Predator: Hunting Grounds Ultimate Adversary Trailer

The State of Play has finally given us or first look at Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay with classes, weapons, and abilities. 

A quick breakdown shows us some great features. One being the choice between three classes of Predator, a Hunter, a Berserker, and a Scout. The Hunter gives you versatility and balanced weapons. The Berserker brings crazy power with extra health. Last, the Scout has extra speed and insane stamina. With the right combination, a team of Predators could be near unstoppable. 

Another great feature shown is the customization and weapon options. The Predators have a selection of weapons to bring the pain to those pesky humans. Not only that, but you can also do it in style, with character customization with new skins and colors. Even the choice between a lady and a fella. 

The game mode shown is an obvious predator vs prey style game. With trophies, which are none other than your victim’s body parts.

Let the hunt begin on April 24th 2020

Who’s excited about Predator Hunting Grounds? I am excited. This is a long time waiting. Now, what will the single play look like I wonder? Time will tell. Till then.

Check out the trailer for (what should have been the GOTY), Untitled Goose Game.


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