. Like one thing that does not. I think they’re all I think it takes a lot of sleight of hand and a lot of misdirection, but like I could care less for any type of magic act or magicians whatsoever. Not interested in it at all.

Yeah, totally. So it’s kind of funny.

Rodney 44:47
Eeloc the magician,

Rodney 44:50
But the final thing looks it looks cool. So that’ll be added to our banners and shit on our website.

Cole 44:56
Yeah, I’m a little bit over the top converting. You will Yeah, like, but it’s good. I like it. I like it.

Rodney 45:04
It’s good. And then I’m working on a new intro for our YouTube page. It’s gonna be sick. It’s gonna take a lot of work.

Cole 45:11
Good. I’m excited. I’m excited for you to do a lot of work on all this time off.

We have all this time off. Yeah, it seems like it’s just gonna keep going like every day. They’re like, Oh, it’ll take a week. It will take two weeks. I’ll take a month. Yeah, it’s new. 400 deaths in Italy just today.

Rodney 45:29
Wait, sorry. 400 just today?

Cole 45:31
Yeah, they’re they hit 400 deaths today in Italy.

Rodney 45:34
Oh, I thought you meant 400 died today.

Cole 45:36
Oh, I didn’t know there was something ridiculous about Italy today. And Trudeau who’s our Prime Minister was like please stay at home for the love of god stop going outside.

Rodney 45:45
Oh, yeah. Like sidebar for the Heineken virus. But yeah, so they’re telling everybody like go stay home soft self-isolate, practice social distancing, or whatever. And then here, here are Vancouverites rights are fuckin at the beach chilling out, and the guy’s like, well, you know I’m not going to get sick if I touch sand because like nobody touches the same spot as of sand That’s what he said on the news and I felt like fucking strangling him right there

Cole 46:15
that’s ridiculous

Rodney 46:17
and but there’s two friends outside hanging out but they’re like six feet apart in lawn chairs to kind of chat no that was funny. The other fucking degenerates that are doing some shit here is there are some people in Port Moody that were that have bought out like all the fucking masks and all the like the face masks all the sanitizer and all the toilet paper that they could and now they’re selling it at Port Port Moody Park. They’re like profiteering off this fucking crisis.

Cole 46:47

Yeah, that’s Yeah, that’s Oh, yeah, that toilet paper thing is friggin ridiculous. So yeah, the mayor’s like,

Rodney 46:54
yeah, we get we sent by law down there. We gave him a huge fine and like they’re looking at charging them criminally because that’s not okay. You’re our premier, who’s the equivalent of a Senator, I guess? In the States? Yeah, he feels like there’s a special place in hell for people like that. He literally said that. Wow. Yeah. Anyways, Okay, back to back to video games on a video games podcast

Cole 47:17
back to video games on the video game podcast,

Rodney 47:19
we wanted to deliver a compelling audio experience for all users, not just those who own high-end speaker systems. So we designed to build a custom engine for 3d audio that is equipped with the power and efficiency to for ideal audio rendering with 3d audio on PS5 the sound you will hear while playing will offer a greater sense of presence and local entity

Cole 47:43
Wait, where are you?

I wasn’t following along.

Rodney 47:46
We’ll go down where the specs are. I’m three paragraphs up in the middle.

Cole 47:49
Okay, sweet.

Rodney 47:52
I’ve never heard that word before.

Cole 47:58
presence and locality.

Rodney 48:00

Cole 48:01
local Eddie Eddie Yeah, look at look at

Rodney 48:05
look at, you’ll be able to hear raindrops hitting different surfaces all around you you can hear and precisely locate where your enemies are lurking behind you. That’s why I really like my headset that I have playing COD Warzone like you can hear fucking everything and you know exactly where they are and when they’re coming into the door and everything so yeah all right, so this one caused some confusion this next paragraph caused some confusion within Excuse me, I got the hiccups now with some PS dudes. Lastly, we’re excited to confirm the backward compatibility features are working well with recently took a look at the top 100 ps4 titles and rank them by playtime as ranked by playtime, and we’re expecting almost all of them to be playable at launch on PS5 with more than 4000 games published on ps4. We will continue to test the process and expand backward compatibility coverage over time. So what they meant by that

