Remastering Super Mario Games for The Switch!

Episode #109

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Cole 0:11
Hello, everybody and welcome to the video games now podcast. My name is Cole and with me is the man with the amazing voice, Rodney. Good day. And also the man with all the answers will oh wait no. So I’m reading a script from a couple months ago. All right, um, we got quite the show for you here today everybody. We were talking about some fun stuff some Microsoft games coming to steam, and we got some content for you some fun questions. real cool, real fun. So, yeah, hope you enjoy it. Well, when we get to bring this to them, Rodney, when’s it gonna happen?

Rodney 0:45
Right now? Yeah.

Welcome to the show where everybody is, so we’re gonna get started with our first topic, which is the gaming Word of the Week. It’s brought to you by Cole. What are we looking at Cole?

Cole 1:06
The Word of the Week is ANIMATION CANCELED.

Rodney 1:09
And I’m sure you know what that is.

Cole 1:13
I feel like we’ve actually now let’s get right to it. We’ve used the animation cancel before.

Rodney 1:17
No, no, we didn’t use any we used.

Cole 1:21
No, I have a solid metal. Oh, do you know what it was? Um, it was similar to it’s another strategy game. I see. Dota is an example that they use. Yeah. And the other example was when you have your troops so they don’t actually have to walk. You can make a move faster, though. Yeah, we use that one already. But I mix those two together.

Rodney 1:40
Well, we used face roll now I saw that one earlier.

Cole 1:40
I was scrolling through our list.

Anyways, animation cancel is a term mostly used in strategy games like Warcraft or Dota. The term is also widely used in fighting games. However, the famous Z cancel and L cancel from Smash Bros. franchise in both cases in both cases It’s a way to cancel the action of the characters attack healer magic, allowing you to perform the next one without any delay.

So yeah,

Cole 2:08
got it we get those moves fast if you want the best.

Rodney 2:10
Yeah. Okay, so let’s just gonna turn down the music again.

Cole 2:16
Right and get me headphones time so I’m I’m flying solo, I can’t hear anything.

Rodney 2:22
Well I’ve done a couple solo podcasts those are fun.

Cole 2:25
I mean, flying solo in like, I can’t hear my settings or the music.

Rodney 2:28
I can give you my first solo flight t-shirt if you want. I’ll take it. Yeah. All right. All right. All right, visit our website of videogamesnow.ca to find all of our content, including our YouTube videos, social media links and the gaming news covered on the podcast. Let us know what you guys think of the show by leaving a review on whatever you listen to our show on to help spread the word about animation cancel. And have you considered becoming a video games now Patreon as a Patreon you get access to the podcast one day earlier than everyone else as well as a discount on VGN swag, exclusive stories and he goes to the podcast live on discord while we work It and we have a new Patreon this week, Mr. Thomas Noseworthy Welcome to the family.

Cole 3:04
Thomas Noseworthy.

Rodney 3:07
Yep, so get the shout out you got the discord

Cole 3:10
you know we can say though, only the shadow knows.

Rodney 3:12
Only the shadow knows.

Rodney 3:16
So yeah, Patreon we have three different tiers or sorry, four different tiers. I’m just going to go to so we got the

Rodney 3:26
Holy shit.

Cole 3:27
I never look at the Patreon we’re at the Patreon page and I get to play I get to see it. Yeah.

Rodney 3:31
Hi, video games now. Thanks. Welcome back to my own Patreon. I’m trying to find the tier levels

Cole 3:39
Usually its right on the front page. Yeah, I know. So straight if you join our Patreon you can tell us where the two levels are.

Rodney 3:39
Yeah, I know. So straight if you join our Patreon you can tell us where the two levels are.

Cole 3:39
If you join our Patreon you can tell us where the two levels are.

Rodney 3:48
Okay, so Oh, it’s telling me my own benefits. This is awesome. Okay, so we got the Melons Club, which is bronze $5 a month.

Cole 3:55
That’s so funny. The Melons club.

Rodney 3:57
Yeah, love that. Yeah. Then we got the demons Which is $10 a month? Oh, yeah. Then we have the hot rowdy fan club nice yep and then the rock hard onyx for true gamers. Oh damn there you go

Cole 4:11
not at that I’ve been playing gears lately that’ll kind of segue it’s nice and then there’s the Y camera with a called the Onyx onyx card. That’s what it is. Oh yeah. So I’m into that onyx

Rodney 4:24
into that onyx. Alright, so let’s move into our first topic then which is coming from PC Gamer So Microsoft is bringing more games to steam says we believe you should have a choice on where you buy your PC games. It makes no sense. Why would they’re trying to push people to buy gamepass. And then they do this.

Cole 4:47
Yeah, it’s weird. Like, you know, Playstation is getting all these exclusive. They even got the Modern Warfare. Early

Rodney 5:02
oh yeah which is bullshit by the way fucking they already got the the survival mode. So why the fuck did they get more shit exclusively?

Cole 5:11
That’s what I mean I was like PlayStation is going in the right direction as in like they’ve got all these exclusives and it looks like the PS5 and we were talking about how you were like I said the new Xbox looks kind of crappy and we’re going with the PS5 but doing this is kind of a right step because I think this way more people are going to buy Xbox games who don’t have the Microsoft pass because I mean there’s all the people who are going to get the Microsoft pass because they’re fans but now this is reaching out to the people who don’t have that and probably never would can still play these games.

Rodney 5:46
Yeah, I can agree with that, I suppose. But

Cole 5:49
I mean, obviously you might. It’s kind of funny you like, close the door to them buying the Microsoft some of your people buying the Microsoft pass but you open it up for all the people who are going With the PlayStation and don’t have an Xbox and don’t have Microsoft and stuff because I always like trying to find people to play gears with and everybody that I play Modern Warfare with except for you has a PlayStation it’s all through PlayStation I’m like oh man I want to play gears with somebody maybe now this is how I can play gears or people can get it who don’t have an Xbox don’t have to buy

Rodney 6:23
well are these some of these games cross compatible with PC and Xbox?

Cole 6:28
I yeah. gears is crossed with that as well. I think.

Rodney 6:31
It might not talking into the you’re not talking into the microphone.

Cole 6:34
This is what happens. We know give me a headset.

Rodney 6:36

Cole 6:38
Yeah, I think the gears is cross compatible from PC to Xbox. look that up right now.

Rodney 6:45
In a big move for its approach to PC gaming, Microsoft has announced that it’s planning to bring more Xbox Game Studio games to steam freeing them from the confines of the Microsoft Store. Store itself isn’t dead and gone. It’s part of Microsoft’s plan to bring an Xbox game pass subscription service to PC which is also announced today

How old is this article? Because wasn’t it? Oh, this article is old, article super old.

Cole 7:16
Oh yeah, it is old

Rodney 7:16
Holy fuck. But you saw a different article on Saturday.

Cole 7:17
Yeah, maybe that is different than what I say. It’s funny that it’s super old, but it’s the first thing that come up when you when you type in here you go see if these companies steam That’s what I’m talking about.

Rodney 7:29
Okay, so this one, this one’s new. So I’m just gonna open this article here. So I can’t believe we’re reading an old article. silly us.

Cole 7:29
Sorry, one sec. I’m just popping this open as well. All right.

