Pokemon Sword and Shield’s latest trailer

Nintendo has released a shiny new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield that offers an overview of the new adventure in the Galar region. The release date of Sword and Shield on November 15 is so close now it won’t be long until we can try and catch em’ all and become the very best, the best there ever was all over again. 

We’re shown the countryside and cityscapes that make up the new region, with lots of expanses of “unspoiled nature”, complete with grassy plains and snowy mountains. We also get another look at the new Wild Area, which is home to the largest variety of Pokemon in the Galar region. Different Pokemon will appear depending on the location and weather conditions, which means you might make new discoveries each time you explore the area. We also get to see encountering Pokemon in action again. Just like the Pokemon encounters in Pokemon: Let’s Go, in Pokemon Sword and Shield the little critters will physically appear roaming the lands for you to run up to and battle. 

The trailer also offers an overview of several new Gen 8 Pokemon revealed so far, Yamper, Cramorant, Duraludon, Alcremie, Sirfetch’d, and the special Galarian forms of Ponyta, Weezing, and Zigzagoon. You’ll once again be heading off to become the champion by facing new gym leaders who are expert Pokemon battlers along with choosing your new starter Pokemon Scorbunny, Grookey, or Sobble. 

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Are you excited for Pokemon? What is the newest feature added to the game you are looking forward too? Let us know in the comments. 

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