Xbox Series X – Tech Demo Videos

Xbox Series X is starting to take shape. With the loss of E3 for the year. It seems Microsoft is going to sneak in some goodies to get you hyped for the new console. Check out the Xbox Series X tech demo videos below. More will be added as they are release. 


First up, the load times. If this video is accurate we should see some much improved load times. State of Decay 2 is a good bench mark, but I am sure there are some larger games other fans are more interested in?

This video shows us the quick resume on multiple game. Which is a fantastic feature. It seems to be much improved over the existing resume that they currently have in practice. Time will tell, but this is currently one of the best feature they have shown. 

More to come….

What are your thoughts on the new feature from the next gen Xbox console? Let us know!

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