Ring Fit Adventure – Nintendo – Trailer

We finally get a look at the new Ring Fit Adventure. A new interactive game experience for Nintendo. Where you bend, lean and crouch your way through levels of fun and fitness. Moving your character by actually running in place to shifting your body from side to side to either attack or pick up coins of some kind.

The gameplay trailer below shows the player using the ring to move through the world and in combat. The gameplay seems simple enough. The ring itself is a tension style band that can measure how hard you push and pull on it. These can be adjusted based on the user. So, adults and children can play with ease.

Ring Fit Adventure

In the combat portion of the video we see the player following the prompts on screen. To land a strong hit or a good defense you have to keep as close to the position on screen as possible. All the while burning those unwanted calories. The closer you keep your movements to on screen character you will land stronger attacks. The better you do, the more XP you earn and you level up. Much like an action RPG.

Ring Fit Adventure

Don’t have time to play thought the story mode? Just want to get a quick workout in? Then jump into quick play. This mode gives you mini games and exercises to play though. With simple things, like squeezing the ring as many times before the time runs out. There are mini games the range from breaking wooden boxes to shaping a clay pot. All with the movements of your body and the ring.


Check out the trailer below that will give you the complete run down. Then, let us know if you will be getting fit with the new Nintendo Ring. When it releases on October 18th 2019.

Looking forward to more Nintendo, How about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Ring Fit Adventure

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