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Wolfenstein Youngblood Changes Up the Formula

To start this Wolfenstein Youngbloods review, Wolfenstein: Youngblood takes place 18 years after the events of Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus. But This time, you are playing as the twin daughters of BJ Blascowitz in a new Co-Op experience. If you haven’t played Wolfenstein: New Order or Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus. I highly suggest you play those first to get the best story experience out of Wolfenstein: youngblood. The Story here starts off with BJ Blascowitz, his Wife Anna and their daughters Jess and Soph In a liberated America in an alternate 1980 Nazi controlled era. BJ Blascowitz goes missing and the twins plus their friend Abby who  is conveniently a hacker take on the task of finding him. Jess and Soph are given power suits to help them dominate over the Nazi regime.

They head out to Neu-Paris which is the loaded Nazi databases and research. And need to hack into three massive computer systems called Brothers in order to gain access to Lab X which is where they believe to have BJ locked up. Along with the main story there are tons of side mission you can take part in to help clean up the streets of paris. The total time to complete the overall main story is.. if you take your time like I did, around 10 hours long. This is probably why the price tag was only $29.99.  The story I felt wasn’t as engaging and exciting as the previous Wolfenstein games and having played those 2 before was the only reason wanted to keep going. The biggest change was that the story is not linear like the last games. You can decide which brother computer you want to attack in which order and throw in a few side missions. There was no moments in the story where I was literally scream in my chair: NO WAY ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Like in Wolfenstein 2 where I did that 4 times!

How Was the Overall Gameplay?

The game definitely feels like a Wolfenstein game. A lot of the weapons make a return like the uberHammer, The triple barreled shotgun and the dieselkraftwerk. But some new additions that I’m happy with like the Sturmgewehr… The sniper rifle was nice in the last games but it ran of of ammo constantly and there was no other long range type weapon in the game. That isn’t an issue in youngblood as this weapon has a sizable magazine and a great reserve ammo capacity.

The Weapon wheel makes a return, Later in the game you can pickup and store heavy weapons and upgrade them. The Only annoying thing is if you want a different heavy weapon than you are holding, you need to literally hide and open you weapon wheel, and d-pad left or right to choose the one you want, which in a brutal battle is punishing.

All of your weapons can get upgraded to how you like, basing it on Damage, Tactical, and ammo capacity. It actually was well thought out and let you customize your guns to fit your style. You upgrade your guns by spending silver that you find throughout the world and It is literally everywhere. Upgrades cost between 200 and 500 silver each.

The biggest change and obviously to combat the non linear world. Is the Level System. Every kill, mission and action you do nets you XP. Overall I found how fast you leveled up while you played was a perfect balance, there was no grindy bullshit like in other level based games. However if you don’t pickup a few side missions you will be underleveled when you take on a brother computer. As you level up you gain Character upgrade points. You can use these to upgrade attributes of your twin such as more base health, ability to hold heavy weapons, upgrade your crush or cloak ability and more. You can also game more upgrade points by completing side missions.

The World of Neu Paris is split into about 10 instance areas that you can travel too via metro train. The Brother Computer areas are heavily guarded but if you’re feeling lucky, you can take them head on and open the brother gate to access the area where the computer is. Most of the time you will locate a manhole that will take you underground to the brother computer area which is much safer.

Here is where it starts to get annoying, First off, all the enemies respawn after a short while so It feels like you are not making any progress.

Next there is no checkpoints anywhere, If you gain an ability point, or find a collectable or upgrade a weapon this will save immediately, But if you die you spawn back at the metro station you started at. This includes if you just spent 30 mins getting into the brother computer room and die.. yes you go all the way back to the beginning like it’s the 19 fucking 80’s. After that you literally just run and cheese all the areas you fought in before just to get into the room to have another chance to fight the boss.

But wait, it gets worse.

Once you do beat the boss. You must walk the entire level in reverse all the way to the metro station to just go back to the home base. Can we just please add a return to catacombs UI button that saves me the trouble.. After Brother 2 I literally got stuck underground with no clue how to get out with some other poor bastard for 20 mins. Just one UI Screen could solve this.

Now let’s talk about the Co-Op experience shall we. For those who have watched my videos before or even listen to the Video Games NOW Podcast. You know have I feel about Co-Op AI. Yes I’m talking about you HALO F**KING 5. The Best AI That I’ve ran into recently was from Far Cry 5 So I was hoping for middle of the road type of Co-op AI. Since the Game was new, not a whole lot of people were playing the game yet. So I played with my AI partner a lot and I was not disappointed. They off set her with instant revive if your closes, and like a million health it seems she was taking laser beams to the face all night long. On top of that she actually kills enemies and comes to your aid when you need her.

You can start you game by selecting if you would like to host a game or just quick play which throws you into a random hosts game. When hosting you can choose the privacy of your game. And if you are lucky enough.. you get a real player In your game. Honestly, I found running solo much easier than with a human partner. You are constantly waiting for them to catch up and open doors and crates. Or if you’re as lucky as this level 2 guy who joined me during the end game and I power leveled him to level 10.

As I said before your partner helps you open doors, crates for extra lives, hit switches and revives the other twin if you are downed.

You can have a total of 3 shared lives. If you are killed, your other twin has around 20 seconds to revive you before you use a shared life. if both of you die, 1 twin can use a shared life and revive the other.. Or if  one twin is in a unrevivable situation, you can use a shared life to GTFO. They left a lot of options open for you and your partner to choose from.

Overall the combat felt smooth, responsive and fair. The one change was how enemies are damaged. Each enemy has a white bar beside their health bar which is their shield. Each enemy has a different white bar depending what kind of shield they have. The skinny white lines are weak against shotgun and high firing rate weapons. Blocks are weak against precision and laser weapons. It gets ugly when you get a bunch of these mixed up in a room. That’s what the uberhammer is for.

*Caution Spoilers Ahead*

The end of the game is pretty fun. After going into the bowels of Lab X and surprise you find your big bad ass dad. You are given a new suit power called the god key. You can blow open doors that previously were inaccessible, collect bullets out of the air and shoot them back in a powerful blast. It is a sweet power. After you defeat the final boss. The end game is just you cleaning up the streets of paris in the same areas already visited. I was hoping for a little more but then again I only paid $30 for the game. I Hope That they’ll release a sequel to the game.

I just want to say that this game was a lot of fun and a great addition to the Wolfenstein series. If you unsure about buy the game. You should find a friend that has it and take advantage of the buddy system where you can play the full game even without having a copy.

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