Rodney 7:30
Sorry, one sec. I’m just popping this open as well. All right. So Sea of Thieves is now listed as coming soon to steam as Microsoft could offer more of its titles through valves online marketplace. On a company announcement said that seems version of Sea of Thieves with support crossplay platform with other Windows PC users as well as the Xbox One users We’re genuinely thrilled to be thrilled to bring Sea of Thieves to steam and looking forward to welcoming the Steam Community to our games. We can share a grog and a shanty together and hear the tales of their adventures as Craig Duncan studio head at rare had another negative experience on Sea of Thieves.

Cole 8:14
Yeah, it’s not a forgiving game.

Rodney 8:17
Well, I even switched a controller

Cole 8:22
like do you like your controller into your computer?

Rodney 8:23
Yeah, I’m like fucking this guy’s going down I’m fucking switching controller and then he took three blunderbuss shots to the fucking head and didn’t die and then one shot me

Cole 8:32
I’m I’m always that way where I’m like I complain about when I’m doing bad but there always is a reason you’re it’s not like a It’s so stupid to blame it on the game or blaming all the controller but it’s like what is the what are we missing? Why why why are we losing these one on ones you just have to when you’re when your fights?

Rodney 8:51
Yeah. Alright, so where’s rollicking? openworld pie MMO launch in March 2018 exclusively on Windows PC and Xbox One, three. In Microsoft Store a year later Xbox chief Phil Spencer said their company was starting to offer more of its Xbox Game Studio titles on Steam. So gears 5 and Halo Master Chief Collection later launched on steam the same date as their Windows PC and Xbox One releases State of Decay 2 followed in mid March 2019 and a little longer under two years after its launch Microsoft acquired a developing developer Undead Labs shortly after that release. Cool, so go ahead.

Cole 9:26
Didn’t like they just released gears 5 on Steam, I think that’s what that’s why cuz I was playing gears and then I looked on Steam and I saw that gears was coming out for Steam and that’s kind of what brought my attention to this and now I’m trying to find out on the Steam Store where I went.

Rodney 9:42
So this is Xbox Game Studios has currently 36 gameplay games listed on the steam with another two including Psychonauts two listed as coming soon.

Cole 9:51
Yeah, cuz that was a Sea of Thieves was coming soon as well. And then gears was just released. So but that’s crazy. Because you know all of these exclusives to Xbox now on a different vibe now.

Rodney 10:03
That’s where they put Halo fucking 6. And I’m buying it on PC.

Cole 10:10 
Yeah, right rather than having to buy the new Xbox.

Rodney 10:12
Fuck the new Xbox.

Cole 10:14
That’s funny if this is just old news and I just never noticed it before. Because I’m always playing Microsoft games. I’m surprised I didn’t see this.

Rodney 10:21
Well, this is this came out. What day is it today? Six. This came out four days ago. So it’s newish news. It’s not fake news. No fake news. No fake news on the videos, not podcast. But sometimes we just don’t talk about video games on a video games webcast.

Cole 10:37
It’s good. We’re doing pretty good so far. We’ve been on video games topic.

Rodney 10:41
Yeah. Oh, actually. No, I was kidding what? I was gonna go off topic, but I guess not.

Cole 10:42
What? I was gonna go off-topic, but I guess not.

Rodney 10:43
I was gonna go off-topic, but I guess not.

Cole 10:49
Has a new flight simulator come out yet?

Rodney 10:52
No, and they’re being super fucking evasive on the release date of that. Like here I’ll type it in right now.

Cole 10:59
We talked about this before.

Rodney 11:00
Oh yeah, we’ve talked about I talked about it after E3 last year because I was literally, like, fucking stoked to ship.

Cole 11:08
Oh, we talked about how you’re right. He’s got a whole flight simulator.

Rodney 11:13

Cole 11:14
Got the whole pilot, or what’s it called? cockpit of a plane setup so you can fly around.

Rodney 11:17
Yeah, but I got to. I got to reconfigure that because it was a little.

Cole 11:23
What’s the new one?  Is it X or is X the old one?

Rodney 11:26
X is the old one. Like Microsoft Flight Simulator X came out in like 2006. That’s the last one they released. Yeah. So Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 release date, specs, yada fuckin yada. Says releasing later this year and is set to be the most beautiful and in-depth flight simulation game since the franchise began. They originally launched 37 years ago.

Cole 11:58
Holy crap.

Rodney 11:58
Yeah, Well, they got to train pilots somehow.

Cole 11:59
That’s right. How expensive you think it’s gonna be?

Rodney 12:03
Oh it won’t be that bad, what they get you with the HD expansions and texture expansions and shit out that’s where they make their money because people want it to be like ultra realistic so they buy the base game and then they have to buy fucking weather simulations shit like thunder clouds like realistic looking thunder clouds realistic looking water realistic looking this and that and that’s where they make their money off that, it’s fucking stupid.

Cole 12:29
You think they might sell bundles right then so

Rodney 12:33
yeah they do sell bundles so yeah anyways, I am super stoked about this and once I find out when it’s gonna be fucking released I’ll be all over that.

Cole 12:43
Yeah, I wonder I’m going back to the Microsoft didn’t say that the Sea of Thieves and everything will be cross compatible with other on Xbox and the Microsoft Store.

Rodney 13:20
Yeah, it said it would be cross-compatible with everything.

Cole 13:21
That’d be sweet because you’ve been playing Sea of Thieves and I’ve been playing Sea of Thieves you’ve recently and only when I’m with you I find that there’s a lot of other people but when I played for like a long time like I usually play with our good buddy Adam and we never see anybody like I feel like it’s so dead I hope that bringing it to steam will actually pump some pump some numbers into it. Yeah.

Rodney 13:21
Okay, so

Rodney 13:24
What the fuck so this so I’m just on Xfinity or Gfinity sorry, on Microsoft Flight Simulator X this paragraph says the game is currently set to release on Microsoft Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Rodney 13:25
That makes no sense. Why would they not release this on the on this on the whatever the new console is that I hate series x?

Cole 13:41
Well, probably I think it will release on the series x but maybe just for right now. It’s kind of like you know how they release Breath of the Wild for the Wii U. And yeah, that was also like a flagship game for the switch. Maybe they’re just going to release that and so hopefully people Buy it and then when the series x comes out people buy it again because I had to buy a breath of wild twice once for a week and then for my switch.

Rodney 14:06
We’ll get into the expensive shit later. This is it would also be it’ll also be available on the game pass.

Cole 14:15
Oh interesting.

Rodney 14:16
So perfect I don’t have to buy at them buy all the expansions.

Cole 14:15
Do you get expansions to the game pass?

Rodney 14:23
Probably not. Maybe not. You’re probably open the game and they’ll have a store built into the game or some bullshit where you can buy certain planes and that would be fucking bullshit all they have to buy planes if you had to buy certain planes Yeah, like because they give you a base amount like they give you like the standard sorry, which which I opened

Cole 14:42
sorry, which I opened up steam. I’m looking at some articles.

Rodney 14:45
Anyways, yeah, in Microsoft Flight Simulator x. It had like some base planes. So you had like your Cessna 170, which is like the trainer plane that everybody owns essentially, and then they had a couple of higher planes that are like a King Air. And they didn’t have the key 400 but you can probably download it. But yeah, then they had a couple of other ones that a helicopter they had a 737 to 747 and stuff like that, but you had to like download the planes you actually wanted to fly. Weird. Yeah.

Cole 15:22
I mean, it’s smart. If you want to make money, it’s a good way to do it.

