Video Games NOW – 100th Episode GIVEAWAY! Enter NOW!

Celebrating 100 episodes of the Video Games NOW Podcast

It wasn’t too long ago with best friends Rodney and Will decided to create a video game podcast. The show launched on February 3rd, 2018 and since then they’ve been reviewing, critiquing, and joking about the video game industry’s greatest and worst content. Thank you for sticking with the show for 100 episodes, So to award the fans of the show, we are giving you a chance to win a custom Esports jersey rocking the Video Games NOW style.

Video Games NOW GIVEAWAY Details: Best Team Name Comment wins a Custom Esports Jersey!

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How do I win a Custom Esports Jersey?

To enter the Video Games NOW Giveaway, Video Games NOW needs a team name! So you need to go on to the Video Games NOW’s Facebook page which we’ll also conveniently put at the bottom of this post. The Comments will be read off live on the 100th Episode of the Video Games NOW Podcast on February 3rd, 2020. Look for the Pinned Post on Facebook to comment on. Remember to like our page so you get the notification when we announce a winner!

video games now giveaway video games now giveaway video games now giveaway video games now giveawayvideo games now giveaway

What happens if I Win?

We’ll announce on the Video Games NOW Podcast 100th episode on February 4th which team name we all agree on. We’ll contact you via facebook messenger to confirm you’ve won the contest. Give us a week or so to design a logo for your sweet team name and we’ll order your custom jersey with your gamertag and personalize number. We’d love if you’d post a photo of your team jersey on your social media pages and tag Video Games NOW.

The Contest will run from December 30th, 2019 until February 2nd, 2020

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What’s the fine print?

The only way to win is: to comment on our facebook page under the pinned post “VGN Team Name Contest”

If you don’t respond or collect your reward 48 hours after the Staff contacts you, your reward will be transferred to the next winner. If your team name suggestion is chosen, you relinquish any and all ties to the name and release it for Snowpeak Films Inc to use exclusively as apart of the Video Games NOW brand. Snowpeak Films Inc is not responsible for the condition of the jersey or handling repairs, reprints or other items related to the manufacturing of the product.  By entering this contest you agree and are bound by these terms. Facebook is not directly involved with the contest


What are you waiting for?

head over to our Video Games NOW facebook page to get started

Good Luck!

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