Untitled Goose Game – Gameplay Trailer

The Untitled Goose Game gameplay is here and on September 20th the Untitled Goose Game be out on PC, Mac and Switch! This potential game of the year has just about everything you want in a game. Strategy, action, stealth, and the ability to be a jerk. Below you will find the gameplay trailer. Which brings you a hint as to what you can do as the biggest pain in the ass goose on the planet. Here at VGN we have been looking forward to a game with all these features, and after a colossal fail of 2019. This is the game that will set it all right. There will be streams. There will be calming music. And there will be honking of geese, lots and lots of honking!

I know, I know. It is hard to contain the excitement for this game. Consider my feathers ruffled from all of the uncontrollable excitement. Want more Untitled Goose Game, check out the trailer. Then you can listen to the excitement in our Video Games Now PodCast. However, if you are not with us in our joy of such a progressive gaming experience, I guess you could play a lesser game like Borderlands 3?

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