Rodney 15:25
Yeah, you just had to download the files and then install them on Microsoft Flight Simulator x. But then again, DLC didn’t exist in 2006 but yeah, it will now. Now you’re gonna pay for it. Yeah, apparently, this game is gonna retail for 4999 pounds, whatever that is. In what in real money.

Cole 15:48
I was gonna say pounds is more real than Canadian dollar.

Rodney 15:52
I’m gonna convert it right now. What’s 50 pounds in Canadian dollars. So it’s a $90 game. Damn shit. Which I mean, it’ll be like a $75 game for the states. Whoa, fucking Microsoft Flight Simulator looks so good. I’m so stoked. Anyways, okay, let’s move on here. Let’s talk about how expensive games are, good segue.

Cole 16:23
I was trying to poke at the Segway and your I will talk about more expensive games later.

Rodney 16:25
Yeah, I wasn’t there yet. No. So we were mentioned on Saturday about how fucking expensive Nintendo Switch games were.

Cole 16:36
Yeah, why? Oh, it’s because we were talking about Animal Crossing, I think and then how it’s like yeah, I play Animal Crossing. Oh, we were actually talking with Mark the melons.

Rodney 16:45
Melons, Melvin dude, games are so suspensive bro.

Cole 16:49
Cuz we were talking about Mark and I were talking about animal crossing. And then I was saying how I’d like to buy it but it’s like, it’s like an $80 game and he’s the same thing and then he even said He went back to look at a game was that you went back to look at Mario Tennis.

Rodney 17:03
Yeah, that was me. Because I packed up my studio and my Xbox and everything. So on Friday because I was moving so I didn’t have anything to play. So I left my switch out, couldn’t find Breath of the Wild. And then I’m like, Oh, fuck we I pack breath in the wild too. So I couldn’t even get that. So I was looking on the store to buy something. And, yeah, everything’s super expensive. I was gonna get Animal Crossing, too. But I don’t know if I’d like that game. That’s why I didn’t get it. I wish there was a demo available.

Cole 17:29
I mean, a demo of this game would probably be any other animal crossing game, because everybody complained about animal crossing. The ones in the past were that it just was like it there just wasn’t enough. And I feel like they finally nailed it on this animal crossing. They finally like added enough. There’s like hundreds of customizations and items to unlock. And like you can build your own island and you design your own house in your own town where it just wasn’t really that in depth before. So just get an old Animal Crossing, beat the whole game and that’s your your demo for this one.

Rodney 17:59
That’s Fair I’m sure that’s still 80 bucks though

Cole 18:03
if it’s on the Nintendo store might be able to go to like your local comic shop yeah sometimes you go to a comic shop and they’ve got like Super Nintendo games and N64 and some old old goodies tucked in the corner somewhere.

Rodney 18:24
Just like electronics store like what’s the one in the mall the source.

Cole 18:25
This source have old like old stuff though. Retro stuff, but you could find it just on the shelf.

Rodney 18:26
Yeah, you just go there and they got like a small little section of games but they sell mainly Amazon Alexa and Google Chrome’s or Google whatever it is.

Cole 18:39
It’s funny how I’m here on the Nintendo store and they get you with like the games under $10 and the $15 games and they’re all like they have so many indie games on on Nintendo store that like it looks like they’ve got a bunch of cheap games but all of their own single releases like all the Mario games, or Pokemon or Yeah, those are the ones that are different. Price. Yeah, monsters.

Rodney 19:02
But yeah, I went to buy. Oh my god, I’m gonna look at Mario Tennis Aces. I fucking hated the demo. I don’t even know why that crossed my mind it actually that didn’t cross my mind when I was looking. I was like, oh, I’ll give it another shot. It won’t be $80 it’s been out for two years. No, it was $80

Cole 19:18
is that the new one? That is the newest?

Rodney 19:20
Yeah, it’s 180 dollars for your tennis game, but you can probably beat in five hours.

Cole 19:26
Super Mario Deluxe, that’s still full price.

Rodney 19:33
Was that the Wii U game?

Cole 19:36
This was released January 10 2019.

Rodney 19:36
Okay for this fuckin 80 bucks Jesus.

Cole 19:37
October 5 2018. full full price. Mario Kart eight April 27 2017. full price. The three year old game full price.

Rodney 19:55
And doesn’t Nintendo not have as big of a development team as North America.

Cole 19:56
I don’t know that

Rodney 20:02
I’m gonna look that up.

Cole 20:03
You can buy Doom 64 for $5.

Rodney 20:05
That’s, that’s good. How big is Nintendo’s development teams, because I’m pretty sure they have a reduced when I say reduced, I mean like, it’s like two to 300 people on a game usually. Yeah. And I think it’s like they’re on the lower end like 200. So I’m just thinking about their costs. I made a video called Why are game prices are so high, right? I talked about actually, all the teams and stuff that go into the payroll of making a game which is the base of biggest expense, especially in film. Like, I’m, I’m sure I don’t know if you’ve done this yet, but when I was on set as a system director, like you what you do now I got given a check. That had to take to the producer who’s at our monitors, and she had to sign it. And the check was for a quarter of a million dollars. And that was payroll for the week. Damn.

Cole 21:09
Oh, yeah, we do that. But you don’t just take the cheque you take like a, you take like a whole box called the football, you pass it football off to the to the producer, and then they pass it back to you and you send it back to the office, but I never got to look at the checker see it.

Rodney 21:20
No that this check was for the payroll company because the way it works in film is after the show’s wrapped, like the show doesn’t exist anymore. So for our tax documents and stuff, they’ll send it, they’ll cut all the checks through a payroll company so that they keep all the records on file for us. So yeah, the check was for this payroll company, so it’s just one flat check for them to cut all the checks with

Cole 21:43
interesting. Yeah, no, I’ve never done that.

Rodney 21:46
But yeah, I was for a quarter of a million dollars. That is yes. For just for the people just for the crew just for the crew. Yep.

Cole 21:52
Hey, man, we gotta eat. People got to eat.

Rodney 21:54
Yeah. But so it was a quarter-million dollars. So it was like $10 American

Cole 22:00
Going back to the expensive video games, I’m just looking up the Super Smash Brothers here. The first DLC Ultimate Fighter pass had six fighters and it was like 23 $26 Yeah, I think now the new Super Smash Brothers ultimate pass Volume Two is six fighters and it’s 40 bucks.

Rodney 22:18
What I thought it was six bucks a fighter we did a podcast on it. That’s what it said.

Cole 22:22
It’s $37.79 for the pass.

Rodney 22:25
While maybe they’re talking about American dollars, who knows?

Cole 22:28
Yeah, that means it’s gonna be even more expensive, in Canadian if you’re talking about Oh, you mean $6 American?

Rodney 22:33
Yeah. Fucking Americans and their money that’s better than ours.

Cole 22:37
A it’s good for film though because I mean, that means they come up here and they can double their money.

Rodney 22:41
Suck it Hollywood.

Yeah, but they’re not going to come up here for a bit everyone’s gonna be licking their wounds for a bit for quite a while. Oh, yeah, like

Cole 22:51
Oh, yeah, like the rest of us who haven’t worked in like a month and a half.

Rodney 22:54
Oh, they just the government just released a relief fund today, you should look in that.