They’ve clarified this sense is they have to test every individual ps4 game on the PS5 to ensure that it actually works. Because most ps4 games aren’t guaranteed to actually work with a bit more powerful system. Because they were built for the ps4, right? So, so they just started, they just took the top hundred ps4 games in terms of how long people have actually played the game for because that’s the ones that are people are going to pick up the most or play the most on PS5. So that’s why they’re starting there. Yeah, so I’m sure they’ll have a list of games that don’t work on the PS5 when it comes out. Essentially,

Cole 49:43
I like I played

What was it called battle for Middle Earth? It’s a strategy game set in the Lord of the Rings universe. Yep. And it was one of the best games ever. Like I love it. It’s so much fun and I have it for Xbox 360. And when I got my Xbox One I was like, Yes. I’m gonna play some Lord of the Rings battle familiar it’s like one of the only games that they’re like this game doesn’t work I was so choked now just sits on myself looking at me being like, you got to play me, but I can’t so I hope I hope they do get a lot of games to work backward compatible.

Rodney 50:16
Yeah and I kind of was under the impression that it was all going to be it was gonna be backward compatible all the way to the ps1 but

Cole 50:23
Oh, that would be crazy.

Rodney 50:25
That’d be super crazy, but that’s probably not happening.

Cole 50:27
Yeah, cuz Even then, like Like you said, they’re not meant to be played on these crazy systems.

Rodney 50:35
So I don’t know if this I don’t know enough about the PlayStation because I’ve never had one. But I’m wondering if you can if there’s like a digital version of older games on the PlayStation Store or something.

Cole 50:50
there Yeah, there is. I’m pretty sure there is. I have a PlayStation but I haven’t really gone back. I didn’t have a PlayStation growing up. So there’s not very many nostalgia games that I’m like, Oh, I buy Playing this for my PS two.

Rodney 51:02
Yeah. I want to play all the big games that everyone like, I’ve never played the last of us because I’ve never had a PlayStation dude Last of Us. It’s just Well, yeah, that’s probably gonna be the first game I play on ps4 when I get it.

Cole 51:16
That was the first game I played on ps4. I’m also a huge sucker for anything. post-apocalyptic. Yeah, I don’t know what it is. There’s just something that’s so fascinating about not even like the collapse of humanity, but it’s like the reset. It’s like what humanity leaves behind. Like, I love just the whole cities that the wilderness and started to take over again. And like what, what kind of wildlife comes back or happens from it? Like it’s just so interesting to me. And I think the last one was doing a really good job of showing that off. So that’s why I like it a lot.

Rodney 51:47
Yeah. All right. Moving on here. So let’s go to the poll of the week.

Cole 51:54
I’m getting hungry.

Rodney 51:56
Yeah. Last week was what’s missing from the video games, not podcast. One other person commented and said other

Cole 52:04
so I’m not sure what that means. It means the whole thing switched up, Ronnie, make it better. All right, you gotta make it better. Thank you back.

Rodney 52:09
I’ll leave this poll open for another week just to get some more feedback. I shared it on our Facebook page. So just click on that link and I’ll take you to our website and you can vote on what it’s one of the options hearing on

Cole 52:20
me and until you vote on less getting sidetracked I’m just gonna keep derailing the podcast

Rodney 52:28
hang on I’m just gonna find the options here so I’ll read them off in the air, Okay, so number one nothing the podcast is lit more guests stay on topic more personal stories bring we’ll back I’m shocked this person put other versus bringing will back.

Cole 52:47
This person was not a Will fan. Yeah hard will fans in the heart Rodney fans, I would

Rodney 52:51
have him as a Rodney I’m gonna add one more and put bring Mark back.

Okay, Fuck, we might have to, we might have to pay mark to come back to the podcast.

Cole 53:04
I wish there was like, I guess you’d have to pay for it. If there was other there should be a like leave. Why other?

Rodney 53:11
Yeah, well, they can leave. If you choose other Go back, go to our Facebook page and let us know what the other means. Please,

Cole 53:19

Rodney 53:20
Alright, so this one’s gonna get not gonna take too long. This is a Animal Crossing. So I’ve never played Animal Crossing. And that’s only because I just have never played Animal Crossing. I don’t have anything against it or anything like that. Brittany bought new leaf when she was trying to like fit in with my fucking nerdiness. Yeah. And failed. Because she’s like, I don’t play games anymore. Like I was trying to get her to play Yoshi on Switch. I was trying to get her to play all those kind of, you know, fun Nintendo games. Yeah, to get her hooked but she’s not fucking Biten.

