Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – “Cal’s Mission” Trailer

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had me questioning if it was going to be worth picking up. There are a lot of great game coming out and when it comes to Star Wars, EA always seems to find a way to ruin something good.

With that said, EA has released a new trailer, shedding light on what you are fighting and why. It’s time to discover a lost secret. Important to the empire and even more important to the one searching for it. This is Cal’s mission. This is a story that I can get behind. Discovering the deep secrets of the force? Much like past jedi and sith had in the Old Republic? Could we actually get a Star Wars game with a new and deep story that is just as grand as it’s combat? One can hope, a resistance is built on Hope.

Let’s talk: what are your thoughts on the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order trailer by leaving a comment below.

There is much more out there in the way of a story driven game, The Last Of US Part 2 is coming and it is beautiful.

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