Cole 22:55
oh yeah, that thousand dollars

Rodney 22:56
that’s like 2000 bucks a month or something I’m sure

Cole 23:02
all the American listeners are like shut up about Canada nobody cares

Cole 23:06
Hey man it’s not even a real country dont fuck with us Canadians, don’t you know

Rodney 23:13
Don’t you to know about, roll the R’s get right newfie with it

Cole 23:20
I’m bad at rolling the R’s, got no culture

Rodney 23:21
just got to listen to Brian for like two minutes

Cole 23:26
oh yeah what else, Mario Maker is is still 60 bucks I’m trying to Mario Maker 2 is 60 bucks I’m trying to see how much Mario Maker 1 is.

Rodney 23:33
sick really

Cole 23:34
oh I’m sorry this is American prices

Rodney 23:37
okay yeah cuz Mario Maker 2 was 80 bucks and the only reason I bought it was because I had a $50 gift card and I’m like I’ll buy it for 30 bucks.

Cole 23:46
I’ll switch it back to full price Odyssey is still full price that was released in September 2018 Splatoon, Breath of the Wild

Rodney 23:53
Let’s look at last gen, like look at Wii U games , how much are Wii U games right now?

Cole 23:59
That’s good. good call I’m on the switch.

Cole 24:01
Okay, scroll all the way down.

Cole 24:04
Wii U

Rodney 24:05
What was the last Mario game that came out on Wii U? Because like

Cole 24:08
It was just the deluxe wasn’t because they kind of all the, like a world

Rodney 24:13
like a world, it was 3d world.

Cole 24:16
Oh dude, Breath of the Wild for the Wii U is still 60 bucks.

Rodney 24:20
What the fuck? That’s garbage.

But anyways, actually, let’s talk about I made a video about this.

I can’t remember we talked about on the last podcast. So there’s some new Mario games coming to the switch.

Cole 25:05
I think we did talk about this a little bit, but let’s get more into detail with it.

Rodney 24:20
So this rumor came from a couple people let me I don’t think I have the script for that. I made a video about it on our YouTube page as well. So I don’t think I have the script here. supermario Nope, I don’t. But anyway, so a bunch of sources actually on the internet have talked about Nintendo announcing some Mario games coming to the switch during II three, which obviously isn’t happening anymore, but they’ll probably still do some sort of DirectX or something. Oh, yeah. But they were talking about Mario 64. Mario Sunshine galaxy. And well, we’ll start with those three those getting remastered for the switch. That’s fuckin badass.

Cole 25:20
Yeah, I wonder how Mario 64 would be on the switch?

Rodney 25:25
Yeah. Well, what do you add to that?

Cole 25:26
It’ll be 80 bucks.

Rodney 25:26
Yeah, it’ll be 80 bucks. But if you’re remaking Mario 64 they need to do like another a second pass through like with Luigi and add another 120 stars

Cole 25:38
Yeah, we were talking about this a little bit like what would you like to see? Yeah, and it’s, um, I think adding a few more worlds would be cool. But it’s, it’s almost like I feel like recording music. You know, like when they recorded music in the 80s. They the different the ways that they did it was so different than now that you can’t really get the same sound at the same field. I wonder if you’d be able to pull off If you were to do another couple worlds in 64 would it feel the same would it have the same?

Rodney 26:07
Well, that’s what I mean.

Cole 26:08
What’s a crappy world in Mario? 64 they were all really good What was your least favorite?

Rodney 26:16
Oh, my least favorite. Yeah Mario 64

Cole 26:19
You know what I mean? Like Like, because all the worlds were so good I’m trying to think of one

Rodney 26:24
Well, they were good but there was still annoying was that I hated I liked the big and small world but it was annoying that you had to switch back and forth between the big world and the small world to do shit. The snow worlds are always annoying.

Cole 26:43
The water worlds, that remember that like pirate ship is Yeah, land

Rodney 26:46
the pirate ship one wasn’t that bad, honestly.

Cole 26:48
Yeah, but there was the one where there was a shark’s eye. I don’t know all when I was a kid. I saw jaws and it scared the hell it like I have such an unnecessary fear of water like I’ll go swimming in the ocean like I’m totally fine. With that, but like when I’m playing video games water levels just scare the shit out of me. Yeah. Not being able to control yourself. You’re no longer at the top of the food chain when we’re in the water. And that freaks me out. So like any water levels I have a hard time with, which is ironic because I love CFCs but yeah.

Rodney 27:17
But yeah, I think you just keep the base game the same. Yeah. And then as soon as you 100% completed, it’s like, Hey, here’s some more shit. Enjoy.

Cole 27:27
Yeah, here’s another here’s some secrets. Yeah, here’s Luigi, here’s Toad, play the whole game as toad, I’m the best.

Rodney 27:33
Oh, that’d be interesting.

Cole 27:37
Is my toad impression ok. What does Toad say when everybody wins? in the best. Ah, yeah, fuckin Daisy still my favorite.

Rodney 27:46
That would be an interesting way to add difficulty to the game where it’s like you’ve hundred percent completed the game. Now you have to beat it as Toad and Toad has a restrictive amount of like movable abilities. So you had to try to complete the game again with as Toad where he like can jump as high or something like that.

Cole 28:01
I mean there’s there’s some parts of the game that you need to long jump and you need to hide jump to beat it. So would it stop you from being able to beat the game?

Rodney 28:09
You got to get creative man. Wall jump. Let’s get Mario to fucking punt you over to the other side. Wow.

Cole 28:15
Oh yeah, no not Co-Op but that would be interesting to have like a two-player

Rodney 28:20
Yeah, there’s a mode in Mario Sunshine where you have to race against your like Phantom self? Yeah yeah, maybe something like that but like you have to get a star before them or maybe there’s an online mode where you’re like it’s versus and you have to try to get the server before the other person that’d be cool.

Cole 28:43
Yeah What was that it was in Mario Kart or there was another game where you have to do the trial and then you have to try to beat your time but it shows the your original run.

Rodney 28:53
Yeah, that’s a Mario Kart.

So yeah, there’s a couple things they can do with Mario 64 that would be interesting but still not ruin the game.

Cole 29:05
I’m gonna take some more mini eggs.

Rodney 29:06
Oh, you take them mini eggs if too many mini eggs.

Cole 29:10
Yeah, that’d be fun sunshine this would be really currently there for a second is one that I’m looking forward to I hope they come up which we were also talking to mark about Mark was like I tried to find sunshine on the switch store and I can’t find it anywhere.

Rodney 29:19
Well yeah cuz it doesn’t fucking exist. But the one thing about Mario Sunshine I mentioned this in the video even if you have a gamecube what TV has component inputs anymore? That’s true.

Cole 29:35
That’s true, that’s you kept your old one.

Rodney 29:36
Well I have I’m getting rid of the TV that just came out of our room at the old place. I bought that TV in 2010 and that doesn’t have a component inputs.

Cole 29:48
You’d probably have to buy an adapter, you know, you’d have to have like an HDMI two.

Rodney 29:53
Yeah, I suppose.

Cole 29:55
And then that would be the only way.

Rodney 29:57
Actually the capture card is I have an adapter that actually I just threw out the cable says I’ll never use them. But I had an adapter to go. Like to take those inputs like the old component inputs and then it goes into the capture card and then I could output HDMI so that would work.

Cole 30:15
You could record a lot of sunshine playthrough

Rodney 30:16
Yeah, but I’m gonna wait for the remake. Anyway,

Cole 30:41
If it comes, we hope those rumors are real.