Cole 53:56
Yeah, Hanna’s hard to get a bite to like she’s very specific in her in Are game so?

Rodney 54:01
Yeah well, wouldn’t Brittany does bite like she bought she was biting on Pokemon Go like she’s in. She’s fucking all in.

Cole 54:07
Oh yeah, same with Hannah. She’s playing Pokemon Go like crazy

Rodney 54:10
was the other game that Brittany Clash of Clans she was like I was into Clash of Clans and she only downloaded it because I had it and it was a time killer for her on her phone right soon. Yeah Then she started playing and she started getting super into it and now she’s still super into it. And then she was asking me random questions occasionally like, hey, what does this mean?

Cole 54:35
So try to get her an animal crossing.

Rodney 54:36
Well, she liked Animal Crossing, but she got kind of frustrated with certain aspects of the game. I can’t remember exactly what those were it was like the I think it was how much money she got per job or something. Huh? Just like this bullshit. I’m like, Okay,

Cole 54:51
I think like all especially Nintendo. All of these games are full price games like all the Nintendo games are just like You gotta pay an arm and a leg for it. And right now, everything is getting more expensive. I’m much much much more picky on what I get. Yeah, and yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know if Animal Crossing is gonna do it for me.

Rodney 55:14
Well, I’m actually gonna make a video this week about that about why games are getting so expensive and all that so alright anyway so Animal Crossing. I’m on polygon right now what to do on day one in Animal Crossing, you’ll pick up you’ll start by picking your campsite location as well as the campsite location of the other two villages you’ll be handed, picked carefully because you won’t be able to change locations for a while and even then at some significant expense. Once you’ve played everyone placed everyone’s tense Tom Nook, the big raccoon in the sweater, we’ll give you some simple objectives such as collecting tree branches and fruit, finishing that and head to the party. Feel free to take a nap after this which is when the real game will start.

Cole 55:57
Cool. So I love quick tutorials.

Rodney 55:59
There’s nothing thing that I cannot stand more than long tutorials. All right, I like to figure out the game. So yeah, that sounds pretty quick.

Like, fuck we’ve gotten to the point in the in this generation where the games have to tell you how to walk. Like it wasn’t fucking obvious

Cole 56:15
it’s funny though, we’ve been playing video games for like I’ve been playing since I was six years old. I’ve been playing video games for 20 years. I know how to do the basic functions of video game work.

Rodney 56:26
Yeah, like yes, please explain your mechanics that are different and specific to the game but just don’t tell me how to fucking walk that just drives me up the fucking wall.

Cole 56:37
Yeah, and even if it’s story-based, get me to the level base quickly. So that sounds like a pretty decent pick up some sticks and some bugs go to go to a party and put your camp down. Yeah,

Rodney 56:48
sounds good to me. Once you wake up you’ll be playing in real-time meaning it’ll be nighttime if it’s nighttime where you live. Make sure you speak to all the villagers as you may get some free furniture and recipes for being a friendly neighbor.

Cole 56:58
Wait how sophisticated is this day-night system?

Rodney 57:02
It’s one to one real-time.

Cole 57:05
No way.

Rodney 57:07
Yeah, it was like that in Pokemon that’s how it worked to Pokemon.

Cole 57:12
Really? Oh crap, that’s so funny. I was like Why is it always night time but it’s because I was playing night. Yeah, that’s so funny. It’s I’m playing right now actually it’s daytime I’m just getting my get my Pokemon level up there.

Rodney 57:25
Nook will give you the recipes for flimsy tools you’ll want to make a flimsy fishing rod and a flimsy bug net. Cool. Yeah, so Oh my god, you got to pay off mortgages in this game. Jesus.

Cole 57:38
There’s some real-life now. Yeah, I can’t do it in real life, but I can do it. In animal cross. I

Rodney 57:42
thought this was supposed to be New Horizons like you just do new shit. Like you just build your fucking house out of wood or something. And then you have to pay ship.

Cole 57:51
sticks and mud. But yeah, you got to pay off your

Rodney 57:56
big goal. So there’s a couple of big goals big goal one donate five fissure bugs to talk Note for study big goal to pay off your mortgage Jesus Tom Nook will charge you 5000 Nick miles or nearly 50,000 bells which I guess is the currency for the pleasure of moving to his Island So Tom nope just owns the island what a decade

Cole 58:18
that island is on smash you can fight on that island and smash can you beat

Rodney 58:24
Tom Nook spacing for making you pay 5000 miles?