Rodney 30:41
Oh, yeah, dude, Galaxy was awesome when it came out and Galaxy 2 Yeah Mario Galaxy. I tried to play that again. And the graphics were kind of shitty, and it kind of turned me off. And that’s a really Mark thing to say. Yeah. But I don’t know. It just didn’t it wasn’t crisp and it just didn’t flow like when you hit play for the first time. Like obviously you’re stuck in that time period where the graphics are like,

Cole 30:42
Oh, yeah, dude, Galaxy was awesome when it came out and Galaxy 2.

Rodney 30:45
Yeah Galaxy 2 was good, So yeah, I’m excited. They’re gonna remaster those I’m like I said more excited for sunshine because I haven’t played that for full 2005 last time I played them.

Cole 30:54
Now they just had to find out how to do Donkey Kong 64 Somebody’s got to get 64 out on something. I don’t care.

Rodney 31:04
Yeah, so I mean, Xbox does matter. I mean, fuck people are remaking Pokemon bright and blue and Unreal Engine four, like come on, get on Mario or get on DK 60

Cole 31:12
get on DK 64, somebody? Anybody? Yeah. Which is like the biggest clusterfuck because of rare in Nintendo, because we’re owning that and

Rodney 31:21
someone just needs to go to Rare and say hey, I’m remaking DK 64 and Unreal Engine four and then well Whose

Cole 31:27
Well whose is it? Where is Rare the problem or is Nintendo the problem because rare is Donkey Kong 64. But Nintendo owns the rights to Donkey Kong. So one of them owns the game, and one of them owns the character. so that’s why.

Rodney 31:39
It’ll be Dankey Kang and it’ll be a totally different person.

Cole 31:44
Well, that’s why it was such a so…Danky Kong

Rodney 31:46
Dinky King. Yeah.

Cole 31:50
But I think they own do they own Diddy Kong? Yeah. So Rare or Nintendo.

Rodney 31:55
Nintendo will own that.

Cole 31:57
Do they own tiny and lanky and chunky? Yeah that’s part of this franchise

Rodney 32:03
Yeah that’s part of this franchise, Yeah, well cuz it sorry…yawn

Rodney 32:08
Nintendo made the original Donkey Kong game where Mario was jumping through the, so that’s where that comes from so yeah that’s actually quite a legal battle.

Cole 32:19
yeah that’s that’s why it has because I mean they released I guess that’s rare to I don’t know released Donkey Kong 64 somebody, please or if anybody knows where I can play it because I tried to download an emulator and it just sucked.

Rodney 32:32
Well they can probably they can. Oh, well no what sucks is the fucking camera controls are toxic.

Cole 32:39
They were I can get over it because I love the game so much. That was the very first video game I ever played. Like when I was six years old. My dad came home with an N 64 and he was like, son, this is a video game. And here’s Donkey Kong 64 and that was like that was it. That was my introduction to video games so I can get over the toxic controls. I just want to play the game. With controls like I just did with the simulator I downloaded was just like you couldn’t do the controls on like the keypad there was no mouse he had to use like, WASD to walk but then like Q and E to turn yourself and now it’s terrible.

Rodney 33:13
Geez, yeah. Yeah, I mean what if it’s just one letter from Rare saying like, you could remake it? It’s fine.

Cole 33:21
I’ll go to Please Mr. Rare i would just like some more Donkey Kong.

Rodney 33:26
Yeah and then Rare or sorry, the Nintendo just has to sub it out to some company like like gresso was that the company who renamed ocher enough time and Joris mask?

Cole 33:35
I don’t know. the one for Gameboy

Rodney 33:37
no for 3ds

Cole 33:39
Yeah, the 3ds right. Yeah, I meant when I said

Rodney 33:41
I think it was gresso that remade that.

Cole 33:44
just imagine if there wasn’t such a terrible legal battle over that. If they were releasing Donkey Kong games like they’re releasing Mario games. Yeah. Like Donkey Kong 64 to like a Donkey Kong on Wii and the GameCube and the Wii U and the Switch.

Rodney 33:45
Oh, oh. Sexy I’d paid $80 for that game even though it came

Cole 33:45
I mean, they’re releasing the side scrollers you know, like the original but I want to see the actual

Rodney 34:09
Well the wasn’t the original one developed by rare too? like Donkey Kong Country

Cole 34:12
Donkey Kong Country. 1, 2 and 3 were all by Rare.

Rodney 34:12
So what can they release that but not

Cole 34:13
That’s what i mean that’s what I was saying like they released that on the switch but they didn’t release dock 64 I think Donkey Kong 64 was on the Xbox 360 they released it but ever since then they haven’t done anything.

Rodney 34:31
I wonder what the contract says like if they can release because here’s a fun little story about film. And we lost the music What happened? We lost Oh, because there’s not a lot of.

Cole 34:31
playing some Donkey Kong.

Rodney 34:47
Actually, I do have some Donkey Kong, pump me pump me, pump me. I got some Smash Brothers. Let’s do that.

Rodney 34:53
So here’s the funny thing about film. So in the early 80s, or sorry, the late 80s and now I believe when you did a contract with somebody, like for example, if we’re filming at somebody’s house, we do a contract with them that protects obviously them so that they get paid and then protects us so that we own the photography that we film. But there’s so that there’s a line in the contract that says that we own everything we film. And nowadays there’s an extra line in there that says we own everything we film now and in all future in property will in all property, whether now known or whatever, throughout the universe, so like basically, they’re covering themselves because what happened is people published their stuff, and their contracts didn’t cover the internet because the internet didn’t exist. People were starting to cash in on shit on the internet and their contracts didn’t protect them.

Cole 35:47
So they have to protect something in all future developments. Yes, if they invite in make the internet 2.0

Rodney 35:54
Yeah, exactly. So

I’m wondering if you Nintendo’s using that loophole right now with a virtual with the virtual store and stuff with like country three and stuff because I’m sure contracts between them and Rare protect them from Hmm.

Cole 36:10
When they open it up so if they said you can’t resell it on N64 but now when they release new games

Rodney 36:18
Well I’m sure they covered it.

Cole 36:18
Future consoles Hmm.

Rodney 36:18
But maybe just hardware I don’t know. But still DK64 needs to happen that’s the fucking underline.

Cole 36:25
Look at the platforms that DK64 is available on, read out all the platforms.

Rodney 36:28
Reading all the platforms. Yeah. Platforms Nintendo 64. That is all well, I did buy it on the Virtual Console store on the Wii U.

Cole 36:41
Maybe I should go back to my Wii U.

Rodney 36:43
Yeah. All right.

So yeah, the other two other rumors came out of that Mario thing. So one was a Mario World War Deluxe or whatever the fuck which will probably just be ported to the switch with like, maybe an extra level or or something? Meh, don’t care about that. Yeah

Cole 37:04
I mean, I like side-scrolling Mario games, but like the newer ones kind of. I know they didn’t do it for me. I played Deluxe and I played some of the other ones and it was kind of, I don’t know. Yeah, it wasn’t really my jam.

Rodney 37:18
Well what really wedded my panties was? There’s a new Paper Mario apparently coming out this year.

Cole 37:26
Oh, God, I hope it’s good.

Rodney 37:28
They said that it’s going to be in the same style as the 64 and the GameCube versions, which is great, which is what it needs to be Yeah, Thousand year door was the shit.

Cole 37:40
I think I played the original more than I played Thousand year door because the Thousand Year Door was just so what’s the word? It’s just so daunting, you know? Yeah, that game is just incredible. I was almost afraid to play it because it was just going to consume me.

Rodney 37:55
Well, it was for the GameCube and I didn’t have a gamecube so I played all these games. I borrowed them from friends and then played them on my Wii so I only played thousand your door once so I don’t remember anything about thousand your door other than that’s fuckin badass wrestling arc

Cole 38:11
it’s they have like a pigman level the very very first level is like you collect all the little there’s like these little tree saplings and you got to go into their tree and like revive the tree and you can replace peach and you can play as bouncer and

Rodney 38:23
I vaguely remember that yeah

Cole 38:25
You get to fight all the dragons there’s like oh wait when you say the wrestling when you mean the one in the sky where you hatch the eggs they also have like a tunnel or a 50 levels we have to be 50 levels back to back of enemies we like dropped down to 2 but it drops you into 1 and there’s like easy enemies in the first 10 floors and then it gets harder on the 20, 30, 40 and you find a skeleton dragon at the last one. That’s oils. Yeah. Oh my God. That game was just like, so many secrets so much good stuff.

Rodney 38:56
Yeah, I’m excited to play it again when it I think it’s getting released as well on the store. Sometimes that’s Thousand Year Door Yeah, I think that’s somewhere

Cole 39:03
but I mean the ones after thousand your door we’re kind of I didn’t play the one directly after that

Rodney 39:09
that one was kind of shitty Not gonna lie it they tried to reinvent Paper Mario and it’s like why the fuck would you reinvent Paper Mario it Paper Mario was Paper Mario for a fucking reason yeah you know like they made it into a side scrolling like 2d adventure that you could also rotate in 3d space and play through the the 2d levels in 3d space. And then you could also play as far as Mario Bauer’s or Luigi all them right. But I think the game on its own was fine. But as part of the Paper Mario series, it was not good.

Cole 39:45
It was not good. It should have been

Rodney 39:47
it. Yeah.

So yeah, that one was weird. And you have instead of like actual characters as your sidekicks, you have like pixel friends. Oh, what do you think? Excuse Yeah, so like one pixel guy could like punch through shit. And another one can Yeah, it was dumb. It was no. it was don’t buy it. the what was the next one? The Color Splash for the 3ds.

Cole 40:13
That’s the one that I played. Yeah, the Color Splash.

Rodney 40:15
Yeah that one was okay.

Cole 40:16
It was it was fine, but I couldn’t be it because I was like, This is not this is not the favorite Mario I know and love.

Rodney 40:21
Yeah. In Paper Mario The first one I can’t remember. Like, was there an overworld screen? Like a

Cole 40:29
Yeah, if we had the original one? Yeah. Yeah. Like overworld like a map like Yeah, yeah, that was like that main intro when you first dropped in and the curtains open and you can see the the map and you can see where you got each of the stars on the map. Okay, oh, yeah, that that map was like, that was dope. And it was every time you unlocked a new area more stuff would pop out of it like a like a open up book that has pop up book. Right, right, right. That was dope.

Rodney 40:57
Okay, I remember that now alright, so that’s about it for the Mario rumor train. Choo choo choo. Alright, let’s get into our poll of the week last week, which was, which is the top game for a post apocalyptic the word I can’t say? Because it’s too much words

Cole 41:10
Post apocalyptic game.

Rodney 41:13
Yeah. So you’re at 11 games last podcast and two people voted. Once left for dead two was apparently the best and the other is Metro 2033. Love that Metro Metro sexy. So that’s what we got. Thanks for joining our poll. The poll this week will be fuck the one we had. What Mario game are you excited for? How about that? I’m gonna rewrite that in the show. notes here.

Cole 41:34
I knew we should stick to topic. Yeah, there’s got to be like a prize or something for what’s some incentive to be a part of the poll.

Rodney 41:43
We need that your voices heard that was gonna get

Cole 41:45
Yeah because it just says guests like it’s it doesn’t say who voted It just says guests we don’t even know who’s

Rodney 41:52
Yeah, well, that’s a sign in and register whatever the fuck

Cole 41:57
it is and you’d have to do that anyway if you want to get a prize but there needs to be an incentive.

Rodney 42:03
Anyways, we asked a question on our discord Facebook and something else on not just those two What game are you good at like to the point where like you could probably get competitive and you know cause some damage where you can we can stream it you know? Yeah you can stream it and probably make a hot Penny and got some fuck Facebook so good at just distracting the shit out of you.

Cole 42:29
Really? I don’t have Facebook I’m don’t use it all

Rodney 42:30
Okay,  I’m gonna click on this and make you laugh it’s good

Cole 42:35
it’s where you’re putting the question oh my god

Rodney 42:39
that’s awesome I’m gonna put this on our Facebook page can I save the picture save images there we go it’s some kids got to do all this from Yu-Gi-Oh. That’s got all the Exodia pieces on it and it’s attached to a fucking What does that called?

Cole 42:54
The Infinity Gauntlet

Rodney 2:54
The Infinity Gauntlet from

Cole 42:55
Infinity war looks fantastic, like that looks really cool.

Rodney 42:58
Yeah. Yeah, like destroyer of worlds this guy.

Cole 43:02
Speaking of card games I’ve been I’ve been into the Pokemon cards lately. Yeah, and I want to I wanted to make some videos on our YouTube page about Pokemon cards, but I have no idea how to I’ve been watching all these YouTubers like opening Pokemon cards and that’s kind of what got me into it. But I don’t want to just open up Pokemon cards, I want to do something. Something else. So if you guys have any ideas of what you want to see from Pokemon card channel if you’re interested in anything, hit me up and I’ll I’ll see if I can make something interesting. Yeah, just need some inspiration.

Rodney 43:39
Totally, Oh hey, look omega joined the Live podcast. Oh, nice. Look at that. Just right now. Well, he said I made it. Oh, yeah. A minute ago. 45 minutes in beta 45 minutes in Don’t worry. You didn’t miss too much. Yeah, we were just talking about some rumors and shit. But anyways, welcome omega and join the chat here.

Rodney 44:01
Oh, we got the Star Fox theme. Oh yeah, you can’t hear the music

Cole 44:06
I can’t hear anything. That’s why I’m thrown off is because I’m like, I’m I’m in silence. It’s just quiet all the time.

Rodney 44:13
Yeah, what were we looking for all right, I was looking for the Okay, so omega has been is the best to call of duty apparently.

Cole 44:23
Yeah, there’s some like, I’ve played through both battle passes of Call of Duty like almost all the way through I think I’m this battle pass ends. What is it like today or tomorrow?

Rodney 44:34
Yeah, I’m max level already. I’ll show you that after that’s fucking gold.

Cole 44:37
And I’m terrible. I’m so terrible. I’ve been playing the whole time. It’s been out and I am awful. So all of you people who were claiming to be the best at Modern Warfare. Congratulations because I could not do it.

Rodney 44:54
Um like I said, I think I said this either last podcast in the podcast before I’m always middle. I’ve never like fucking amazeballs but I’m not the worst player. So, anyways, Braden Siedel is playing Kirby air ride or sorry he says he’s the best at Kirby Air Ride he said the city mode that’s seven minutes long if there is an Esports I’d be in the tourney

Cole 45:17
nice. I gotta get into more Kirby games cuz like I played the Kirby N64 that’s another good one.