Cole 58:28
Isn’t Nook like a kind of a shady boy?

Rodney 58:32
I don’t know.

Never played animal crossing.

Cole 58:35
Well, I think he is Super Smash Brothers’ ultimate next Island looks.

Rodney 58:41
Alright, big goal number three is, to increase your inventory space and buy the tool ring.

Cool. big goal number four harvest resources.

So that’s day number one shit.

Anyways, yeah, so that’s Animal Crossing. I can’t really comment. I’m sorry. I haven’t played any animal crossing and I haven’t played the new one, obviously. And Norton’s cool. So if you guys want to let us know how the game has jumped on our Facebook page and just shoot a comment over to let us know how the game is. And we’d want to know. Yeah, I posted them on our Facebook page.

Is everybody all locked down?

What are you playing to pass the time we’ve had a couple of people comments.

Everyone’s getting excited because they’re getting, they’re finally getting laid off. And they get to do nothing until they until like a week or two later when they realize that they have no income coming in.

Cole 59:36
Yeah, it’s nice for a week but

in film, we get this downtime off because we literally work 20 hours a day like I was doing 21 hour days on my show. So you kind of make money to have a month off. But the second that month runs out. Then things start to get scary. Yeah.

Rodney 59:57
Okay, so people are Playing Animal Crossing. That’s Thomas Thomas Hoffman’s playing Animal Crossing on Animal Crossing switch playing, playing paradise this crazy in this crazy world. So your comments

Cole 1:00:10
so Wait, wait that’s another thing too is like buying the Animal Crossing switch. Did he have a switch before? And he just decided to pick up the Animal Crossing one as well and what do you do just throw out this screen and you keep the nunchucks or the What do they call the joy-cons? Oh, Kanzi? I don’t know.

Rodney 1:00:27
Yeah, I don’t know.

Cole 1:00:29
That’s like,

yeah, that’s so weird.

Rodney 1:00:31
Francis V is playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and he’s about five months. He’s about five months. late

Cole 1:00:36
five months in. I thought you’re gonna say five months into my Assassin’s Creed on some level only 50% of the way through.

I have got to collect every single feather.

Rodney 1:00:45
Yep, that single haystack. That would be me. Oh, yeah.

Hundred percent. Jeremy McBride says he’s deep in Animal Crossing.

Cole 1:00:54
Gross but acceptable.

Rodney 1:00:56
Yep. Brian Johnson is Pokemon shield.

Cole 1:00:59
Oh yeah. Maybe that’s what I’m doing to Pokemon shield.

Rodney 1:01:03
Anil Harun is playing outer worlds.

Cole 1:01:06
Oh, I actually downloaded out of rules for Xbox I kept booting it back up and then never actually starting it. Let me know if it’s if it how good it is.

Rodney 1:01:15
You bet and Kevin or not is playing Red Dead two

Cole 1:01:18
is another one. I haven’t played you played Red Dead though that

Rodney 1:01:20
Yeah, I lost interest.

Cole 1:01:22

Rodney 1:01:24
So that’s Yeah, that’s what it is. is what it is. Anyways.

Alright guys, thanks for listening to the episode of the podcast here. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page and we got a lot more likes on our Facebook page a lot more people following I was streaming last week Call of Duty or zone and guy a guy I used to go to high school I was like, bro never knew you played video games. I’m like,

Cole 1:01:46
You’re like my life is video games, bro. Yeah.

Rodney 1:01:50
Anyways, so yeah, jump on our social media, join our Discord. Join our community. It’s a lot of fun, and you know about it. If you’ve been a part of the committee for a long time, consider coming Patreon you get to listen to us talk about random shit. So being cold probably gonna talk for another three minutes just to give a little bonus but for the Patreon because

Cole 1:02:09
Yeah, actually I’ve got some stuff I want to talk to you about that too. It’ll be too much again to do it on the podcast. Sorry, everybody.

Rodney 1:02:15
Yeah. Alright guys, well if you want to join our Patreon and you’ll get free access to bonus content.

Cole 1:02:20
But here what I’m gonna talk to you about

are great, cool, actually, it’s gonna be super cool stuff. Alright,

Rodney 1:02:26
Anyways, thanks a lot, guys. We’ll see you all on the next one. Buh Bye.

Cole 1:02:31
See you

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