Rodney 45:24

Cole 45:24
It was an awesome game.

Rodney 45:25
Braden Porter says I’m good at video games.

Cole 45:31
So we believe you are.

Rodney 45:34
Yeah so we’ll come up with some random question this week and put it on our Facebook and comment if you want to be heard on the show. Omega let’s see you buddy. All right, so let’s look into the next thing which is the top 10 most expensive games ever sold in this coronavirus time if you’re hurting for money, and if you got these in your closet somewhere you might make a pretty penny.

Cole 45:58
Yeah, sell these games. A lot of them are super old school.

Rodney 46:02
Well, it’s probably why they’re so expensive why they’re expensive. Are Coming in at number 10 is ET the Extra Terrestrial sold for $1537

Cole 46:12
there’s like a crazy story. I don’t want to get into that now but like that game, like that game was like the collapse of the video games that game almost destroyed all video games when it came out.

Rodney 46:23
What did it release on? keep talking, I’ll find it

Cole 46:27
They wanted to release it. If this is the same game, they wanted to release it with the movie. But the game wasn’t finished yet. But they wanted to release it on the same day as a movie. So basically, parents would take their kids out to see ET, and then go to the store and buy the game afterwards. But they released it early so that it could come up with the movie and the game was just the biggest piece of crap ever made. And like kids hated it, and the parents saw them playing it and they’re like, well, this is it. This is what video games are this is terrible and it was one of the yeah the Atari huh? Yeah, I want to find some gameplay. Oh what made it bad? Everything Everything It is like it I’m gonna find some gameplay to show you you should

Rodney 47:17
we’ll move on to the next one here so number why is that the most sought out game after ever then

Cole 47:23
probably just because of like once they made it they tried to bury it right because it was so bad they were like we got to get rid of this like we have to we gotta find a way to to play this pictures of it just like crashed in a in a dump yard it was it was such a it was such a disaster. This is that was the game that that’s like a shot from the game.

Rodney 47:46
Oh, well. Yeah, well, okay. All right. Number 9 is entertainment mountain bike rally and Speed Racer combo cards. So this sells between $1500 and $3700. Entertainment mountain bike rally and Speed Racer combo card is a retro game from the early 1990s era. The video was released by the exercise equipment company like fitness, and it was a combination of bike exercises and an entertainment system. Okay, so it’s like the Wii U but in the 80s,

Cole 48:19
the 80s Wii U,

Rodney 48:20
or the Wii or whatever. Yeah.

All right, number nine or number 8 super COPPA sells from $400 to $6900. That’s a fucking huge range. For the sporty gamer is the super COPPA Nintendo video game in 1994 was designed to let the sportsman get his game on with using increased skill sets not only to inspire but to work with the team to get in the game and get the full action

Cole 48:20
what is COPPA? What’s COPPA is that it looks like it’s so text looks like soccer ball or whatever.

Rodney 49:21
Yeah. Yeah, so I got chirps on one of our YouTube videos the the Super Mario Strikers video I made Yeah. I always said soccer or football like ever every time I said soccer I said that yeah and some guy and then I said his comment like soccer players or fucking wimps or something because there was hitting in Super Mario Strikers right yeah and and then I put a picture of soccer players on screen I said MLS fans rage and then I had a picture of soccer players on there was like I get oh we have some good have a chat and in the comments some guys like says MLS but is actually like I put players from a different leagues. Oh, I thought the wrong thing. I fucked it up. Ah, so he roasted me I was like oh yeah,

Cole 49:41
Thats what you get, thats what you deserve. Yeah.

Rodney 49:43
So Alright, number 7 is Atlantis 2, $5000 to $7,000 worth. Back in 1982 when video games were the hot commodity and everyone wanted an Atari system or to go to the arcade and play a little Donkey Kong or Pac Man. atlantis was also a there, but it isn’t one that was often talked about as much as the standard video games.

Cole 50:04
What’s the gameplay on atlantis what is it?

Rodney 50:08
It just has a cover of it?

Cole 50:10
I want to see the gameplay for some of these? Because I know Speed Racer and I know ET but I don’t know.

Rodney 50:18
I thought of the Disney movie.

Cole 50:21
Oh, Atlantis they had a video game for that, that you got in your cereal box. Remember?

Rodney 50:25
Oh, I remember that.

Cole 50:26
Yeah, it was fun, but damn was that hard.

Rodney 50:29
I got Spy Kids the original Spy Kids movie in cereal box.

Cole 50:35
That’s so nutty that they used to do that for all of the younger listeners out there. We used to get video game prizes in our cereal boxes and movies.

Rodney 50:45
Trying to remember another one. I got the behind the scenes of the 2002 Gold Medal Olympic Games for Canada. For hockey. Yeah, I got that cereal box. I got a titanic game is cereal box.

Cole 50:58
I think I probably got that same Titanic game.

Rodney 51:00
That game was fucking broken though.

Cole 51:02
Oh, they’re all broken. It came in a cereal box, I guess. Yeah.

Rodney 51:07
I guess. Yeah. All right, number 6 Nintendo Powerfest 1994 goes through $10,000 to $11,000. Nintendo only produced about 33 game cartridges of this game.

Cole 51:18
How many?

Rodney 51:18

Cole 51:19

Rodney 51:20
These games were used in stores all across the country to be a part of 130 different events. The winners of each event won a trip to San Diego in the world championships. Those who play second received a Starfox jacket.

Cole 51:34
Oh my god. That’s dope. I want a Star Fox I have a funny story about a Star Fox jacket but finish to finish this.

Rodney 51:41
Well, I want to Star Fox legs so they just amputate your legs and they put the metal ones on. Perfect. Yeah. What happened to the leftovers from the Star Fox competition from the previous year. At the end of all events, all the cartridges were returned to Nintendo all except one which eventually ended up in the hands of a game collector. Rick burns, who just happened to have participated in the competition back when he was a kid paid 10,000 for his rare one of a kind of game cartridge.

Cole 52:09
Am Wow, I was working on a film set. And it was the end of the day. And I was one of the last people left and I was doing a walk through the set to make sure that, you know, nothing got left behind. And there was a chair and there was a jacket on the chair. He’s like, oh, somebody forgot their jacket. And I picked up the jacket. And it’s it’s a Starfox jacket. Like it’s got the it’s like the brown leather jacket with the Starfox logo on it. And I was like, This jacket is so freakin cool. I was like, This is awesome. And I was like I was bringing it over to the loss and found but I was like, I want to see what it looks like on me. So I tried on the jacket, and I was there. I was like the only person there so I try on the jacket. I zip it up and as soon as I zip it up, the guy who owns it comes in looking for it. And I’m just standing there wearing his jacket. And he and he’s a nice guy. He’s He’s in playback so he’s not guy he was there all the time. He only comes in once every, like, couple weeks. Yeah. So I didn’t really know him that well at the time. I’m actually kind of good friends with him now, but that was like one of the first times I actually talked to him was him catching me wearing his missing jacket. Yeah. And I was like, I Dude, I was just trying it totally looked like I was about to walk out of the studio with his jacket on but I was taking it to the loss and found and he caught me red handed giving it a try on but we still laugh about that today, but man I wanna I want to start Fox Jackie Oh, bad that I almost cried.

Rodney 53:30
Yeah, I want to do more cosplay when I go to events.

Cole 53:36
Actually, before I came today, I was watching people who go to Comic Con and what they were like the top 10 best cosplays and there’s some people who are crazy. We should do our Sea of Thieves characters. That’s what I want to do.

Rodney 53:51
You gotta be a fat lesbian chick.

Cole 53:52
No, I’m I’m like the wizard man. I’m an old man.

Rodney 53:55
No, oh, yeah, right wills the fat lesbian chick.

Cole 53:57
Yeah, I’m the old I’m the wizard. Yeah. See me on the Sea of Thieves I’ll set you on fire.

Rodney 53:55
I just look like a fucking Admiral.

Cole 53:55
Yeah, you guys got the broad shoulders and that Yeah, you look like Napoleon but on the sea. A little taller though.

Rodney 54:10
So Polian Yeah. Number 5 is Red Sea crossing goes for $10,000 to $13,800 and the Red Sea crossing game by Atari you took on the characters role of Moses when he was crossing the Red Sea. You were to dodge fish, turtles and other sea creatures and occasionally you might encounter one of the pixelated egyptian characters who tried to throw arrows at you. So throw arrows at you. So Moses just splits the Red Sea so how

Cole 54:37
You got a dodge those turtles man.

Rodney 54:39
So you just split the sea and then ship just jumps across?

Cole 54:43
So, here’s there’s actually a picture of it. Yeah, it’s it looks like speaking of going back to rare Do you ever play that rare game where the astronaut you could actually play it in N64 for the astronaut you have to build your ship. And there’s the no you never played that? Never played that? No. Well, I’m Sorry for everybody who’s listening and not looking but there’s a picture of the gameplay.

Rodney 55:05
Oh, that’s retro. That’s right.

Cole 55:06
Yeah, it’s like it’s like a 2d platformer like Mario, but like with no color in the sea creatures are red and the characters white, and you just kind of walk behind a gray background. There’s picture right there.

Rodney 55:20
Yeah, well, somebody found it in a garage sale for 50 cents and then sold it for $10,000 that’s a fucking profit turn around.

Cole 55:28
Do you know what sometimes I will see like a garage sale like and I’ll just want to go there just to see if there’s something that people have no idea what the actual value is not to be addicted to be like, I’m gonna take this and turn it around, but just to see like, yeah, you know what I mean?

Rodney 55:43
Somebody I said, this is on an episode of pawn shop, dude, whatever the fuck Pawn

Cole 55:50
Shop dude, a pawn shop or so no issue.

Rodney 55:53
Yeah, the pawn shop show where the people go in and, you know, sell Pawn Shop shit anyways, guy had a mint, Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, like in the box not opened and it was the first one ever made. And he brought it into the pawn shop and he’s like, I want a million dollars, the guy was like, no.

Cole 56:13
Holy crap.

Rodney 56:14
Yeah. Why don’t you sell that shit on eBay, dude, you win a million dollars you’ll get a million dollars for it. First one ever made, yeah.

Cole 56:15
I’m gonna find that episode, I’m gonna watch that.

Rodney 56:17
Actually, maybe it wasn’t I’m confusing it with a different one. Someone had an NES It was like the serial code was like one.

Cole 56:31
That’s crazy.

Rodney 56:32
I think we talked about that in a different podcast.

Cole 57:13
I don’t think I like that because this is the first time I’ve heard about it, but that sounds dope.

Rodney 57:13
Anyways, number four in 1990 Nintendo World Championship champions golden gray editions sold for $8500 to $20,000 Nintendo created a series of video game competitions that began in 1990 the first competition at toured 29 cities throughout the US The competition was named for the game cartridges that was released in 1990 and is worth what I said earlier. Since then Nintendo has held two other subsequent competitions and the third edition is just being held recently. In October 2017. A new game was released in 2014, called NES Remix to reminiscent of the original Nintendo World Championship remix Cool.

Cole 57:13
I like it was gold and grape. You think it would be like gold and silver?

Rodney 57:20
Yeah Okay, sidetrack. I watched a video on YouTube where a guy was extracting gold from old computer parts. Yeah. Is this chemists guy I’ve never heard of more awkward dude in my life.

Cole 57:33
Even more awkward than I Will on the podcast.

Rodney 57:34
Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. Will’s got all sorts of fucking personality compared to this dude. But anyways, he will he be like, take your hydrochloric acid and pour it into the breaker. And he would just pour it in a minute hear it go boo boo boo boo boo boo

Cole 57:48
Today im going to teach you how to make lutonium out of household items.

Rodney 57:56
Be sure to watch the temperature or the like he sounded like Alan Rickman, but not Alan Rickman not as good as a voice it was just like, like it was just a monotone like Pour this very slowly into the beak.

Cole 58:10
It’s actually I’d be a fun character like just maybe you making fun of him is a fun character. We should do that. Yeah.

Rodney 58:18
Yea, next time I play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and I’m streaming it and I’m talking to voices I’ll I’ll do the beaker  guy who won that gold beaker man. Yeah.

Rodney 58:33
All right, number 3 Nintendo campus challenge. $14,000 to $20,000 Oh, this is the second time we’ve heard this. See this podcast.

Rodney 58:36
Nintendo video game developers are big into competitions. They have held a number of competitions on college campuses as well as Spring Break destinations for college kids. One competition world championship gave players six minutes to play for the highest score on games like Dr. Mario, pinball and Super Mario Bros 3. When the tour ended, the majority of the copies of the game were destroyed. All but a few of the game cartridges fell into the hands of Rob Walters in 2006. I purchased a lot of retro differential games and sold them for around 50 grand.

Cole 59:06
Damn, yeah.

Rodney 59:09
Number 2 air raid went for $3000 to $33,000 on April 10 2010, a copy of air raid sold for $33,000 and is the only known complete version of the game that still exists. It was out on Atari in 1982 There you go. So I’m sure no one’s selling this for coronavirus if it’s the only one ever made, or only one of the chenoa that exists

Cole 59:32
And you know what I’d like to know not even if selling them if you have any of these games or like if you were an old school game expert hit us up on the discord like I just want to see like send us a picture of your collection or something I want to see some of this old school stuff because I’m interested in this but I’m not like a collector myself so.

Rodney 59:51
Holy fuck. Why not? Number 1 Stadium Events sells for $2600 to $41,000 the box alone is $10,000.

Cole 59:59
$10,000 Jaipur

Rodney 1:00:02
Stadium Events was a game released in 1987 by Bandai before they made fuckin packed anime games, I guess. And was one of the only couple of games that were available in America that was actually designed for that company’s Family Fun fitness mat.

Cole 1:00:18
Oh, interesting.

Rodney 1:00:22
Playtimes over Starfox All right, and podcasts over stuff, folks. Let us know what you guys think on our Facebook page and our Discord. Lots of cool people on the discord that like to chat. I think our most entertaining person on there is what’s his name here? forgotten. I’m just kidding. It’s the he’s changed his name a couple times. What is he going by now? emotional support, man is what he’s going by now. He says some interesting things on there.

Cole 1:00:47
It’s good. You gotta keep it interesting. Yes, variety is the spice of life. Yeah.

Rodney 1:00:51
Anyways, guys, thanks a lot and visit our website for the poll this week, which was which Mario game are you excited for? And until then, we’ll see See you guys on the next one. Bye bye

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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